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How to Apply for Passport Online | Pakistani Passport Renewal

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The web service gateway is the main step of the general board of directors of passport and immigration to provide Pakistani citizens the online service around the world. Pakistani citizens can use the e-service portal in order to apply for online passport application process or renewal of their machine-readable passports from anywhere in the world, if it has been expired or it’s going to within 7 months.

NADRA Online Passport System:

NADRA has been developing its online passport renewal pakistan system for quite some time now and that it’s almost done, we can have a look that how it’s going to work after its launch. The director general of immigration and passports plus NADRA have cooperated to offer the citizens of Pakistan a service that they needed really bad. Now citizens will be able to renew passports online without the trouble of traveling to the passport office and waiting in the long cue for several hours.

This service will facilitate all the Pakistani nationals either they live in Pakistan or they live abroad. Currently, the service is not available immediately to be used but soon after its launch people will be able to get the benefit of this service. So anyone who has an expired passport can apply for a new passport and the new passport will be delivered to the provided postal address.

How to Apply for Pakistani Passport renewal Online:

To apply online for passport renewal you need to make sure that you have all of your supporting documents with you and printer/ scanner.

For instance, you will need a printer to get some documents of your fingerprints and a scanner too because you will have to submit some of the documents copies in scanned form.

A credit/debit card to pay for the renewal of your passport fee. When you are ready than you will go to this URL: in order to start filling the passport renewal application.

Now after the submission of your application the passport office and NADRA will do their end of the job and deliver your passport to your doorstep. On the other hand, the delivery of passport will vary on the basis of each case that depends upon numerous factors. Whereas, the passport office and NADRA aims to deliver passports within the deadlines of 10 working days normally and 4 working days for the urgent passport.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee:

Following is the Pakistani passport fee structure to apply for Pakistani passport renewal:

Charges for 5 years valid passport
Charges for 10 years valid passport
Normal (36 pages):
Rs.5, 500/-

Normal (36 pages): 
Rs.7, 900/- 
Urgent (36 pages):
Rs.7, 500/-

Urgent (36 pages): 
Rs.11, 500/-
Normal (72 pages):
Rs.8, 000/-
Normal (72 pages): 
Rs.12, 400/-
Urgent (72 pages):
Rs.11, 500/-
Urgent (72 pages): 
Rs.18, 700/-
Normal (100 pages):
Rs.8, 500/-
Normal (100 pages):
Rs.13, 300/-
Urgent (100 pages):
Rs.14, 500/-
Urgent (100 pages):
Rs.24, 100/-

All these charges include a service fee of Rs.2, 500/-. For delivery within Pakistan delivery charges will be Rs.250/- and for delivery outside Pakistan delivery charges will be Rs.1, 000/-. And for the delivery location at passport office including foreign missions delivery will be provided free of cost.

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SDH, DWDM & OFC Jobs in Gulf Business Horizon (GBH)


Gulf Business Horizon (GBH) Job opportunities for Engineers and Technicians:

Jobs in Gulf Business Horizon (GBH)
GBH is a well known Egyptian telecom company which is working in Saudi Arabia as a subcontractor of Huawei and as a contractor in ZAIN KSA. GBH is hiring new staff for a new project given by STC as a subcontractor of Huawei.

Required Tecelcom engineers:

Telecom engineers having experience in SDH, DWDM and fiber optics can apply. Minimum 2 years of experience is required and bachelor degree is a must.

Applicants must have excellent communication, follow up and interpersonal skills and should be ready to work in challenging work environment.

Required Telecom Technicians:

Technicians who have fiber jointing and splicing experience can apply for this post. Experience in SDH and DWDM is also preferable.

Applicants must have excellent communication, follow up and interpersonal skills and should be ready to work in challenging work environment.

How to Apply for JOB:

Write an email with subject of job title and send it to Gulf Business Horizon (GBH) HR at: before 5 Dec, 2017.

Candidates must available in KSA having Transferable IQAMA, Valid Driving license and minimum two years relevant work experience.

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Are You Ready To Fly Over And Take Off In Plane With Careem?

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Now you can gratify with this service in Pakistan with Careem! Careem takes us from one place to another by road linking driver and passenger through the app. First time a service to take people via airline in Pakistan by a ride-sharing company will be coming soon. #CareemAirTaxi
Careem is now launching JAHAAZ service for their customers so they can travel via airline. What Careem #TakeOff campaign offers? It is not an airline service but an air safari ride for you to book right from your Careem application. Careem Air has partnered with USFC and Air Safari to start their JAHAAZ service. Operations of Careem Air are launching soon in Pakistan. So be ready for JAHAAZ service.
* Trending Post: Amazing facts about Pakistan.
To engage and amuse their customers they had launched Rishta Aunties service. Thorough which many people played Ludo on Twitter. After this everyone is anxiously waiting what’s next. So here their next exciting Service #TakeOff is launched.

