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Production Of Cheaper Hydrogen With The Help Of New Ultra-thin Material

production of cheaper hydrogen.
Chemists and researchers of Sydney invented a brilliant way through which the cheaper production of the hydrogen is made possible. This method includes catalyst of cheap material for the splitting of water by the help of electric current so that hydrogen can be produced proficiently. Moreover, the base of this technology is actually the ultra thin slices of spongy metal organic materials. These materials are essentially coated on top of a foam electrode. The researchers have surprisingly shown that how much these are active and conductive for the electricity. * How solar material can be used for producing clean hydrogen fuel?

Catalysts and fabrication method:

According to latest research splitting of water usually, needs two different kinds of catalysts. But it can drive both of the reactions that are mandatory in the process of separating water into its two elements that are hydrogen and oxygen. On the other hand, fabrication is a very simple and common method. This method is used for the production of various ultra thin nano sheet arrays of these materials known as metal organic frameworks or MOFs. As compared to other kinds of water splitting catalysts, this one is also amongst the effective one. Advantages of solar windows installation.

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is necessary because it is a brilliant carrier on behalf of renewable energy. Furthermore, hydrogen is abundant; there is no deficiency of it. It generates no emissions. Hydrogen can be stored in a very easier and convenient way as compared to other sources of energy that is solar or wind energy.

The thing that should not be neglected is its cost. It is quite expensive especially when it comes to splitting of water by the use of electricity. The reason behind this fact is that the effective catalysts developed are mostly made up of precious metals including iridium and platinum etc.

Lately developed catalysts:

The latest developed catalysts by the chemists are made of plentiful metals. These metals are not very precious. These include copper, nickel and iron as well. They fit into the family of resourceful porous material. This material is known as MFOs or metal organic frameworks. It consists of wide diversity of other possible purposes.

Metal organic frameworks:

Metal organic frameworks or MFOs were said to be as poor conductors and useless in the electro chemical reactions. Usually, they are developed in the form of powders. They are rooted deeply inside the porous material along with their catalytic sites. Hence, it becomes impossible for the water to reach. The pores and the electrical contact with the water are exposed by generating nano metric assortments of MFOs.

MFOs- Highly conductive:

By the help of metal organic framework, now the big issues have been solved. MFOs helped us in producing hydrogen cheaply. It gives us access to active sites to a great extent. We are capable of saying that without any doubt metal organic frameworks are highly conductive. It has the potential for a large number of applications that include the storage of fuels, carbon capture, and drug delivery as well.

In other words we can say that producing hydrogen through cheap method is not impossible anymore. It can be produced through this excellent way.

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Everything You Need To Know About Hyper-Loop Hotel

Whenever you plan to go out of the town due to any reason, you need to book few nights at a hotel for your stay there like that of a train, plane and a bus ticket.

about hyper-loop hotels,

Hyper-Loop hotels idea:

A graduate student in architecture discipline named Brandan Siebrecht from the University of Nevada located in Las Vegas wants to provide you all in one amazing experience. His project is named as “Hyperloop Hotel”. He is all set to provide a transit system. It will include thirteen hotels in different cities of the United States. This innovative idea got much appreciation. As a result of this, he got radical innovation award, which was basically a competition of super hotel designs.

This advanced concept would definitely eliminate the necessity of buying separate transport tickets for the largest cities in the United States. Hotels will be spread on thirteen different locations. These locations include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sante Fe, Austin, Denver, Chicago, Washington, DC, Nashville, Boston and New York City. These all will be connected through Hyperloop system.

Traveling between cities:

Let us imagine a scenario in which you are having your breakfast in New York City and your lunch in Chicago, how much amazing it would be. How about having all comfort from your type of luxury. It is what Hyperloop Hotel is aiming to provide you.

In addition to the luxury, it will make your transfer from one place to another. As per the proposed idea, it will connect you between thirteen hotels, anywhere in the United States in few hours. Travelers will not only find luxury and comfort but will also enjoy different sights during their journey.

