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UAE Is Prospering To Have Engineers And IT Guys

uae engineers, jobs in uae, it and engineering jobs in uae,A large number of foreign employees are being employed in the region of United Arab Emirates. If we talk about the present, only twenty five to thirty five percent of the working population is United Arab Emirates nationals. The diversity of the employed workforce is a distinguishing characteristic of this region. With approximately over half of the United Arab Emirates citizens being less than the age of eighteen, government has called for the action of creating new job opportunities for the people of this region. This is done in order to reduce the dependency on foreign employees. For this reason they require IT personnel. * Career choices for IT professionals.

Apart from the distinction of employees from various regions of the world, United Arab Emirates is grabbing the engineers and IT personnel in order to accomplish new ventures. . In today’s world, every new business is looking forward to computerize all their business activities. The job prospects for both, engineers and IT personnel are very good here. * IT careers are tough but well paid.

Let us have a look on different engineering and IT jobs in United Arab Emirates.

Scope of engineering jobs:

For the individuals having engineering degree in United Arab Emirates, there is good news. They can earn now a good sum of salary because this region has started focusing on infrastructure and construction. They are demanding for talented engineers from all over the world. According to some research it is found that growth trends in this industry have generated higher budgets. This is due to the reason that companies are competing hard with each other to keep top engineers with them. This intense competition has demanded increased investment in this sector. This increased investment is at the end of the day benefitting the engineers in terms of increase in their salaries. As a result of all this, United Arab Emirates is giving golden opportunity to all engineers to work and earn well here.

Scope of IT Jobs:

The Information technology industry is undoubtedly, progressing very rapidly. Due to the observed growth trend in this industry the need for work force has also increased. Due to this fact, the demand for engineers and software professionals has increased in this region as well. Every successful firm has efficient IT personnel, in order to run their business activities smoothly. There are a variety of IT related jobs. * Best international IT companies in Pakistan.

Benefits of being in IT sector:

An IT person plays a crucial role in the success of company. According to a research, many IT firms are growing continuously in a dynamic environment for the purpose of fulfilling the complex demands of clients in a highly competitive environment of the business. There is a dire need for those competitive individuals who have the ability to deliver unique value-added solutions. * Small scale business ideas in Pakistan.

So due to heavy budget projects in UAE, the need for engineers and IT personnel is increasing. They will pay you enough in order to get the desired results from you. People, who have the required qualification and skill set around the globe, should search jobs here. Such opportunities must be availed. So what are you waiting for? * Future of technology in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Impressive Career Choices for IT Professionals

career choices for it professionals.Astonishingly and unknowingly information technology has changed our lifestyle and business concepts. It is definitely not a surprise that IT industry is growing and emerging as a diverse career field.

Moreover, the job market has shown a sudden inclination towards IT field because of various factors. Profound growth rate of internet, e-commerce and smart applications, low prices of software and hardware, escalating demand of businesses for upgrade technology and security of information systems, delicate and intricate cybercrimes and rise of mobile computing era calls for exemplary business intelligence.

On one hand, the opportunities increase while on another hand the sophistication and delicacy of IT field keep on evolving, thus becoming more complicated and intricate. The quotient of money is competitively high as compared to other career paths. The competition in technology job market will keep on increasing because people are inclined to pursue their careers in IT and improve skills by learning and getting IT certifications.

Database Administrative:

DB administrators are crucial personnel for businesses these days. They make sure that every single data entry is correct and authentic and make sure that the business data is secure. From payroll, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and human resources every business function depends on the database from which software extract relevant information to analyze the business position. * IT careers are tough but well paid.

You could have a degree in computer sciences, DB management certification or Computer Information Systems diploma, to become a DB administrator. You need impeccable analytical skills, keen eye for problem identification and solutions.

Web developer:

Web development (Contact us for web development services) is the premium paying jobs in IT field. Web-based applications, software, dynamic and real time web pages having content, images, videos etc. are what web developers develop and make it functional in a smooth manner. Connecting and integrating all the web pages on the backend is what coders do, they write code, algorithms, and logics to make a fully functional website. * International IT companies in Pakistan.

Computer science graduates with an unprecedented level of dedication to practice coding and prolific analytical skills will be good web developers. You can climb up the career ladder in IT field more conveniently when you understand and know what developers do. 95% of entrepreneur startups are in web development, software development area.