How Careem Air Pakistan works:

Careem Pakistan is signing a MOU and partnering with Sports Flying Club and Ultralight Lahore and proposing their customers to book a ride in an airplane. This would be a delightful experience to see Lahore from the clouds.
Customers can really book an air safari ride with Careem app in advance. For all of their customers, it would be full of excitement to ride in a real airplane at reasonable fare. Few days ago a sneak peek video updated on their timeline marking the launch. Careem is providing this service initially only in Lahore. After success of Careem Air, they may launch this in other cities of Pakistan or may offer Careem Air from one city to other.

Careem Air flight reservation:

Just like their user-friendly app, this will be also easy to book a ride on Careem Air. First the user will have to select Car type ‘Careem Air’ then make a ‘later’ booking. After this step, Careem will call you for confirmation, then you will wait for your turn to enjoy amazing ride.
*Trending Post: Mohenjo Daro History, (Discovery, Location, and civilization)

Only in 5600 PKR … Fly with Careem Air:

It’s no more a dream to travel in airplane; Careem is providing an economical air ride. The ride will last for 13 to 14 minutes at very reasonable price. Only PKR 5600 will be charge per ride for two persons. This is just an incredible offer to utilize. For two people, PKR 5600 is not an expensive air ride. Moreover, it’s more than worthy. PKR 5600 is a low-cost air travel will ever be. * Trending Post: Countries that require no visa for pakistani passport.

Weather conditions can affect your ride and it is the genuine reason to delay or cancel rides. Careem Air and USFC have rights to do these kinds of actions in critical weather or security conditions. This would be acceptable as this is for customers’ safety but in usual circumstances, there would be no such misfortune.

Careem gives an opportunity to Lahoris to see Lahore in plane. Careem has really made its place in the Pakistani market through its admirable services for customers.
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Police Clearance Certificate For Expatriates From Saudi Arabia

police clearance certificate for expats, how to get PCC from Saudi arabia, Police clearance certificate procedure
If you are planning to move from Saudi Arabia to another country then you will need police clearance certificate as an expatriate. The procedure has been made much easier and it will basically involve checking your criminal record and certifying that you are eligible to travel.

Police clearance certificate will declare you as a good citizen and you will not face any problems when you go to another country. Applying for this certificate is very important if you are leaving Saudi Arabia forever and do not plan to return again. It is much easier to get it before you leave the country. *Trending: Now Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia:

Step 1. Need Endorsement Letter: 

You will need to apply for an endorsement letter from your embassy. Send them Iqama copy, completely filled application form and endorsement letter fee. You will need to wait for 1-2 weeks for this endorsement letter.

Step 2. Need to Attest Endorsement Letter:

You should get this endorsement letter attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Submit attestation fee (100 Saudi Riyal), application form (available at MOFA), photocopy of passport, photocopy of Iqama and original endorsement letter.

Step 3. Fingerprint:

Enter your fingerprints in the MOFA system for their records. This step is very important for later verifications.

Step 4: Required Documents:

Take endorsement letter (attested from MOFA), photocopy of passport and photocopy of Iqama to one of these police stations for obtaining your police clearance certificate:
  • Riyadh Deira Police Station (Near court).
  • Dammam Police Station (located opposite Governor house).
  • Jeddah Police Station (located behind Islamic Development Bank).
Once you have submitted these documents in any of the above police stations, they will inform you about the date when you can come back to collect your police clearance certificate.

Step 5. Collect report from police office:

You will personally have to visit the same police station again to collect your police clearance certificate.

So, in these 5 easy and simple steps you can get your police clearance certificate before you leave Saudi Arabia.

It is important to understand that once you are outside Saudi Arabia, you will have to follow a different process for obtaining police clearance certificate. That process is longer and more difficult. So while you are preparing to leave the country, you should plan to finish this task before you go. *Trending: List of companies for job hunters in Saudi Arabia.

If you follow these steps, obtaining a police clearance certificate should be very easy and simple. You will have to wait after step 1 and 4, but it is worth the wait because you will get the original letter. *Trending: Email list of companies for job hunters in Saudi Arabia.

You do not need to pay an agent or any other person to get the police clearance certificate for you. You will need to enter your own finger prints, so it is better that you perform the process yourself. *Trending: Ministry of Labor launches KAWADIR job portal for expats.

How can I check my Iqama transferred to my new sponsor or not at MOI

change of sponsorship, nakal kafala maloomat, job change notification
In my previous post change of sponsorship, i have explained this very well but now it will be in a single step procedure. As you know without working with you sponsor or kafeel is illegal in Saudi Arabia and you could face problems even deportation in this case if you are working with another kafeel/sponsor.