Hyperloop Hotel will enable travelers to reach their desired places at near supersonic speed with the help of tubes and then they will make use of modular accommodation. According to Brandan, the cost per hotel would be around 10 million dollars each, however, it may differ with the change in location. The package of Hyperloop hotel will comprise of an office, a bed room, a bathroom and a living room with a flat screen TV.

This concept was originally introduced by the CEO of Elon Musk in the year 2013. The concept basically revolves around the transportation of the travelers through tubes. This idea is still a concept however it is supposed to be launched in the year 2020. This concept will prove to be an amazing innovation especially in transport industry around the globe.

Now if we consider the amount spent on the prices of the tickets of airplane or bus or train and the energy and time wasted in waiting on the terminals or gates, we will come to know that how much we want this kind of transportation. This will make your travel a wonderful experience with no burden.

Just imagine traveling in different cities by sitting in your hotel room. It will not take much time and you will be at your destination. After the launch of this project in coming years, it will soon become the new trend in travelling.

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How To Grow Crops, Plants or Vegetables Indoors?

growing tomatoes indoor, growing plants indoor, growing vegetables indoor Crops are usually grown in vast areas away from urban life. In recent years, there has been a huge trend of growing crops indoors as well. Growing plants/vegetables indoors is almost the same as growing them in fields. The basic needs are almost the same as well as the outcome. Many greenhouses can be spotted growing vegetables, fruits and many other ornamental plants in greenhouses. Greenhouse farming in urban agriculture.

The core requirements for growing plants indoors are:


Proper sunlight is the basic necessity to grow all types of plants. Artificial sources of lights like bulbs and tube lights are used in green houses to provide adequate light for growth. In greenhouses, the plants that need more light are usually grown underneath the direct source of light. Whereas, those that require lesser light are grown under these plants to make the maximum use of the available space and sources. If the light is not sufficient enough, the crops will not be able to grow properly. All plants need light for photosynthesis; the process of making sugar in the leaves, which is vital for plant growth. So, if the plant can’t make enough sugar, it will not grow and eventually die.


Proper amount of water is another vital factor for growing plants indoor. Different types of crops have different water requirement, the time, quantity and the frequency. In case of indoor crops, the quality of water also matters. The soluble nutrients in water play a vital role in the growth of indoor crops. If the water has a high concentration of salts, it might cause damage to crops. There are a few types of plants, whose foliage is sensitive to high fluorine or chlorine content present in water. Such crops, e.g. corn are grown on alleviated beds to prevent the potential damage from water.


Indoor crops are very sensitive to temperature changes. Most indoor plants can endure normal room temperature, suitable for humans, but relative humidity is also very important. If the temperature is too low, it hinders the growth of crops, just like crops do not grow in severe cold season. Maintaining optimum temperature is the key. This is usually done by using the light source as a source to retain adequate temperature as well. Another way to keep ideal temperature is by reducing night time of the plants. This is done by providing them light for longer periods than natural, outdoor environment. This allows the crops longer exposure to light, hence more production of sugar, which results in growth of crops.


Greenhouses usually maintain a certain level of humidity in their space which is required for the certain crops being grown in there. The cycle of transpiration keeps the humidity levels at constant, yet it needs consistent supervision to avoid any mishap. In case of higher temperature outside, humidifiers are also used to maintain humidity inside. * 22 Amazing facts about Pakistan.


Although fertilizers are not necessary, but in case of indoor crops, they are used to provide extra nutrients to the plants. * How to start a small business in Pakistan?

How Much Money Doctors Actually Make in England?


Earnings of a doctor in England:

This post is submitted by one of my doctor friend, You can also share your knowledge here that could be read by thousands of our site visitors. Thanks

The growth of human population globally, having reached a staggering 7.5 billion last year In England, the basic salary for a newly qualified doctor is £20,295.

A doctor can earn about $156,000 a year as a pediatrician to about $315,000 as a radiologist or orthopedic surgeon. Interestingly so, despite these numbers, only about 11% of doctors consider themselves rich. Surveys have revealed that about 51% of all physicians and 46% of primary care physicians think that they were compensated fairly.

