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Green House Farming Helping In Urban Agriculture

Green house farming plays a major role in order to sustain urban agriculture. In today’s world most of the urban agriculture progress is made possible because of green house farming. The reason behind this fact is that green houses have now renewable energy. These green houses have good connections towards the market which furthermore, reduces the transportation issues. More and more efforts are being made to help the urban agriculture through the green house farming. There are several ways to achieve required urban agriculture by it. * Future of technology in Pakistan.
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Ways helping urban agriculture:

  • Hydroponics.
  • Water.
  • Land.
  • Energy.

By the process of hydroponics:

Hydroponics is the process by which plants are grown by the use of nutrients and mineral solutions instead of sand. Hydroponic greenhouses are very helpful in urban agriculture as well. In this method, the nutrients are transported to the plant in water eradicating soil. That is how the re-circulation of water is done and none of water goes wasted. This method is an advanced one because it eradicates the hazard of pathogens etc. This method allows absolute control over the nutrition of soil and do not result in its corrosion. * Why investment in Pakistan is feasible?

Use of Water:

Undoubtedly, water is a precious resource; the significance of the fresh water can never be ignored. Agriculture is one of the largest user of fresh water. Through green house farming water is used ten times less than the other types of farming including traditional agriculture. The most water proficient form of agriculture in this world is hydroponics. It is also very useful in draining out all the dangerous wastes. * Amazing facts about Pakistan.

Productive Land:

Another most important factor for the progress of urban agriculture through green houses farming is the land. About 170,000 square feet of green houses produces yields. These yields are equivalent to almost 100 acres of conventional field farming. This shows that green house farming is a better option instead of conventional field farming. It helps in the development of the urban agriculture to a great extent. Green houses have no bad effects on the precious soil resources. Less space is used to grow more because this is how the biodiversity and soil resources can be protected.

Use of Energy:

Green house operations are carried out by its renewable electricity. In green house farming the techniques used are very advanced that they turn out fifty percent more production as compared to the traditional or conventional methods or techniques. The crops produced in this way consume very less energy comparing by other ways. Hence, we can say that green house farming is a source through which urban agriculture can have assistance by consuming less energy and saving more. The greenhouses considerably reduce the demand of heat and fossil fuels as well.

Why green house farming?

Like other factors, a green house farming is also preferable because of not having any worst effects on the environment. More progress can be achieved by choosing the best crop, location, providing best yields and by providing all the energy resources. In order to reduce green house gas burdens from the food, community farms can be used. These farms help in the production of sustainable food. * Small business ideas with low investment in Pakistan.


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