Check iqama transfer/change of sponsorship online:

So whenever you change your job you have to change your sponsorship as well and how can you check your change of sponsorship is very simple, first of all, you have to know about the fee as mentioned. * Related Post: Change of sponsorship procedure at MOL website.
  • First-time sponsorship change fee is 2000/SAR which is mostly paid by the new sponsor.
  • Second-time sponsorship change fee 4000/SAR which is mostly half paid by you i mean 2000.
  • Third-time sponsorship change fee is 6000/SAR and new sponsor will pay 2000 only and 4k by you.
Only your sponsor can check the detailed information regarding your transfer but you can also check the funds deposited for your transfer online. If the fee is shown in jawazat system; it means your transfer is not yet processed. If your fee has been deducted then your transfer process have done.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Open MOI website.
  2. Now click on electronic enquires.
  3. Hover over your mouse pointer at MOI Diwan.
  4. Now select Public Query Available Funds.
  5. Inter your iqama number and check your available funds.

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An Up-to-Date feature of WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone”

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Now you can delete your sent messages from receipt chat box. This may happen to everyone that you sent message to wrong chat and couldn’t help it. WhatsApp new feature “delete for everyone” is especially addressing these kinds of mistakes. This feature allows sender to delete his sent message from everyone’s inbox. This feature not only use for individual inbox but also for group chats. WhatsApp Push Notification Problems/Solutions.

Whenever messages are sent to wrong chat or may contain wrong content or mistake, this feature will help to delete your message from receipt inbox. All updated versions of WhatsApp at all platforms, such as iPhone, windows phone and Android has this “Delete for Everyone” feature. This is latest feature of WhatsApp in prolonged features of WhatsApp. The commonly used WhatsApp smartphone app introduced this incredible feature to gain more value from their users those are facing this problem in regular conversation and this is bothering them too much. * Top Trending Post: Are you looking for wearable smart phones?

How to get WhatsApp "delete for everyone" feature:

To get this feature of WhatsApp it is necessary to have latest version of WhatsApp on both phones; sender and recipient. By downloading latest version or updating the old version, you can have this amazing feature on your WhatsApp. * Related Post: WhatsApp calling feature.

How to experience WhatsApp "delete for everyone" feature:

  • Select the message you need to delete.
  • Tap on trash/delete icon on display.
  • The dialogue box will appear having the new option Delete for Everyone.

Options on dialogue box:

  • Delete for me.
  • Cancel.
  • Delete for everyone.
When you select the ‘Delete for everyone’ option from dialogue box, the sent message will be switched with "You deleted this message" in both chat box; yours as well as the recipient. If the recipient doesn’t have the latest version of WhatsApp, you can’t use this feature in that case and the message may be seen by the receiver after deletion or if messages were not deleted.

WhatsApp says that to use this feature you must be speedy user. As this feature ‘Delete for everyone’ can only be used within seven minutes of sending. Once seven minutes have passed, now you can’t avail this feature. * Do you know about world's lightest smartphone?

Now if you tap the delete icon there will be only two options (after seven minutes):
  • Delete for me.
  • Cancel.

Delete for me:

WhatsApp also replaced the regular delete option with ‘delete for me’. This will work as the regular delete option does; deleting the messages and other content from own screen. All sent or received messages are not affected on the receiver end and they can see all messages as before. There is no change in this option’s working except the change in name.

This features works in the same way: to delete more than one message at once, you need to select all those message and tap delete icon and then select the ‘delete for me’ option. Now the name ‘Delete for me’ is clearly telling that these messages will only be deleted from your screen and not from others’ screen. More: How to buy Memory Card for your Mobile phone?

Ministry of Labor launches KAWADIR Job Portal for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

kawadir job portal, ministry of labor and social development project of kawadir.
A website is launched for the labor job named as Kawadir by the ministry of labor and social development of Saudi Arabia. The major reason behind this amazing initiative is to control the overseas recruitment of expats. So expats basically incorporates those people who are in the empire but their services are not needed yet in organizations. In this way they are unemployed. Now a step was taken for employers that they can easily transfer their unemployed employees to other organizations where they are needed. In this way human resource can be used effectively. They are considered as highly skilled labor. Other companies can hire skilled labor as they are in need of their services.

Thus the initiative of this program by ministry of labor and social development, numerous companies has been reported to respond to it. It was suggested that numerous resumes were uploaded by more than 700 companies. This was the greatest achievement by ministry of labor. Multiple resumes were uploaded and these are highly skilled workers as their services are no more required by the current organization. This is considered as a superb and great initiative in order to use human resource effectively and efficiently.

KAWADIR Job Portal by MOL - a great initiative:

 - On the other hand, these expats are also taking advantage of this transfer program which is under Kawadir. When they are leaving the previous organization their residence is also expired which is a great problem for labor.