The average nurse works for 37.5 hours per week and junior doctors work around 56 hours per week Orthopedics seems to be the most financially rewarding specialization with an average salary of $421,000 Cardiologists are the runner-ups with an average compensation of $376,000 Gastroenterologists are third on the list with an average compensation of $370,000 for patient care and another $14,000 in non-healthcare activities. Nonpatient care activities can earn them another $19,000 on average. * Common reasons and solutions for dry skin in winter.

doctors in england

The Advantages Of Installing Solar Windows at Home

installation of solar windows, solar windows panel, advantages of solar windows,
Solar windows are considered as a great way of offsetting energy costs. There are many advantages of installing solar windows. They also help in reducing the environmental impact of your own home by providing a number of other benefits like that of supporting other local businesses. Let us discuss some of the advantages of solar windows in detail. * Solar material can be used to produce hydrogen fuel.

Reducing or eliminating energy bills:

This one is absolutely amazing. Most of the places in the world are exposed with sun rays. The places which are more likely to have sun rays as compared to other places where the amount of sun rays reaching the earth is very low can generate more energy. On hot days, you can generate a lot more than you consume, as a result of this you can exchange that with the utility. 

Just like this, there are other such scenarios. In summers, when the days are much hot and you run your air conditioners, or when we draw from the grid on cloudy days. If we talk about the cold places even they receive approximately two hours of sunlight. However, hot places get approximately six hours of sunlight on daily basis. * How to turn scrap material into batteries?

Even though sunny days are expected to provide more solar energy from sun, solar windows will continue to receive energy in case if the weather is cloudy. You can say that indirect and diffused sun rays will help you to power your place. According to an estimate cloudy days produces approximately ten to twenty percent of the total power produced on sunny days.

Initiate your savings from the start:

If we roughly estimate the amount of annual energy cost, then we will come to know that it can be in the thousands. Actually, the amount of average annual energy consumed by every person is around $3,052, which surely includes residential and transportation energy. Solar windows will reduce this amount, as soon as you use them. Undoubtedly it will offer you long term savings. The reason behind this is that it is absolutely free to capture and save the power of the sun. Future of technology in Pakistan and KSA.

Solar windows drastically improve resale value. Many house buyers know the value of a house with solar windows. This is because they don’t have to put the extra effort of installing solar windows in their new home. It is observed that resale value of such homes with solar windows increases by $5911on each kilowatt already installed. It means that in case if you set up a 3.1-kilowatt system, it will increase resale value of your house by $18,000. * What is self-driving car and how it works?

By installing solar windows it will overall increase the life of the house, by protecting it from debris, rain, and snow. In summer, your house will become more energy efficient because solar windows will absorb the sun rays coming directly to the house hence lowering the temperature of the house. In short installing solar windows will help you in reducing your bills and lowering the temperature of your home. Moreover, more resale value is also a plus point. So if you want to make your home energy efficient, you should install solar windows. * Engineers are moving towards business.

CCleaner Free Download Full Version V 5.24


CCleaner free Download V 5.24 full Version

A Freeware system optimization

CC Cleaner full version

Size: 8 MB .rar

CC Cleaner is a privacy and cleaning tool. It allows windows to remove unused files from your system and make the speed of your system better by freeing up your hard disk from unnecessary files. CCleaner also clean your browser history and online activities. The best thing in CCleaner is; it easier, faster and contains no spyware and adware.

CCleaner can clean the followings: 

  • Opera
  • Fire Fox
  • Recycle Bin
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet explorer
  • Recent document
  • Also minor bug fixing.
  • Third party applications
  • Temporary files and logs

System requirements and details:

Windows XP/2000 / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64 bit / Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 32 bit/ Windows 8 & 10/32/64 bit.

About CCleaner:

Probably the most common freeware cleaner globally with over one billion downloads since its launch in 2003. CCleaner could be a fast and simple to use program that makes your laptop faster, safer and more reliable. CCleaner removes cookies, temporary files and various other unused information that clogs up your OS. This frees up valuable hard disc area allowing your system to run faster. Removing this information also protects your anonymity that means you'll be able to browse online more securely. The in-built registry Cleaner fixes errors and broken settings to make your laptop more stable. The simple, intuitive UI and fast however powerful cleaning build CCleaner a favorite among novices and techies alike. professional, Network, Business and Technician Editions of CCleaner are on the market for serious users. * Download MS Office 2010.

