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Privileged Iqama Benefits, Requirements, Types and Application Process

New privileged iqama process, benefits and requirements
On 14th May 2019, the cabinet of Saudi Arabia’s government approved a new green card style iqama residency scheme. The proposal of the new residency program was put forth by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Salman in 2016 but it was approved in 2019. A new Iqama known as “Privileged Iqama” will be given under the new residency program. [Suggested]: Avoid penalty if iqama lost.  

The main feature of privileged iqama it will allow foreigners to live and work in the kingdom without any need of Saudi keel or sponsor, the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia. According to Crown Prince, new iqama is green style iqama which will give more freedom and rights to foreigners, but it won’t give the right to apply for citizenship. 

What are the Benefits of Privileged Iqama?

New iqama residency scheme is going to bring a lot of benefits to residents. List of Some significant benefits is as follows:
  • Privileged iqama holder can bring his family to live in KSA.
  • It allows foreigners to work in Saudi Arabia without kafeel or sponsor.
  • Right to apply for visit visas for relatives.
  • New iqama holder can recruit domestic workers.
  • Can live in Saudi Arabia for an indefinite period.
  • Eligibility to buy vehicles and property under own name.
  • Can start a business without a local partner.
  • There will be no need to get exit and re-entry visa under this privileged iqama scheme.
  • Privileged iqama holder can use special designate queues at Saudi Arabia’s international airports.
  • Foreign residents who have enough qualification, they can work in any private sectors.

Requirements for Privileged Iqama:

Applicants who want to apply for new privileged iqama, they need to meet specific requirements. The list of main conditions is as follows:
  • The first and foremost requirement is to have enough financial resources to qualify for new iqama.
  • A valid passport.
  • Age must be 21 or above.
  • Police clearance certificate to prove good character.
  • Medical fitness certificate, the applicant have to buy medical insurance in the kingdom additionally.
  • If already living in Saudi Arabia, current Iqama must be valid.

Privileged Iqama Types and Fee:

There will be two types of Iqama under new residency scheme, Temporary privileged iqama and Permanent privileged iqama.

Temporary privileged iqama will be granted for one year. However, It can be renewed every year. SAR 100,000 will be charged as iqama fee. Temporary iqama is same as the temporary residency of a country.

Permanent privileged iqama will be granted for an indefinite period. The one-time fee for permanent privileged iqama will be 800,000 SAR. It will give the right to live and work in the Kingdom forever. Unlike conventional iqama or temporary iqama, there will be no expiry date for this iqama. It will be valid forever.

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Cancellation of Privileged Iqama:

Although new iqama is going to bring more freedom and rights yet It may subject to cancellation if the iqama holder violates Saudi Arabia’s laws. As specified by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior, privileged iqama can be cancelled in the following situations:
  • Information provided in the iqama application proved false.
  • Iqama holder committed a crime in KSA and convicted for imprisonment for more than sixty days and 100,000 SAR fine.
  • Deportation orders from Court.
In the case of privileged iqama cancellation, the status of dependents and family members will also be affected. However, the family member can apply for separate privileged iqama if he/she qualifies and meet the requirements.

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Where to Apply for New Privileged Iqama?

The Government of Saudi Arabia has launched a designated website for those who want to apply for Privileged Iqama. It is called “Premium Residency Center”. Premium or privileged can be applied inside Saudi Arabia as well as outside the kingdom. Application for new privileged Iqama can be submitted online at which is an official portal of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior.

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Use Of Technology And Data Science By Telenor Pakistan

telenor data science, technology used by telenor, technology and data science,
When you are working in a well-known industry that can change overnight, you just need to be on the top of the list of your game. The major aim of any business is to become profitable and this will be possible when you are using the right technology and data science. Those companies who are using big data has the potential to crush into data sets in order to understand customers.                [Tips]: How to find a right career in telenor!

Use of Data sets by Telenor:

Telenor is using large data sets that can easily tell them what a customer wants. It usually depends on the past purchases, geographical location and life events.

 Data science change your decisions:

Large enterprises not only rely on big data sets, they also use data science in order to make perfect decisions. Now, Telenor is also using data science about their decisions. In this way they are building their confidence and giving much more importance to decisions. The key to success is the use of latest technology and the vast selection of top quality data science.

Telenor team is working so hard and they are using latest technology VAS test plus GSM variable. Adaption of latest technology has given Telenor Pakistan a competitive edge over other competitors in the market. Following are some of the major categories:

Voice usage: This includes inbound, outbound and other calling circles.

SMS usage: Peak and off-peak usage.

Data usage: This includes the data which is being used.

With the help of these categories Telenor is able to improve the conversion rate on outbound and inbound calls. Telenor has been working with data science, they can easily develop an experience and build a bright future. The investment in technology being made by Telenor is paying off in a good way as they are able to attain customer loyalty.