 - This program will help employees to find a best job and it will also allow earning a living. Furthermore, expats who specially came to Saudi Arabia to start a job, they could not manage their residency permit even after the time period of three months. Labor can get numerous benefits from this initiative.

 - They can be employed under the funding and support of other employee and they can easily get the residency permit. In this way, they won’t be unemployed anymore.

KAWADIR job Portal Other benefits:

Other organizations that can have numerous expats than Saudi Arabia can transfer expats and being employed by Saudi Nationals. We will be able to hire Saudi nationals without firing expats. In order to utilize the services it is very beneficial. When the resumes of employees are approved then they are being uploaded by the organization. The right of labor should be kept in mind during hiring and firing process. No other company is allowed to upload a resume of expats without permission or approval. Thus this program is considered as an extensive program and many people are taking benefit from this. * How to register with Saudi Council of engineers?

Additionally a restriction is imposed by ministry of labor on Kawadir jobs is that company can only avail labor transfer which can fall under the category of green and green labels of Nitaqat program. It is best for those expats who have been unable to find a job in Saudi Arabia kingdom. Expats should definitely avail this superb program who are searching for a new job and who are ready to provide best services to other companies. For this purpose they should upload their resume on KAWADIR job website.

The Best Investment Opportunities In Saudi Arabia

investment opportunities in ksa, business tips for newbies in saudi arabia.
Saudi Arabia is an asset to the Middle East and North Africa region because of its 25% reserve of world’s oil resources. Besides being the largest economy in this region, it is also one of the most developing countries across the globe but due to its dependence on the oil reserve, other sectors are being neglected. Though the country is one of the richest of all the Middle East countries and many other countries across the globe the versatility or the uniformity in the income is not there. The diversity of income from different resources and sectors is not there in this economy which is why; the government is now trying to attract foreign investments into different sectors of Saudi.

Earlier the most challenging factor in the economy was its regulations and the legalities in the businesses for which the investments were restricted as well. Investing in Saudi Arabia earlier used to mean a lot of compliances which the government is working upon now to relax the process of investment in the country.

The future prospect of this economy and the potential of its untapped resources is yet to be discovered by the economy itself and the government has started working on the same and the results are positive though slow. This economy is not making this progress themselves but also for its surrounding nation as well and it is evident from the growth in Egypt, UAE, and the other GCC countries. The individual investors or the HNIs or the government across the globe who invests money in this region tends to lose the same in most of the scenario but with utmost hard work towards making strong governance and the reformation of the judiciary along with effective bureaucratic control, many investors are gaining interest in these markets.

SAGIA which stands for Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority provides the license for investment from the foreign nationals and entities in the country. It was formed to enable and ease the process of liberalization in the economy to gain foreign investments, in 2010. The objective with which this body was formed and is working currently is to achieve the growth in the economy by helping the businesses attract foreign investments and for creating a healthy environment for various business opportunities in the KSA. This body strives for fostering the growth through investments in the major sectors of the economy which are construction, healthcare, education, online & IT services and Food and Beverages.

Opportunities for investment in construction sector:

By 2025, 3.3 million of housing units has to be made to cater to the need of the population of Saudi Arabia as reported by the Housing Ministry of the country. This is because the country is a chronic shortage of homes and housing units for its growing population.

Already the government has started taking help from foreign nations in which China has been proposed to build 1 lac houses in AI-Ahsa province. This figure helps in understand the need for investing in the Saudi’s construction sector. Since the construction sector contracted in the previous financial year by almost 2 percent, the country is gearing up to expand it now and thus investing in this sector at this point of time can be really profitable.

Opportunities for investment in health care center:

One of the main aspects the ambitious and optimistic Saudi Vision 2030 which was launched last year is the "PPPs" which stand for the Public-Private Partnerships. Under this, the public entities of the Saudi government will get investments from the private sector which includes foreign investments as well.

This partnership program has been developed to initialize the investment of the foreign investors into the public organization of the economy out of which hospital and the healthcare sector in under main focus. Almost 55 and above health centers will be privatized in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under this program and many more investments will be done to make the healthcare sector highly functional. If you are looking to invest in the healthcare sector of Saudi, this is the right time.

Opportunities for investment in education sector:

There are four ways to invest in the education sector of Saudi Arabia and the first one is for investors looking for growth focused acquisitions. This investment will direct to the institutions and companies already established in the nation for providing education. These are recognized and thus investing in this program will definitely earn you cash flows at the end of the venture as well as on an ongoing aspect.

  • The next is the Greenfield investments which suit the investors looking for taking a risk in the startups and have entrepreneurial skills. For investing in these projects, you need to verify the models of the business to anticipate the earning.
  • The third one is for the people looking for investing in the vocational institutes and the play schools which are yet to boom in the market but hold potential growth factor.
  • Lastly, you can invest in the land or the building which will be used for the purpose of building educational institutes.