It will make your computer fast:

Browsing the web your pc picks up a full host of unnecessary files, cookies and history. the same factor happens once you run most programs on your pc – lots of temporary files and settings ar saved. CCleaner removes these unused files and settings to free up valuable disk drive area, enabling your system to run quicker. The default settings only concentrate on typical junk files and locations thus you’re unlikely to lose necessary info unless you alter these. A Startup Cleaner also helps you to identify and take away unused programs running in the background once you begin your pc. This makes the startup time shorter and puts less strain on your disk drive throughout use. * Download MS Office 2013.

How Solar Material Can Be Used For Producing Clean Hydrogen Fuel?

solar material uses for hydrogen production
Existing environmental conditions and global climate changes are constantly reminding us that we no longer can use fossil fuels because of its worst effects on climate patterns. So, there is an urgent need in order to find the alternatives of the fossil fuels. By doing this, it will become easier for us to lessen the damages created by the use of fossil fuels. The cleanest low carbon fuel is none other than hydrogen.

Hydrogen can react with oxygen to make the release of energy possible. But it will emit nothing more dangerous than water as a result or a product. It should be noticed that most of the hydrogen in already locked up & cannot be used. * How to charge moving vehicle through wireless.

Generating hydrogen:

Hydrogen can be generated by the splitting of H2O but the problem is that the energy used in this process is more than the produced hydrogen can return. Through solar power, the splitting of water was often carried out for solar to hydrogen conversion. There are some materials e.g. titanium oxide is used traditionally for the conversion of sunlight into chemical energy. Titanium oxide is also known to be semiconductors. These methods were not considered to be efficient because most of the sunlight is wasted, only UV part of the light is absorbed. * How to turn scrap material into batteries.

Modern method:

The team of a well-known university in Osaka has created a material through which a broader spectrum of sunlight can be harvested. This material helps not only in maximizing the absorbing light but also increases efficiency for the process of water splitting. For this purpose, the core is the semiconductor i.e. lanthanum titanium oxide. The surface of it is partly coated with tiny spots of gold which also known as to be nanoparticles. After that, the ultra-thin sheets of black phosphorus (serves as a light absorber) is mixed with the gold covered lanthanum titanium oxide. * Concept of self-driving cars.

Black phosphorus – an amazing material:

Undoubtedly, black phosphorus is an amazing material. We can amend the frequency of the light by changing its thickness from ultra thin to massiveness. Lanthanum titanium oxide can never be achieved with black phosphorus. Black phosphorus is motivated to release electrons after the removal of energy. Electrons are then conducted to the nanoparticles of the gold that is coated with lanthanum titanium oxide. Free electrons and gold nanoparticles are afterward transmitted into the semiconductor of LTO (lanthanum titanium oxide).

A better idea:

This material that is developed recently for the production of hydrogen fuel by the use of solar energy is considered to be as the best one. Because this is not done through the traditional method rather done through modern one that is more efficient. The production of hydrogen by this material has not only broader spectrum of light absorption but also the conduction of the electrons are more proficient. Future of technology in Pakistan.

Moreover, this method is highly preferable because it is more pure and active than lanthanum titanium oxide. Therefore, we can say that useful harvesting of solar energy can be used for the production of clean hydrogen fuel. Furthermore, the environment can be cleaned in an easier and effective way. * Top ten engineering universities in Pakistan.

Green House Farming Helping In Urban Agriculture

Green house farming plays a major role in order to sustain urban agriculture. In today’s world most of the urban agriculture progress is made possible because of green house farming. The reason behind this fact is that green houses have now renewable energy. These green houses have good connections towards the market which furthermore, reduces the transportation issues. More and more efforts are being made to help the urban agriculture through the green house farming. There are several ways to achieve required urban agriculture by it. * Future of technology in Pakistan.
greenhouse farming in pakistan, greenhouse farming in urban agricultural

Ways helping urban agriculture:

  • Hydroponics.
  • Water.
  • Land.
  • Energy.