Data Scientist:

Data mining and analyzing it is an evolving IT discipline. From tracking click streams, social media log-in preferences, cookies and GPS trackers, valuable business information can be extracted. This data helps in predicting, customizing, and optimizing the web, software, and application usage for service providers to offer targeted and relevant services. Successful data scientists have unprecedented analytical skills, technical prowess, and business expertise.

Graphic designer and animator:

If you have an artistic streak and impeccably creative yet you want to be an IT geek, then you can pursue your career as graphic designer or animator. You will love creating pictures, images, and animation. It is pretty interesting and quite an impressive career option in the field of information technology. Just be creative and unique.

The coming era is of artificial intelligence and smart software applications that ensure that careers in IT field will be challenging and valuable in coming years.

IT Careers Are Tough But Well Paid

IT sector is the ever expanding sector and is also widely recruiting and high salary paying sector in Saudia Arabia. Innovative ideas and opinions are widely accepted, appreciated and expected in this sector. Saudia Arabia has become the amazing destination for job hunters all around the world. Many people wanted to drive their career within the oil-rich country. So with the progression in Information technology and media, this job category paid so well. IT career are tough and demands a lot of work but many employees are much satisfied with this career.

So if you are looking for high pay, career stability, and progression, then information technology may be the right fit for you. This job might be available in Tech Company, transportation, health care centers and others. Information technology jobs are projected to grow much faster as compared to other occupations, as there is a large increase in the demand for the computer softwares.

well paid it jobs, it careers, it sector.

Demand for IT professionals:

In the current era, demand for IT professionals is increasing day by day in Saudia Arabia. So in order to join this career, you just need to bring your analytical skills. IT professionals usually focus on efficiency. Companies in Saudia Arabia are hiring IT workers at a high pace. On the other hand, Saudia Arabia is the best place and people of different countries are interested to find the job in this country. IT job market is basically a seller’s market and is also considered as a tough job. And some IT roles are much difficult to perform.
Furthermore, IT trainers play a significant role in the IT world. And they carry a unique skill set. This position would be very hard enough to fill. Thus the need for IT professionals is increasing. The skills required to create the technology is becoming more difficult and the employees are working so hard for that. The IT industry is one of the most competitive job markets and it finds the right talent to fill key positions. As it is not such an easy task. In fact for some positions, it is getter tougher day by day. The employer should have interest and best skills to pursue that career. * Engineers are moving towards business.

Information Technology - the strongest job area:

Information technology is considered as the strongest job area in Saudia Arabia. There are multiple positions in this industry which include computer and information research scientist, hardware and software engineers, programmers, data communication analyst, system analyst and others. IT careers fall within the full range of computer technology and business and it also covers a broad range f job roles.

To be the part of the information technology sector, you should have some important qualities. Some of them are as follows:
  • Best communication skills.
  • Organized
  • You should know how to follow and implement the plan.
  • Analytical skills.
So, if you are having these qualities you can easily shift yourself into a field where IT professionals are in demand. This will help you to remain marketable regardless of what the technology development take place in the future. * Types of engineering careers for students.

Opportunities Of Career Growth For Engineers In Saudi Arabia

Every country has its own ups and down in the job market. Saudi Arabia is a country which is very strong in the employment sector. Saudi Arabia offers many jobs for the people globally. The country promises a healthy career in various sectors like engineering, information technology, hospitality etc. Current employment scenario is very stable in the country and many job opportunities are available for everyone. So they are inviting the deserving candidates to work with the renowned organizations. The country creates numerous employment opportunities for domestic workers as well as for expats. * Future of engineering in gulf states.