How To Find The Right Career In Telenor?

career in telenor, telecom companies in pakistan jobs, jobs in telenor, telenor career opportunities,
The most important thing is to develop a framework that helps you to make best career decisions. When you take the right career decision, it reflects who you are and what you want today. While starting a career, you are not professional in taking decision, but you are surely more qualified to figure out what is superb for you. [News]: Telenor joins AliPay.

Choosing the right path:

For those who are going to start their career, who are not sure what they want to do with their lives and they are not sure that they are choosing the right path or not. But, no worries at all you just need to research thoroughly, and this will help you to press the reset button on your thought so that you can get some clarity. [Read]: MOL Job Portal in KSA.

You must know about yourself:

If you are seeking the right career in Telenor, then it is very much important that you must know about yourself. If you want to have a highly satisfying work life, then you should choose a career that best suits you. Thus, in order to find a right career in Telenor, first completely know about yourself. [List]: Email list of companies in Saudi Arabia.

There are numerous things which you should take into consideration while picking a career. You can easily build your dream career with Telenor. Passionate people are basically the success drivers in Telenor Pakistan. Telenor is the right place if you wish for your career to grow leaps and bounds. [Read]: Career opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia

Career in Telenor:

Everyone possesses some strengths and weaknesses. The very first step to choose the exciting and right career in Telenor is know your strengths. As Telenor is one of the leading and fast-growing company, so they need those employees who are passionate and are good at doing their job.

Just find out in what you are really good at, what are your skills and strengths. Telenor is providing you the best opportunity to be mentored and empowered. In this way you can create something inspirational that totally influence the life of millions of people on everyday basis.

Guidelines to find the right career:

If you are interested to become a part of Telenor family then you must consider these guidelines.
  • Create an interesting profile: Just fill your details, so that Telenor can easily find you. Add your academic and contact details.
  • Research properly: research thoroughly and find out the area of interest.
  • Online application: You can search for current openings.
  • Interviews: Interviews may be face to face or Skype based.
  • Offer: if you fit in the desired position then highly trained recruiters will send you an offer.
Moreover, Telenor is utilizing a number of mediums to reach out hard working and potential candidates. There are number of medium available like LinkedIn, headhunter, talent pools. The basic foundation of the applicants will be through external portals.

Further, there is small tip to get the chances in your favor is to only apply for those roles that suits to your area and consistent with your objectives. Thus, customize your application according to job role and you will come closer to the top of the list. Good Luck!

More News:

AliPay Joins Telenor – A Step forward for Digital Financial Services

alipay telenor, easypaisa and alipay services,
Telenor is Pakistan’s one of the largest and reliable mobile network. Telenor is among the pioneers that introduced digital payment method across the country by the name of Easy Paisa. Recently it has announced to join hands with AliPay for efficient digitization of payments in Pakistan.
[Article:] Telenor services in Gwadar

Telenor Has Changed the Present with EasyPaisa:

Going back in the history of Telenor, EasyPaisa was started back in year 2009 and developed to become most reliable branchless digital banking service in the country. EasyPaisa targets the largest chunk of Pakistan’s population that is less privileged and unbanked segment of population. This branchless banking greatly helps small, medium and microfinance businesses to smoothen their transactions and have timely payments through Easypaisa.

AliPay Comes to Pakistan:

AliPay started in year 2004 and since then there is no stopping by for it to progress for the betterment of advanced and digitized future. Payments, wealth management, financial services, banking for unbanked segments, shopping, funds transfer and many other financial services are diligently addressed by it. It has now penetrated in Pakistani Digital Banking market where there is a gap in terms of digitization and innovative digital financial services.

This strategy will change the course of country’s progress. As in China, AliPay has modernized the payment and wealth management system by offering customer friendly, just in time transaction services that now more than 40 million conventional merchants and businesses accepts payment through AliPay. [Tips:] Register your own company in Pakistan.

AliPay Purposefully Join Hands with Telenor:

Ant Financial Services Group is proud to have this strategic partnership with Telenor in Pakistan and excited to develop and bring innovation to mobile payment and digital financial services in the country. Economy of Pakistan is growing progressively, and China is ready to reap the benefits of economic investment in this region. [Read:] 2G 3G and 4G services in Pakistan

Alipay is among world’s biggest digital payment technology platform that facilitates small businesses, personal banking services and timely transactions across China. Pakistan is in much needed of foreign investment to come out of its dependence on aid; China truly understands this and is helping Pakistan through such joint ventures.

Telenor With AliPay:

Telenor has its microfinance bank by the name of Telenor Microfinance Bank (TMB) and with this visionary alliance with AliPay, it is bound to strengthen digital banking and business services across Pakistan in years to come. Businesses will be more goal oriented and modernized to cater the needs of emerging market trends and customer expectations. This partnership will thoroughly benefit the business industry specially by operating in less privileged areas and villages.

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