By the process of hydroponics:

Hydroponics is the process by which plants are grown by the use of nutrients and mineral solutions instead of sand. Hydroponic greenhouses are very helpful in urban agriculture as well. In this method, the nutrients are transported to the plant in water eradicating soil. That is how the re-circulation of water is done and none of water goes wasted. This method is an advanced one because it eradicates the hazard of pathogens etc. This method allows absolute control over the nutrition of soil and do not result in its corrosion. * Why investment in Pakistan is feasible?

Use of Water:

Undoubtedly, water is a precious resource; the significance of the fresh water can never be ignored. Agriculture is one of the largest user of fresh water. Through green house farming water is used ten times less than the other types of farming including traditional agriculture. The most water proficient form of agriculture in this world is hydroponics. It is also very useful in draining out all the dangerous wastes. * Amazing facts about Pakistan.

Productive Land:

Another most important factor for the progress of urban agriculture through green houses farming is the land. About 170,000 square feet of green houses produces yields. These yields are equivalent to almost 100 acres of conventional field farming. This shows that green house farming is a better option instead of conventional field farming. It helps in the development of the urban agriculture to a great extent. Green houses have no bad effects on the precious soil resources. Less space is used to grow more because this is how the biodiversity and soil resources can be protected.

Use of Energy:

Green house operations are carried out by its renewable electricity. In green house farming the techniques used are very advanced that they turn out fifty percent more production as compared to the traditional or conventional methods or techniques. The crops produced in this way consume very less energy comparing by other ways. Hence, we can say that green house farming is a source through which urban agriculture can have assistance by consuming less energy and saving more. The greenhouses considerably reduce the demand of heat and fossil fuels as well.

Why green house farming?

Like other factors, a green house farming is also preferable because of not having any worst effects on the environment. More progress can be achieved by choosing the best crop, location, providing best yields and by providing all the energy resources. In order to reduce green house gas burdens from the food, community farms can be used. These farms help in the production of sustainable food. * Small business ideas with low investment in Pakistan.

How Moving Electric Vehicles Can Be Charged Through Wireless?

charging vehicle, electrical vehicle, charging electric car, engineer hammad
Technology is changing day by day and advancement in the wireless system is also increased. Wireless charging of vehicles and personal devices like smart phones technology, robotics is much improved. But still there is a need to extensively increase the amount of electricity being transferred to charge electric vehicles. This will also works on a long distances.
On the other hand we can see that wireless phone chargers are great at all but they have some drawbacks. The most notable drawback is transmitter so that it will charge properly for work. The major cause behind that is the frequency of the signals. In this form wireless power can be transferred. Thus it may not be impossible to charge electric vehicles through wireless. * What is Autonomous Car / Self-driving Car?

Electric vehicles can be charged through wireless:

Electric vehicles are very amazing and outstanding but keeping them charged is still a problem. It involves a long mesh of cables for charging along the way. Using the wireless charging is the one best way to manage this difficult and annoying reality. Multiple technology leaders have given their ideas for wireless charging. So there are different ways to charge electric vehicles rapidly without even taking a break from driving. However the basics of technology are same. Additionally changes are made in the coil configuration. * How to turn Scrap Metals into batteries?

There are different ways of charging which uses 85 kHz and different roadway pads are used to give more flexibility in electric vehicles. This wireless charging basically depends on electromagnetic phenomenon. This may also be known as “magnetic resonance coupling”.

Wireless technology – a convenient approach:

There are multiple drivers available for customers that enable the vehicle to charge through wireless charging stations at home, at work or any other place. You can also charge your vehicle while driving. Some scientist also solves this problem by installing a voltage amplifier. This will also calculate the proper frequency level at the instance when distance between the coils varies. So instead of charging an electric vehicle with a plug or long cables, the driver can use a wireless technology. This aligns the car over a charging pad and electricity produces. Online verification of Vehicle in Punjab.