Having a career in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. The country requires a person fully equipped with skills, knowledge, and passion. Thus there are different opportunities for engineers and career oriented people. And also helps them in establishing and grooming of their career. Numerous expats can easily find a job according to their skills and professional profile. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia helps the job seeker in searching their dream job. * The best construction companies in Saudi Arabia.

engineering career in saudi arabia, build your career in ksa, engineers in saudi arabia

Build your career in Saudi Arabia:

Many expatriates are building their career in Saudi Arabia due to their talent and ability. Saudi Arabia is having a culture of hiring numerous expatriates from abroad. Additionally, there is a rapid development in cities like Riyadh and Jeddah. There is a vast scope of engineers in Saudi Arabia. They are hiring a lot of engineers even they are fresh or having no professional experience. Engineers are trained professionally, practice the engineering profession and work directly on multiple projects. They can have the proper knowledge how to handle projects. Thus engineers can easily work in Saudi Arabia and save their future. Their future will definitely bright as the job market is booming. * Engineers are happily working in UAE.
As Saudi Arabia has the world largest oil reserves and they are growing demand of industries. In order to meet this demand, hundreds and thousands of job opportunities are available for engineers. So if you are qualified for these jobs and having the right skills, it can provide you assurance of getting high pay. Engineers are needed pretty much in every industry. Thus there is a huge demand of engineers with good training. Oil and gas industry is one of the top most exciting industries to work. Numerous engineers are willing to join this industry as there are many chances of career development. * How to get registered with Saudi Engineering council.

Engineering - a technical profession:

Engineering is considered as a technical profession and is also the nation’s coolest job. As there are a lot of companies offering engineering jobs and there are also different categories in the engineering field. Electrical engineering is the most recommendable job in this field. So as far as the engineering profession is concerned every category of engineers is in great demand. This may include mechanical engineers, petroleum, chemical engineers. * Engineering studies VS engineerings fields.

Saudi Arabia is in the fastest expanding nations in the world. Thus jobs in this country attract a large number of expatriates to leave their home place. Riyadh is the largest city and is offering thousands of jobs equally for natives and expats. The flourishing industries have created demand for competent engineers and professionals. Hence, if you are looking for the engineering jobs you should use your skills as loads of chances are offered in Saudi Arabia. * Engineers are moving towards business.

Problems Faced By IT Professionals In Saudi Arabia

Information technology companies in Saudi Arabia growing up nowadays. So there are numerous companies offering services in terms of software and other web services in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, information technology sector is now an important part of all industries.

This sector is growing so fast to meet the expectations of the customers. Saudi Arabia is offering a lot of career opportunities for domestic workers as well as for expats just to expand this sector. For the past few years, we can see that Saudi Arabia is increasing oil revenues and become the hottest destination for the job hunters all over the world.

Millions of expats aim to join this career within this oil-rich country. With the progression in Information Technology and Media, numerous job opportunities are available. The world is going digital and the technological revolutions are considered most important in the world. As it has a direct impact on social, economic and educational conditions. * Engineers are moving towards business.

It is true that the country is highly developed and the best place to start your career. Additionally, local Arabs are gaining much money through information technology jobs every year. As the country is providing a lot of facilities to expats but somehow IT professionals are also facing some difficulties. * Ten Confessions of an engineer working abroad.
it professionals in saudi arabia, problems faced by it professionals, demand of it professionals in ksa

IT professional are in good demand:

IT professionals are in great demand in Saudi Arabia. They used to engage and keep the mainly young employees to increase productivity. They also used to work in harmony to meet multiple challenges which are faced by the workforce of Saudi Arabia. There is a move towards greater participation in the labor force. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are involved but digital technologies is having a vital influence on progress. And IT professionals have made major differences in recent years. Thus the demand of IT professionals is increasing day by day.  * Engineering studies VS engineering fields

Problems faced by IT professionals:

IT professionals are facing a lot of challenges. Many expats are willing to join this career but they find it so tough. Considering the customer needs, sometimes this sector suffers from a bad reputation. Sometimes the work is done incorrectly and it is not according to customer requirements. So IT professionals should improve the customer service and make it your first priority. There is a lot f burden and work on IT professionals. Expats believe that workload is increasing day by day which is considered as the toughest challenge. At times they find some creative ways to reduce the stress and refresh tired workers. There is no break in IT sector. * Engineers are happily working in UAE.

IT professionals have to enhance and protect business value. The users, managers and even customers pressure IT professionals to implement every upcoming technology. They have to decide which of these technologies will work best. Changes are coming more rapidly in IT sector. They have to put a lot of effort in providing their services in order to deliver strong customer solutions. So they are working hard and using right skills to provide best services to customers. * Reason for migration of skilled technology and IT workers in Saudi Arabia.