Opportunities for investment in online and IT services:

The government-owned science and research entities in Saudi have reportedly increased the investment prospect in the country. After earlier challenges in IT, There is a huge improvement in the Information technology and the online services. The country also gets indulge in the outsourcing opportunities and there are more than 70% chances of increase in the technology sector in the coming years. There is a huge opportunity for the people who are looking to invest in this sector as this is the most growing sector across the globe as well as in Saudi. Since Saudi Arabia is looking to decentralize its focus from oil production, this sector gains major attraction after the former.

Opportunities for investment in food and beverage sector:

The annual growth rate of the food and beverage industry of Saudi in last five years is 2.6% and the market is growing with foreign investments as the taste and preference of the people are changing slowly but steadily.

There are major food companies which are investing in the country and reaping huge profits due to the fact mentioned above. The government along with the private investors are looking to invade the market more and thus if you are looking for investing in the sector of Saudi then this is the perfect time to listen to your heart and mind.

Saudi Arabia has always been the largest producer of oil in the world and one of the riches countries as well. It is still the major oil producer in the Gulf and thus with the wind of liberalization, it is important to shift a little from its core sector to other sectors as well as the times are changing and investments and growth of other sectors are also necessary to progress as an economy in a whole. Ample opportunities are there, you just need to be cautious about the sector and its prospects before investing your money. You should do your own analysis on the market you are opting for investment and look for the major players in that sector.

How To Get Register With Saudi Council of Engineers?

saudi council of engineers, saudi council of engineers registration, saudi council registration status, saudi eng council,
Saudi Arabia has a lot of opportunities for engineers. The country is prospering a lot in engineering and related fields. Domestic and foreign engineers can take significant advantage of the job and business prospects for skilled engineers in Saudi Arabia.

- It is important to understand that if you are not listed with Saudi Engineering Council and you are not registered as an engineer in Saudi Arabia then it is illegal for you to work as an engineer in the country. If you are found doing this, then your Iqama may be cancelled and you might have to face deportation.

Saudi Engineering Council Registration process:

Following are the easy and simple steps that you should follow in order to get registered with Saudi Engineering Council and to mention Engineer as a profession on your Iqama in order to be eligible to work as an engineer in the country: Related Post: How to change Iqama Profession?

Step 1: Attestation of degrees: 

Get your academic and engineering degrees attested from HEC, Saudi culture, and foreign affairs. You have to get attestation from Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy of the country from where you got the degree. For example, if you got your engineering degree from the Pakistan, then you will need to get degrees attested from Saudi Embassy of Pakistan to get degrees attested.

Step 2: Offer letter from employer:

Contact your employer to give an offer letter. This letter should include your full name (exactly as mentioned on Iqama), monthly salary (gross), period of joining employment and Iqama number. The letter should state that your profession should be changed to engineering. The name should be stated both in English and Arabic.
The letter should be attested from Chamber of Commerce of the city where the employer business is.

Step 3: Upload Scanned Documents:

An application form is available there. Attach the following things with the application:
  1. Recent picture.
  2. A copy of passport. (Online renewal process of Pakistani passport)
  3. Transcript of Engineering degree. (Top Engineering universities in Pakistan)
  4. Engineering degree certified attested from Saudi embassy.
  5. Authorization letter. 
  6. Employment letter and a copy of Iqama.

Step 4: Registration Number / Ticket Number:

After you have uploaded all above document, you will receive an email/SMS notification for payment of fee worth SR 500. This fee can also be paid via SADAD. After you have paid the fee, a ticket number will be issued which will serve as a reference to your application.

Optional step:

You can call them after performing step 4 to make sure that you are on the right track. Calling them will also expedite the process.

After step 5 is complete, you will receive a temporary membership number. Your membership status will be shown as “Engineer with non-engineering iqama”. Other relevant fields in your profile on Saudi Council of Engineers website (such as Yaqeen and Jawazat) will appear as Red now. Related Post: Check Iqama Transfer or change of sponsorship status online.

Saudi Engineering council Renewal process:

Saudi engineering council renewal is very simple, just open SEC website and login into Saudi council of engineers login and click on renew and Add new request.

saudi council of engineer renewal procedure, saudi council of engineers renewal fee

Saudi Council of engineers renewal fee:

If you are registering first time with SEC fee will be charged 500 + 750 for three years, after that Saudi council of engineers renewal fee is 250 SAR/year.

Saudi Arab Is Interested In China Pakistan Economic Corridor

A few days back, a representative from Saudi Arab reached Pakistan and informed that they are interested in CPEC. Representatives have claimed that Saudi Arab would be taking part in this super project. This tremendous project is taking place in Gwadar and Saudi Arab will contribute and participate by doing some investments. It was being said that it is a kind gesture which we want to give to the people of Pakistan who have done valuable services for the progress of kingdom. Undoubtedly, this is true because almost two million Pakistanis are engaged in the development and the progress of the kingdom.

