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Prime Minister Imran Khan Inaugurated Kamyab Jawan Program

Prime minister imran khan has inaugurated kamyab jawan program for youth in pakistan, kamyab jawan program is basically a loan lending project by the government of pakistan.

To nurture the idea of merit and honesty in the country Prime Minister of Pakistan has restated the resolution of his government. Youth are the future of Pakistan, and our destiny depends on them, he said while addressing the inaugural of Kamyab Jawan program, one of flagship ingenuity, this evening in Islamabad.

Further, the PM added that PTI government has a strong belief in merit and transparency, and Kamyab Jawan program is a program of merit. Prime minister said that only those nations move forward in the world that follows the rule of merit.

Imran Khan said the Muslims ruled the world over a thousand years as a result of inception of state of Madina by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said scrupulosity and meritocracy were the major attributes of the foundation of state of Madinah which helped it make the grade.

kamyab jawan program
He said the prominent reason for the foundering of Muslims in the world was the acquisition of monarchic culture and not granting democratic rights to their society. He further added that the reason for the decease of the Mughal Empire is their ignorance toward the rule of merit.

He advised the youth to take a deeper read about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he is an epitome ideal for the whole world. Further, the Prime Minister, for launching the first phase of the program for youth of the country congratulated all the stakeholders.

Imran Khan said Youth Skills Foundation will be developed for youth of the country and the program will be personally superintended by him to keep track of its progress. The Prime minister said being equal citizens of Pakistan, minorities will also exploit from the program just like the majority. He said an invariable educational system will be founded into the country to sleek the society.

It was announced by the Prime Minister that the programs to be launched next for youth are Geen Youth Movement and Startup Pakistan. He said to become a self-reliant and self-esteemed nation we need to change our frame of mind. For this purpose, to making the economy working we will need to evolve the taxpaying culture in the society.

Promptly, while addressing the event Special Assistant on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, mentioned that this program will take our youth towards affluence. He added the Kamyab Jawan program is the first step on the pledge made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to make the youth take into employment. 63 percent of Pakistan’s population consists of youth, he said.

Usman Dar repented that governments before this failed to draw up policies for the evolution of youth of this country. He said the country’s first Youth Development structure has prepared by our government, under which work is being carried out in six areas.

No interest will be applied on loans fewer than 100,000 rupees and will be distributed in 45 underprivileged districts on priority basis. One hundred billion rupees will be distributed under Kamyab Jawan Program, for business ventures among youth. These loans are being provided to youth under three categories. It is regarded as probable that the loan program will serve approximately one million youth.

To abet the youth in arising working ideas on business, two hundred viabilities have also been made achievable online. To impart the modern skills of youth, Ten billion rupees will be spent on skills education and one hundred smart laboratories will be flourished in the country. Twenty-five thousand youth apprenticeships with the industry will also be provided by a program component. Also, in Madaris, five hundred skills laboratories will be originated.

For women, a quota of twenty percent has been granted to increase their contribution to the economy of the country. Kamya Jawan program has been developed under National Youth Development Framework and it will work as a milepost to make the youth of the country unconventional. Kamyab Jawan program will aid subsist with unemployment and indigence. For explicit and modern scrutiny of applications, a non-discriminatory function has thrived.

Earlier, while briefing media about the program in Islamabad, Usman Dar said the program is completely concentrated on clinching opportunities of employment to the youth of Pakistan, by providing them systematic platforms to surpass.

He said no amount of public tax is sustained on the program, this program is supported by UN Development program. Usman Dar said the government also conceives states of the art digital platform for the youth to aid them to achieve their aims of a promising future.


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