Quality of Engineering Studies Vs The Variety Of Engineering Fields

In the current era engineering is a massively growing sector, and it’s considered as the top career pursued by both male and female. Engineering is among the highest paid jobs in the market nowadays. There are a wide variety of engineering degrees offered to the students. To match with the market competitive need nationally as well as internationally. High level of engineering education should be provided in the educational institutes. To produce competitive and skillful engineering human resource educational institutes need to focus on providing quality education to their students.

quality of engineering studies, variety of engineering fields, engineering education, engineering studies

Quality of engineering education:

The quality of engineering education is much more qualitative than it should be having insufficient importance given to practical and numerical studies. The understanding and the intellectual ability of the teachers is also very important. As the methods of teaching and the different procedures followed by teachers shall not be outdated. The way of teaching adds value for the students in the whole process of learning. The way of teaching must be updated instead of using the outdated textbooks, different visual aids shall be used while teaching. * Difference between B-tech and BSC engineers.
The quality of the students and their interest and learning ability also matters. Engineering educational institutes must also set criteria to assess the quality of students to produce good engineers. Getting an engineering degree is becoming a default strategy in many cases instead of taking a considerate decision as it should be. The quality of study in engineering institutes varies on the basis of the educational institute it is, the more famous and popular institute it is the more concerned they are about the quality of the education they are giving to the students.

Importance of creative thinking for quality education:

To improve the quality of education original thinking and creativity is habitually a required quality. It may be not necessarily inherent but it is without any doubt the most essential quality a good engineer must have. Creative thinking cannot be taught from textbooks but it must be adopted by the teachers first to be adopted by the students of the engineering institutes. And it must be encouraged in the education system that resultantly encourages learning. Teachers need to adopt inspired and problem-solving tactics for teaching engineering for any field. * Employment opportunities for skilled labor in KSA.

Providing quality education to produce quality engineers should be the top priority for all educational institutes for whatever engineering field they are teaching. Students should excel in whatever engineering field they are excelling in. With the availability of a wide number of engineering fields quality of education must also be improved.

The variety of engineering fields:

Engineering is a comprehensive term covering a vast range of industries and applications. With the combination of mathematics, technology and science engineers yield creative solutions for the real world problems. Resultantly different fields require different engineering degrees. Previously engineering was divided into four main branches, mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil having sub-branches of every discipline.

But now, however, the number of available engineering degrees have been increased. With more and more advancements in the industrial sector, more engineering fields are also emerging. Among the existing engineering fields, other engineering fields are also available such as software engineering, analytical, management, geotechnical and much more. For the variety of engineering fields, the educational institutes must maintain the standard of quality education they are providing. And should not compromise on anything less than the best. * Employment trends of IT job sectors in Pakistan. 

Engineers Are Moving Towards Business in Saudi Arabia

According to the information of Saudi Ministry of Labor, Expatriates in Saudi Arab make up eighty-five percent of manpower in the engineering field. According to an estimate, there are two hundred thousand registered expatriate engineers.

business in saudi arabia, engineering business, engineers are moving towards business.

Why doing business here?

Saudi Arabia represents one of the most successful and stable markets in its region. Moreover, the expansion observed in international presence is very noticeable which occurred over recent years. However apart from this, still there are entry barriers which makes expat engineers a bit reluctant and confuse to make their way into the Saudi business sector. Due to lack of competition there, such barriers conserve a great deal of profits. * IT industry future in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The main issue here comes out to be the cultural difference, lack of workforce willing to settle in Saudi Arabia, and the lack of sufficient information regarding the Saudi market. In addition to this, an impression that Saudi business markets are time taking depends on good contacts and are most of the time, difficult to move in.

Form of doing business in Saudi Arabia:

Following are different forms of businesses that are used by expat engineers there.

  1. LLC - Limited Liabilities Companies.
  2. Branch offices.
  3. Joint Stock Corporation.
  4. Partnership.
However, it is important to understand that there are many legal requirements that one needs to fulfill before embarking on the career ladder. For instance, the most basic requirement is that one should hold a legal work visa that allows him or her to work as an engineer in Saudi Arabia.

If someone is caught working without a work visa (or a visa stipulation that allows them to work) he or she can land into serious trouble and even face deportation. So in order to avoid such inconvenience, it is better to check for all legal requirements like visa, insurance, and others before starting work as an expat in Saudi Arabia. * How to apply permanent family visa.