Pakistan-China Friendship:

The friendship bond between Pakistan and China is very strong. These two countries are known to have the strongest friendship ties. China spent billions of dollars for the project of China Pakistan economic corridor. The project will allow the establishment of a connection between Kashgar and Gwadar. Moreover, it is also the purpose to strengthen the economic ties of both the countries. Related Post: How to register a company in Pakistan?

The project was started under the china’s OBOR project which is also known as one belt one road. Such activities have brought the two allies very close to each other. The ambassador also stated that both the countries Pakistan and China will exchange such programs which are educational and cultural too.

Saudi Arab being the part of the project:

Pakistan’s newly elected president has also visited Saudi Arab and appreciated the vision of 2030. Moreover, he has also given assurance of full collaboration from his side. The country is very eager to boost up the relations with Saudi Arab.

link road from china to pakistan to saudi arabia

However, there are many other countries that are really not happy with this decision. Let’s take the example of India as road summit is being boycotted as a gesture of opposition. This clearly reflects that India is against this decision. On the other hand, United States is making good relations with India. The reason is to minimize the economy of China and to emerge itself as a great power. When it comes to Iran, Saudi Arab has no good relations with Iran. Therefore a wave of disturbance also took place in Iran.

Iran and Saudi Arabia issue:

As it is mentioned above that Iran and Saudi Arab have some unresolved issues, therefore, doing investments in CPEC is causing disturbance for Iran. They do not want Saudi Arab to invest in this project of China Pakistan economic corridor.

Committees for guidance:

Well despite all such kind of issues Saudi Arab is all set to make developments. There are many committees formed. These committees will not only provide guidance for cooperation but also coordinate to provide them with a right direction. The field where cooperation is needed is not only equipment but also culture, security, trade, investment & finance too. All these things are the proof of the interest that Saudi Arab is taking in CPEC.

We hope this project to be a successful one because the coordination between countries is very strong. Moreover, Saudi Arab is agreed to contribute at the best level. No doubt it’s a very valuable project. Related Post: Top innovative ideas for doing small scal business in Pakistan.

Pre-Order your Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus now

Correspondents are uncertain for whether the iPhone customers should buy the costly iPhone 8 or the 8 Plus or even pricier as well as new and exciting iPhone X. Now you can vote with your wallet because the new iPhone 8s other than iPhone X is available for placing orders at Apple Store, several carriers and the retailers of US like Best Buy and Target. Apple’s 4K TV and also the Watch 3 series is also available for pre-orders, along with all the products ready to ship at the 22nd of September. Pre-orders in UK are up at Apple’s site with EE and some other carriers. Trending Post: Apple Home-Pod with smart speakers.

Price vs Features of new iPhone 8s:

Meanwhile, money is an entity for all of us, so it justifies for weighing iPhone 8 with the 4.7-inch and 1334 x 750 display that runs 64GB and 256GB memory is available with prices $699 and $849 and (£699 and £849 in the UK). Similarly, the iPhone 8 Plus with 5.5 inches, 1080p display that runs 64GB and 256GB memory is available for $799 and $949 and same in the UK respectively.

Most notable differences in these models is that the iPhone 8 lacks the dual cameras, lightening features and the portrait mode of the iPhone 8 Plus. Both of these models own the all new glass design that performs like champs with all new A11 upgraded cameras and Bionic processor. (Yet not enough? Apple has knocked off $100 (£100) at both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that makes them as cheap as $549 and £549 respectively.

The distinguished feature of these models includes both of them supporting fast and wireless charging that gives half charge in 30 minutes. On the other hand for latter, you need to splurge a minimum of $74 for the USB-C cable and a charger. But if luckily you have a 2016 or advanced MacBook Pro and its charger than you can save yourself from buying another one. Related Post: Seven reasons to buy iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

Price vs features of Apple Watch 3 and Apple 4k TV:

The starting price of Apple Watch 3 series in $329 (£329) with a sport band of 38mm having no cellular support and cost you $399 (£399) if you choose for the LTE data features. And if you go for the LTE feature than take note that the US carriers are going to charge you extra $10 per month for using this feature. The big 42mm model will cost you $359 and $429 having the same options for £359 and £429. Both of these watches obviously gives you a lot more when you go for leather, Hermes models or Edition.

Apple 4K TV supporting HDR movies and UltraHD is $179 (£179) with a built-in storage of 32GB and $199 (£199) for 64GB. You don’t need to worry about the content on its arrival at 22nd September, at least in US because Apple already has started to release movies with Dolby Vision HDR and 4K.