You don’t need to go through long procedure. All you have to park your vehicle over the wireless charging system and everything is done automatically. Furthermore the wireless transmission of power is feasible for large scale use. It helps to boost the power and extend the distance. Thus it is very convenient and easy approach to charge your vehicle. In the past few years electric vehicles have faced this serious problem. But now the driving range of electric vehicles would become unlimited. This outstanding technology allows drivers to travel long distances. They need not to worry about the battery level. * What is GPS and how it works?

Moving electric vehicles was a distant dream a decade ago. People could only dream about such things. Today science has enabled all these dreams to come true. This technology is advancing very rapidly and is facilitating humans in multiple ways possible. * Ten confessions of an engineer working abroad

How To Turn Scrap Metal In To Batteries?

It’s a known fact that one person’s trash is other person’s treasure. According to the archeological finding, junkyard metal can be used to make pill bottle sized battery. Trash/scrap which is useless to people can be significantly used to make batteries. It just takes a little bit chemistry knowledge to turn scrap into usable batteries. Scrap batteries have quick energy delivery but as compared to the type of devices that are usually quick, these batteries can hold just a little more energy for the given mass. * Why Transformer rating in KVA instead of KW.

Anodization used to make batteries:

Scrap metals such as steel, brass metal, screws, shaving metals, pipes and much more can be converted into batteries by using chemical processes known as anodization. Steel scrap can be anodized to get iron oxides that is formed on the surface of steel material in small sized rods. Copper oxide is obtained by anodizing brass that is found on the surface of brass that looks like some micro sized thorns. * What is an autonomous car?

Anodized metals are then placed inside a glass jar further a potassium hydroxide solution is added to make a working battery. This battery made with scrap metal results in providing a burst of energy quickly. When brass and steel scrap are anodized using some common domestic chemical and electric current, the metal surface is reorganized into a nanometer-sized setup of metal oxide that can save and discharge energy while reacting with water based unsolidified electrolyte. * What is Aeromobil or flying vehicle?

Steel-brass batteries:

Engineers have used some bits of metal scraps and also some household chemicals to make the first ever steel brass battery that can be used to store energy at different levels as compared to lead-acid batteries. These scrap batteries on the other hand charge and discharge energy at rates compared to ultimate-fast charging super-capacitors. This is a common chemical treatment that is used to provide aluminum a decorative and robust finish.

The nanometer domains enlighten the fast charging behavior that is observed and also the exceptional stability of the scrap batteries. After testing the batteries consecutively for 5000 charging cycles for over 13 years scientists have determined that these batteries retain more than 90% of its entire capacity. * What is electrical resistance and its formula?

The future of scrap batteries:

This breakthrough has identified a new research for how the batteries will be made in the future. This might open a new trend where people can make batteries for themselves at home on their own and can even manage to provide electricity to their homes rather than getting electric connection from grid stations. This movement has been seen to start from a contemporary society that leads to the culture where product expansion and manufacturing is decentralized and its climbed down to the communities or individuals. And that is the scale where battery technology will begin and we will move onto that. * Types of engineering careers for students.

There are other uncovered ways to make junkyard batteries with safe chemistry methods. Imagine that the heaps of metal scrap discharged each year can be used to make energy storage to reintroduce future energy grid rather than becoming a problem for the waste processing plants and the atmosphere. * Career growth opportunities for engineers in KSA

What is an Autonomous car? The Concept Of Self-Driving Cars.

As the name self-driving car implies, it indicates an autonomous car. The word autonomous indicate things that work independently or separately. The other names given to such cars are robotic cars, auto driving cars, and driverless cars.