Facts about doing business in Saudi Arabia:

Business Language used in Saudi Arabia:

The official language of this region is Arabic; however, the English language is widely spoken and used in the business world.

Hours of Business in Saudi Arabia:

Generally, from 8 am to 12 pm, and after that from 3 pm to 6 pm are the working hours. From Sunday to Thursday these timings are followed. However, Friday and Saturday are off days.

Business dress:

People doing business there, are expected to wear smart and conservative dress. Especially, women out there strictly have to follow this.


It is considered a good sign to exchange gifts, as it builds good relations. Gift giving is in very much practice in Saudi Arab. Although it is not compulsory to make exchange of gifts when meeting business associates in Saudi Arab for the very first time, however giving it might be appreciated. Wrapping of gifts should be done and they should be of good quality. Pork products, alcohol, and knives should be avoided. Opening gift in front of the person who gave it, is not considered in good manners. So, one should avoid it. * The future of engineering in gulf states.

Discussion between employee and company for transfer / final exit

This article is basically a question asked by someone at social media platform, so i decide to share this issue with you for more suggestions in comments.

Question asked by XYZ:

I am working in a company which provides manpower to other companies. Now the client where i am working their contract with our company has finished. Now they are saying me to work with another client but i do not want to work there and i have resigned, but they are forcing me to sign some papers that i will not work with their client. 

Now my question is, can they do legally like this whenever i am going on final exit and will come with new visa?

Answered by XYZ:

  • No one can force you, not to join any other company. they can only send on final exit.
  • If you are staying then yes they can force you apparently its rule here, but i guess if you are going on exit then they can't.


Also, I'd like to know if I sign this Legal paper, and go for the final exit. if I come again.. can they do anything against me, even if I'll come with new visa?


Yes because you have signed a legal agreement.


is it legally allowed to stop someone to join any organization?


If there is any mutual agreement, I think yes.but for mentioned time.


Sir, They didn't give me any contract.. and now they are saying that we will not allow you to join this client. And they are also saying that if you wanna go on labor court. you can go. .and was telling me lot of stories that previous employees did this and 4month they waited and nothing happened and they eventually left. so if you wanna go labor court, do it...


Yes, they will tell you the stories like this to blackmail you.


So what is your advice? Should I have to go labor court? Cause might they will put more blame on me to make me wrong and ban me from entering 2 or 5 yrs in saudia.


If you go to labor court they can't blame you after your case.

Read More:

Why IT jobs are highest paid jobs?

Everybody seeks for high-paying careers while entering into the professional life. People want to earn more and more in order to improve their lifestyle. There are many job openings in IT sector and there is a lot more competition among different I.T firms.

it jobs are highly paid jobs, it workers salary, about it sector

About IT sector:

The Information technology industry has become undoubtedly a rapidly growing industry. Due to growth in this industry, the demand for workforce has also increased. In today's’ world, every new business is looking forward to computerizing all their business activities. Due to this fact, the demand of engineers and software professionals has increased in this sector. Most of the firms, in the world, largely depend on the information technology service providers in order to make their business processes efficient.
For a IT specialist, it is necessary to know what’s going on around the world, which techniques and tactics are in trend. This will help to fulfill the client’s requirements. And client will give the demanded salary for a demanded project. If you are having an interest in this field, you should make use of it. There are many job posts related to IT sector. One can see and evaluate which one best suits oneself. * IT industry future in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Perks of being in IT sector:

Career opportunities:

As per the record major IT firms are growing continuously in a dynamic market for the purpose of addressing the difficult demands of clients in a highly competitive environment of this sector. There is a growing need for those talented individuals who have the skill set to deliver unique solutions and value-added solutions. This industry not only offers various job opportunities but also motivate people with the different skill set, qualification and abilities to work together as a team. This sector tries to follow various employment practices.

Furthermore, software developers in the Information Technology industry work together with content providers and graphic designers in order to produce the end product. Many software developers are also provided competitive salaries, which solely depends on their educational qualification and past experience.

Growing demand:

As you are aware of the fact that every business whether big or small advertises itself through information technology. Every business makes its own website. Because of the reason that business processes are taking place on computers, the demand for computer experts is increasing. As information technology services are attracting new customers and buyers and helping companies to generate profits, the job for IT specialist is very crucial and hence highly paid.