As stated earlier, pre-orders for iPhone X aren’t going live till the 27th of October with scheduled shipping at 3rd of November. Model featuring 5.8 inches 2436 x 1125 OLED screen, and a Face ID rather than touch costs you $999 and $1149 for 64GB and 256GB. And if you plan to get this model than you need to be ready to place an order as soon as they go on pre-order because rumors signals for short supply of OLED panels.

Whether you go for tried and true and faster iPhone 8 or 8 Plus or the novel iPhone X with weird new cutouts, OLED screen and minimal bezels let us know all in the comments below.

Noor Ul Ain Aftab: Motivational story of a Pakistani Girl for CSS students


Nothing is impossible if you believe yourself; The story of a brave Girl:

This story is written by someone i am just publishing it to motivate you so read now........

I got married when I was 18 years old and did bachelors after my marriage and got 2nd position in it, but due to family commitments, I had to discontinue my studies. But amidst all the chores, deep inside, a voice would keep calling, "You are meant to do more". Having ignored this voice for too long, I enrolled myself in Masters program in AIOU and started teaching as soon as my children started going to school. 

My husband, seeing the efforts I would put in every small assignment, urged me to go for CSS. With two demanding children and sick mother in law to attend to, along with teaching O levels and studying for last semester of Masters. 

I set off for preparing for CSS. I had the untiring support of my husband who stayed by my side till the end. It was his strength that kept me motivated. 

But the moment of glory came with the moment of grief. My husband passed away in an accident a week before my CSS result came out. I had been allocated but the person who had made it possible wasn't there to celebrate it with me. I feel as if he knew all along that he was going to go. That all this while he was trying to help equip me with everything that I would need when he was gone. And now I want call out to him with pride and say "We did it"! I'm thankful to God for choosing me for a partner like him and a privilege like civil service, I resolve to live up to both of these blessings. Meet Noor Ul Ain Aftab, 44th Common.

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Apple iPhone 8 Price, Release Date and Full Phone Specification

Apple iPhone 8 is an amazing device and it packs much more new stuff in it. It is basically the complete design of the product and the most popular brand Apple is going to launch iPhone 8. Of course, everyone has a wish to buy Apple iPhone 8. If you can easily afford the super high price then you can get your hands on iPhone 8 in the next few months. Thus Apple has just upgraded the existing models without completely changing them.
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iPhone 8 Full Phone Specification:




iOS 11 upgradable to 11.0.2

SIM Slot:

Nano SIM. Size 4.7 inches.


750 x 1334 pixels. 16:9 ratio


Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)


Apple GPU (three-core graphics)


Internal: 64/256 GB


2 GB


Talk time: Up to 14 h (3G)
Music play: Up to 40 h


Primary: 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash
Secondary: 7 MP, f/2.2, 1080p@30fps, 720p@240fps, face detection, HDR, panorama Sensors

Apple iPhone 8 - an out class product:

Visually the product is almost same as iPhone 7. Additionally, it is a typical slab with rounded corners and edges. The aluminum rear is switched to glass rear and it is best for both design and functionality. The glass rear has much powerful grip than aluminum rear. It adds a notable extra bit of weight. It works so perfectly on iPhone 8.

On the other hand, it comes with 4.7 inches LED with the capacitive touchscreen. Apple iPhone 8 features a powerful hexacore processor which is coupled with 2GB of RAM. Thus it can easily deliver smooth performance even in case of multitasking. A user can also play heavy games on Apple iPhone 8. The device runs on Apple operating system and is powered by nonremovable battery. iPhone 8 mix a little bit features of iPhone X. The whole design is same as compared to the previous generation devices. The most interesting thing is that iPhone 8 adopts new glass bodies sandwiched in a matching classical frame.

There continue a Touch ID home button and thick bezels at the top of the display. It is available in different colors. The most durable glass is perfect as it works as a water and dust resistant. The device features a 4.7-inch display. The display is upgraded with true tone support, which is designed in a way to adopt color temperature and intensity. 3D touch support is available for a greater range of colors. A glass enables a new Qi-based inductive wireless charging features that allow the two devices to charged properly. A six-core A11 bionic chip is there is considered as the smartest and powerful chip.

Major features, release date and price of iPhone 8:

Apple iPhone 8 features improved cameras with outclass sensors. Additionally, there is a new image signal processor that can bring better low light performance. It also detects people and motion. There are new pixel processing techniques in order to sharpen pixel texture. Related: How to find IMEI number of lost iPhone.

The major features are; (1) Hexacore processor. (2) Dust and water resistant. (3) iCloud services. (4) Browser HTML 5. (5) Fingerprint scanner.

Apple iPhone 8 has 12 MP back camera and front-facing shooter for amazing selfies and videos. The device has wireless and reverses charging technology. You can easily charge other phones with the help of reverse charging. Apple iPhone 8 is going to be an outstanding device for the people who generally need the latest and greatest phone. This device is for everyone with a fantastic design.