The reason behind this name is such that it has the ability to sense its environment and without the help of human input, it can navigate where ever told. In short, we can say that such cars can travel different destinations without any external human effort applied. Different companies manufacturing such cars include BMW, General Motors, Audi, Google, Ford, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

Four stages of autonomous roadmap:

In the automobile industry, some people proposed the word “driverless” as misleading. The reason behind this is that they think that after some years it would be possible to have a steering less wheel on the roads. This technology revolves around four main stages of autonomous roadmap.
These can be referred as hands off, brain off, feet off and eyes off. This means you don’t have to put your effort during traveling. You just have to wait for the car to stop, so that you may know that you have reached your destination. This level of technology has just started to blow the minds of people with such an innovation. * What is GPS and How it works?

It is predicted that with the start of new decade we will be able to see amazing changes like providing us with autonomous technology. It is assumed that there will exist pre-defined pathways of motorways where a car will be able to take all control and suggest drivers to do any other task. For example like reading newspaper, checking email etc. This car will make use of a number of sensors, like radars, lasers and cameras, in order to build a picture of the road coming its ways. This car will be able to safely steer, accelerate and brake on its own.

What is an Autonomous car

Many experts predicted that after around ten years, such cars will be able to function from door to door without any human interference. Like it will go through the city environment and motorways having traffic lights, roundabouts, and junctions. * Quality of engineering studies VS engineering fields.

All such cars will be linked wirelessly with each other. This will help them to communicate with the road framework in order to make decisions on journey and traffic times. However still a steering wheel will be present but after around 2025, maybe we will find absolutely no option for a driver.

Benefits of self-driving cars:

These cars will offer the biggest benefit to those who can’t drive or find it hard to drive by themselves. A research has shown that many people would like to have driver or autonomous cars in order to reach from one place to another. In addition to this, almost everybody would like to have these cars. Because their energy would be restored in this way and they can do anything else during traveling. Fasten your seat belts because now you are ready to witness this level of advancement and innovation. * Employment oppertunities in Saudi Arabia.

22 Amazing facts about Pakistan, You should be proud of.


Some interesting facts about Pakistan:

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is a South Asian country. This is the 6th largest populous country with a population of 199 million. Area wise this is the 36th biggest country in the world.

facts about pakistan, amazing things about pakistan, pakistan's interesting facts

Let's see the amazing world records and the other facts about Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is the 6th largest nation in the world that have one of the old civilization in history. (Mohenjo-Daro).
  • Pakistan is a 1st Muslim Nuclear power and 7th in the world.
  • The world's largest irrigation system is present in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has 6th largest armed forces in the world and only nuclear power in Muslim countries.
  • The highest Peak K-2 (World's 2nd highest peak) is in Pakistan.
  • Top Ten beautiful places in Lahore, Pakistan for tourists
  • Hunza valley mostly covered under snow in winter and when this snow melts, the luxurious vegetation and sensuous hilly contour become a magnet to all and sundry.
  • World's largest man-made forest is in Pakistan called Changa Manga and it is consists of 12000 acres approximately.
  • Edhi Foundation has World's largest ambulance network in Pakistan, this is a nonprofit social welfare program.
  • Pakistan is the 9th largest English speaking country.
  • Muhammad Mehmood Alam known as MM Alam make a world record by shooting 5 Indian fighter plans in less than 60 seconds.
  • List of Nishan e Haider Holders and Biography.
  • World's second largest salt mine is in Pakistan (Khewra).
  • In Pakistan here are 4 highest peaks of the world out of 14.
  • The world's largest earth filled DAM (Tarbela DAM) is in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is the 2nd populous Muslim-majority country.
  • Institute of European business administration organized a poll and according to that from 125 countries, Pakistani people are the most intelligent people and ranked as 4th number across the globe.
  • Pakistan has the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers.
  • The world's 26th largest economy and 2nd best performing stock exchange.
  • Pakistani armed forces are internationally ranked as the 7th largest force in the world, with the manpower of 642,000.
  • Karakoram Highway (Silk Route) is World’s Highest Man Paved International Road, 8th wonder of the world.
  • Gawadar is the world's largest deep sea Port.
  • Siachen is the worlds highest military base.
  • Kan Mehtar Zai railway station (Quetta) is the Asia's highest railway station (2240 m above from sea level).
  • Top Ten Engineering universities in Pakistan.
  • Countries that require no visa for Pakistani Passport Holders

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