With the trend of computers, the execution of business processes has changed forever. With the help of computers and software, companies use information technology to make sure that their departments are running smoothly. They make use of information technology in a variety of different departments like finance, human resources, security and manufacturing. So, after all this discussion we can develop a clear understanding of the reasons behind the high salary of IT workers. As they are driving the major part of the business so they are given a good sum of salary.

Employment Trends of IT Job Sector In Pakistan

it jobs in pakistan, trends of it job sector in pakistan, rana hammadIn the information technology sector particularly, the employers seek new methods for hiring technological talent. Employers are also investing heavily into new technological innovations that will provide them with an edge for the ruthless war to hire technological talent. And this trend will continue to intensify in the next coming year.

In the coming years, the trend being followed for hiring in IT job sector is likely to improve and continue in the strategic areas. The trends followed in the IT job sector of Pakistan are the following for hiring the employees with necessary skills required to work:

Requirements for skilled workers in IT sector:

Employers demand skilled technology workers who can get the job done. Employers in IT sector demand for employees who are willing to work in a competitive environment. Skilled workers who can work according to the flexibilities companies require in their employees. The jobs for capable workers in the IT sector are emerging and demand is increasing and there are more jobs available in this industry than workers. Because IT is becoming a necessarily important department in each and every business.

Cyber-security connects to jobs security:

In the IT sector cybersecurity jobs are continuously increasing and the demand for such jobs and the professionals in this field is growing rapidly. Cybersecurity is a serious requirement for the flourishing of jobs. The positions in the fields of IT support and network engineering also demand for expertise in the field of cybersecurity. * The best international IT companies in Pakistan

Hiring in software development:

Organizations are working hard in order to close the gap existing between developers and the operations to serve their clients and customers in a better way. Because once a software goes in to its operationalization phase it is than up to the operations team to deal with the flaws. Now it is focused on to instill communication between all the related teams to produce high quality desired results. Hiring is done keeping in mind that the team mates will coordinate with each other and make their working environment a better place to work. * Where to invest in Pakistan.

Big data annalists:

Companies have been collecting massive amount of data from various resources. But when it comes to the organization of data for practical use there is a high demand for data scientists, data and computer system analysts to analyze the data and the figures. It is a very important skill to work in the information technology sector. * The future of engineering in gulf stats.

Job descriptions in the relative niches reflect the abilities required for data analysis. As there is increasing demand for individuals in the IT department but there is more demand for the business intelligence employees in the IT sector. Employees who possess the skills for bringing different data streams for taking benefit of the next generation or the emergent data tools. Those experienced and skillful employees who can effectively analyze, visualize, present and process the data are and will always be in demand. * Biggest problem with IT industry of Pakistan.

Trends in the IT job sector are coming throughout the years with further addition and enhancements or changes made in previous trends. Information technology sector in Pakistan is developing and progressing as much as any other country’s IT sector. * Young Microsoft Profesionals of Pakistan.

Best International IT Companies in Pakistan

IT industry is flourishing in Pakistan since the last decade. The growth it has shown is remarkable that now Pakistan ranks 4th among countries having rapid IT growth in the world. The wonders of information technology are incredible. In Pakistan, young generation is passionate to learn IT skills and they are progressing in this field and making a reputation in the global industry. There are more than 2000 IT companies working committedly in Pakistan and revolutionizing the IT industry in the country. Following are the top international IT companies in Pakistan that are doing some credible work that the global competition has started to consider them as strong competitors. * Biggest problems with IT industry of Pakistan

Netsol Technologies:

Netsol is one of the best companies in Pakistan. It got listed in 1999 in NASDAQ. Netsol has marked its territory in providing best quality software products and related IT services to large businesses in more than 30 countries globally. Netsol also provides top notch business and information technology and IT security and consultancy. Netsol recently launched NSPIRE – a tech and business incubator for new startups and businesses. This shows that Netsol believes in succession planning and mentoring.

i2c Pakistan:

In Pakistan, i2c is one of its kind among IT companies that offers differentiated financial credit, debit, and prepaid programs. Its target market is diverse and global. The vision of i2c is to offer seamless e-commerce experience to customers and retailers. For more than a decade, i2c is thriving for the betterment of future by coming up with high-quality eCommerce based digital integration platforms and systems. * What is the difference between Cv and resume.