Release date and Price:

iPhone 8 was released on September 22, 2017. And its price starts from 699$.

Now Women are Allowed to Drive in Saudi Arabia

Here comes the good news for Saudi women that they are now allowed to drive in the country. Before Tuesday women were not allowed to drive in and it is such a great step because Saudi Arab was the only country where women were forbidden to be after the wheels of the car. Undoubtedly it is an end towards the long-standing strategy that was nothing but just a symbol of oppression and tyranny in the country. According to the statement of the royal court, King Salman has issued the declaration which was further carried by the Saudi press agency also known as SPA.

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Women drivers in Saudi Arabia:

According to sources, women of Saudi Arab will be able to have their driving licenses like men and the royal declaration will also implement the terms of traffic regulations. The news was broadcasted on television in a media event which was held in Washington, state of the America. It was also cleared that there was no rule which forbid women to drive but the thing is that women were not issued permits to drive. That is the reason of this major step because now women can not only drive but also will be issued consents.

The ministerial body is supposed to give advice within the duration of thirty days and the change will hit soon in June 2018. Yes, according to some media sources these orders will be implemented next year in June. Saudi leaders are very hopeful regarding there this decision. They believe that women were spending a lot of money and salaries for paying male drivers in order to go somewhere. Therefore, now this step will make the economy strong and we will see the increase in it because of women’s contribution in the workplace.

Fawziah al-Bakr, who is a university professor in Saudi Arab and was among the 47 ladies who protested when women were banned to drive in the year of 1990, said that it is really amazing. Women were seeking their right to drive when for the first time they got arrested while driving in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arab. The women suffered because of this ban and some of them also lost their jobs after getting arrested. Moreover, she added that we have been waiting for a very long time and now at last it arrived.

People used to give reasons for the ban of Saudi women to drive. Some used to say that it is something completely against the Saudi families while others say it is not good for female to drive. Related Post:  MOI Absher registration process and benefits.

Apart from every argument, the decision won the widespread honor, especially in Washington. Furthermore, it is said that it is an incredible step for the right direction of the country. Most of the credit goes to King Muhammad Salman who laid out an excellent decision which is not only in the favor of women but also a source of good economy and society.

It can be hard for some patriarchal families but the thing to be considered is that women will have their consent and driving license which means that they have complete freedom to drive.

Video Streaming Service Plex Has Advanced Its Cord Cutting Case With Live OTA TV

Few days back, video service streaming plex surprised us by announcing the convenience of the beta version of its plex. This live TV streaming launches the starter of the plex DVR. This allows the users with the provision of free over the air access to almost eighty-six most viewed shows in the Unites States. Furthermore, this also allows its users the facility of recorded programming by the use of android TV, iPhone devices and windows as well. Certainly, this also supports various sets of top boxes mainly Roku, Amazon fire, Apple TV, play stations and other type of gaming systems.

Accessibility of Plex live TV:

For now, plex live TV is available on the android TV and formerly iPhone systems. On the other hand, you can get all the recorded TV shows at the devices that are mentioned above. Now the question is how the users should utilize this service. Well if you want to utilize this service you must install a digital antenna and a digital tuner as well so that the signals over the air can be received. News: Microsoft aims to boost internet connectivity in US heartland.

Access to local news and sports:

The new plex TV facilitate its users by giving the opportunity of access towards the sports channels and local news too. These are the major channels of the United States; these mainly include BBC and CCB etc. It should be noted that some encrypted channels are not available for example HBO etc.

DVR services:

It must be noted that Plex is the very first company that have introduced the DVR services. It is a way towards the development of satellite subscribers and traditional cable to cut the cord. The significant difference between plex and other services is the skill to watch local programming.  News:  Google  launches  backup  and  Sync desktop app for uploading  files.

Situation of per Plexing:

It is not wrong to say that cord cutter gives you numerous options and choices but still is not able to resolve every issue or every need of its user. Plex is new product and for the purpose of handling it you must know the technicalities or have some kind of skilled experience. Such advancements are playing their part in making developments. Plex enables you to watch the biggest channels of USA which were not that easy before.

Services of Plex:

Plex along with its other competitor products are so called cord cutters. It should be noted that market for such devices could twist to the users who are not aware with its entire knowledge and technicalities. This is considerable that how the paid offerings from the other networks for example CBS etc. will fit into it but for now such kind of content seems to be unavailable. This service is available all you have to do is to pay the required charges which is different on monthly or yearly basis.

Better than other products:

Unquestionably, it is a major step in the world of advancements because but just paying a small amount and installing the digital antenna you will be facilitated to a large extent. It is worth using as it is progressing very rapidly.

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