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What is your dream job? Do You Wanna Work For Telenor Pakistan?

Everyone has the desire to take a step in professional life by doing some amazing job. 

What is your dream job?
Is it some kind of specific workplace culture that you want to have, or you are more concerned with the perks and the remuneration offered by the company?

Most probably you are in the favor of such a company that offers not only a great exposure but also provides the most innovative and progressive services. The definition of a good workplace definitely differs but what if you can get all in one?

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Telenor – Digital services provider:

Enter the world of Telenor Pakistan that is considered to be as the second largest cellular as well as digital services provider. The company of Telenor has received a number of awards and certifications from Human Resources Management of the Pakistan society at various events. The key pillars which has a great significance in front of the team is innovative ways of work, constant support and learning, mentorship and most importantly the country development in socio economic sector.

Pros of working in Telenor:

Telenor is quite concerned about the priorities of its employers and has always strived to provide with improved services and packages. First of all, the work environment of Telenor Pakistan is excellent, you will be able to get exposure and new experiences. Moreover, you will have to face new challenges that are very necessary in order to build a strong personality.
As far as the working hours of the company are concerned then they are quite flexible, you will definitely enjoy working here. One of the best things that the company has to offer you as an employer is international travelling. Because of this benefit people often consider Telenor Pakistan a dream job.

One thing with whom so many employees are concerned is the salary package which itself is satisfactory based on your performance. Working with Telenor is beneficial in this way that it focuses on people's development and their empowerment through the use of some brilliant innovative ideas.

In this work environment, you will be able to explore your ideas and opinions and hence will be able to contribute your services.

Productive workplace:

Telenor offers its employees a really productive workplace, in the sense that each and every employer is encouraged by the company to enhance their potential. The core focus is the progress in career and growth. New ideas are always appreciated here. Flexible work hours help individuals in maintaining the balance of their work life.

Country’s preferred employer:

Over 12 years, Telenor has achieved the valuable status of country’s favorite employer. Gaining this status is not an easy job but it requires full of dedication and commitment. Telenor has its own values and the company is very career oriented, it has introduced a program namely Naya Aghaaz for the women who want to work.

Moreover, Telenor also trains those people who have some kind of disability, so that they can take an active part in corporate culture. The Telenor employees are facilitated with those opportunities having international resources and exposure.

Download Kamyab Jawan Program Registration Form and Guideline

For the people of Pakistan, Prime Minister has initiated a new program by the name of Kamyab Jawaan Program, for the purpose of providing them with self-employment opportunities.

Who can avail kamyab jawan program opportunity?

kamyab jawan program, kamyab jawan program registration, kamyab jawan program form, kamyab jawan program website,This opportunity can be availed by all those women and men of Pakistan having a CNIC and are aged between 18 to 45 years.

Talking about the loan tenure, it would be eight years whereas grace period would be having the duration of one year.

All the small enterprises either new startups or existing business can take advantage of this program. [Regestration]: HEC registration and verification procedure.

Which banks are nominated?

The banks which are nominated and can execute kamyab jawan program include:
  • Bank of khyber.
  • Bank of Punjab.
  • National Bank of Pakistan. 
 Afterward, commercial banks would also be able to participate in this program.

Circular of State Bank of Pakistan:

The State Bank of Pakistan or SBP has passed a circular for all the presidents as well as the CEOs of the bank. All the details regarding the circular are given below:

Lending program:

Small organizations contribute a lot to the economic growth of a country. Since they provide employment opportunities to masses and generate innovative ideas, by eliminating gender inequality. However, due to inadequate financing facilities, from the expected sources it is causing deterioration in economic growth. [Trending]: How to make money with eCommerce website.

Yet, the Government is aware of the prevailing situation. Hence, the Government is providing the opportunity of availing affordable loans from the banks so that people can start their own business, and also they can strengthen the existing one.

For the purpose of providing jobs to the unemployed youth of the country, this program has been initiated. Credit loss subsidy and markup will be provided on small business loans by the government of Pakistan. Under this program the amount of 100,000 to 5000, 000 that will be disbursed by the bank, is provided.

Set criteria:

The set eligibility criteria for this program are:
  • All the men and women, having a CNIC aged from 21 to 45, plus who have potential from entrepreneurship point of view are eligible.
  • All the small business organization's either existing business or startups ones right according to the definition provided by State Bank of Pakistan and set age.
  • For business related to IT or E-commerce, at least matriculation is required or experience of six months.

Type of loan:

The type of loans provided would be term-based and capital loans.

Share of women:

The share of women for the loan is in such a way that 25% would be provided to women borrowers.

Execution of the program:

The execution of the program would be done by Bank of Punjab, Bank of Khyber, and National Bank of Pakistan while keeping the guidance of State Bank of Pakistan in view. Moreover, SBP will also invite commercial banks to participate in kamyab jawan program. However, the lead role will be provided by the National Bank of Pakistan. The share of loans of NBP is more than 50%.

Kamyab Jawan Program Registration:

As far as the application form is concerned, Kamyab jawan program form will be available in both the languages i.e English and Urdu. Minimum important information will be required from the applicant. Plus, the format of the form would be very easy and simple.

You can get kamyab jawan program form from the linked banks or the website of these banks. The applicant has to submit the kamyab jawan program fee which is Rs/100. Moreover, this form is nonrefundable, here is the link for form:

On a quarterly basis, all the information regarding the extension of loans will be provided by the State Bank of Pakistan. At the end, the banks will gear up their systems for a successful implementation.

Kamyab jawan program website:

You can apply online for kamyab jawan program loan, Click here under given link to open kamyab jawan program website:

Prime Minister Imran Khan Inaugurated Kamyab Jawan Program

To nurture the idea of merit and honesty in the country Prime Minister of Pakistan has restated the resolution of his government. Youth are the future of Pakistan, and our destiny depends on them, he said while addressing the inaugural of Kamyab Jawan program, one of flagship ingenuity, this evening in Islamabad.

Further, the PM added that PTI government has a strong belief in merit and transparency, and Kamyab Jawan program is a program of merit. Prime minister said that only those nations move forward in the world that follows the rule of merit.

Imran Khan said the Muslims ruled the world over a thousand years as a result of inception of state of Madina by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said scrupulosity and meritocracy were the major attributes of the foundation of state of Madinah which helped it make the grade.

kamyab jawan program
He said the prominent reason for the foundering of Muslims in the world was the acquisition of monarchic culture and not granting democratic rights to their society. He further added that the reason for the decease of the Mughal Empire is their ignorance toward the rule of merit.

He advised the youth to take a deeper read about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he is an epitome ideal for the whole world. Further, the Prime Minister, for launching the first phase of the program for youth of the country congratulated all the stakeholders.

Imran Khan said Youth Skills Foundation will be developed for youth of the country and the program will be personally superintended by him to keep track of its progress. The Prime minister said being equal citizens of Pakistan, minorities will also exploit from the program just like the majority. He said an invariable educational system will be founded into the country to sleek the society.

It was announced by the Prime Minister that the programs to be launched next for youth are Geen Youth Movement and Startup Pakistan. He said to become a self-reliant and self-esteemed nation we need to change our frame of mind. For this purpose, to making the economy working we will need to evolve the taxpaying culture in the society.

Promptly, while addressing the event Special Assistant on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, mentioned that this program will take our youth towards affluence. He added the Kamyab Jawan program is the first step on the pledge made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to make the youth take into employment. 63 percent of Pakistan’s population consists of youth, he said.

Usman Dar repented that governments before this failed to draw up policies for the evolution of youth of this country. He said the country’s first Youth Development structure has prepared by our government, under which work is being carried out in six areas.

No interest will be applied on loans fewer than 100,000 rupees and will be distributed in 45 underprivileged districts on priority basis. One hundred billion rupees will be distributed under Kamyab Jawan Program, for business ventures among youth. These loans are being provided to youth under three categories. It is regarded as probable that the loan program will serve approximately one million youth.

To abet the youth in arising working ideas on business, two hundred viabilities have also been made achievable online. To impart the modern skills of youth, Ten billion rupees will be spent on skills education and one hundred smart laboratories will be flourished in the country. Twenty-five thousand youth apprenticeships with the industry will also be provided by a program component. Also, in Madaris, five hundred skills laboratories will be originated.

For women, a quota of twenty percent has been granted to increase their contribution to the economy of the country. Kamya Jawan program has been developed under National Youth Development Framework and it will work as a milepost to make the youth of the country unconventional. Kamyab Jawan program will aid subsist with unemployment and indigence. For explicit and modern scrutiny of applications, a non-discriminatory function has thrived.

Earlier, while briefing media about the program in Islamabad, Usman Dar said the program is completely concentrated on clinching opportunities of employment to the youth of Pakistan, by providing them systematic platforms to surpass.

He said no amount of public tax is sustained on the program, this program is supported by UN Development program. Usman Dar said the government also conceives states of the art digital platform for the youth to aid them to achieve their aims of a promising future.

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