TRG Pakistan:

The resource group Pakistan is a specialized investment holding company that is renowned for outsourcing business processes. With TRG the business experience goes manifolds as it provides global operational footprint, diverse perspective, top notch strategic insights to cater all business and technology needs along with the remarkable analytical solutions. TRG Pakistan has been operational in Pakistan for more than two decades. It emerged as one of the best IT companies in Pakistan where brainy tech geeks want to work in. It provides meaningful exposure to international industry and valuable networking experience.


Teradata has been revolutionizing the IT horizon in Pakistan by offering cloud services, architectural consultancies, business analytics and hybrid IT cloud products in over 77 countries. Its has vast clientele from telecommunication tycoons, banking sector, renowned international airlines, multinational retailers, to manufacturing leaders. Big names such as PaPal, Volvo, Philips, Cisoc and eBay are its renowned clients. * Small Scale Business Ideas in Pakistan

Systems Limited:

Systems Limited has been assisting public and private organizations in having advance generation of IT services and solutions to smoothen up their process and betterment of their products. It has a wide range of clientele based in USA, UAE, South East Asia and Europe. * IT and technology industry future in Pakistan.


LMKR- a petroleum tech organization that offers software solution portfolio, geoscience, and information management consultancy solution provider. LMKR does modelling, analytical solutions, E&P services, latest mobile technology, and excellent IT solution services. LMKR proudly serves many Fortune 500 companies around the world. * What to do when your Google storage drive exceeds limit.

Ovex Technologies:

Ovex Technologies have successfully conducted the idea of offshore business process outsourcing. In over 80 countries, Ovex technologies has been repeatedly serving with top quality IT products and solutions. It provides services and consultancies around the globe round the clock. Pakistan's famous e-Commerce website.

Top Innovative Ideas For Doing Small Scale Business In Pakistan

new business ideas in pakistan and india
Doing business in Pakistan is not something hard to do; instead, the country of Pakistan gives you several opportunities to conduct business activities.
Regardless of a particular sector (industrial, economic or agriculture), you can carry out your business in any sector or field. * 8 reasons why investment in Pakistan is feasible

Although, Pakistan is facing so many problems and financial crisis etc but small scale business are playing their part for the increase in gross domestic product. These small scale businesses might be very helpful for you. They may include delivering food services, day care centers or beauty salon etc.

Small scales businesses:

  • Beauty Salon / Beauty Parlor
  • Tutoring
  • Auto Spare Parts
  • Smart Phones
  • Dress designing 
  • Property / Real Estate
  • Photography
  • Medical stores
  • Catering
  • Guest House
  • Driving Coach
  • Restaurants
  • Laundry Services
  • Web Development
  • Bird Farming
  • T-Shirt printing services
  • Fish Farming
  • Turkey Farming

1. Beauty salon/beauty parlor:

The purpose of beauty parlors is to enhance or polish the beauty of the customers. This kind of business is at its peak nowadays because of its increasing trend. Customers are very much attracted towards beauty products and things. The question is what you really have to do to take a good start in doing such kind of business. The very first thing that should be kept in mind is the location of your parlor. Select a location that is commercialized. Secondly the staff, it must be highly skill full.

  • Services:

The services that must be provided by your parlor are Makeup, haircut, nails etc.

  • Legitimate:

Do not forget to register your parlor under authorized certification.

2. Tutoring:

Tutoring is probably the best choice for the students of Pakistan, who want to do small business. If you are good in studies and can explain things in a very good way than it is the most appropriate choice for you. That is how you can learn and earn at the same time. You can also conduct such activities at group levels and this is how you can earn in a more good way.

3. Auto spare parts:

As we all know that in Pakistan, most of the cars that are bought are not new. People have more tendency of buying second-hand cars in Pakistan. This thing ultimately gives a rise to the demand of spare parts. The location must be the right one that is easily accessible by the clients. These spare parts are not only the need of commercial vehicles but also private vehicles. Therefore, they must be durable.

4. Smartphones:

The business of smartphones is at its peak. In Pakistan, every single person has a smart phone. People are interested in buying smart phones through small shops rather than big companies or large shops. Hence, make sure that your shop is accessible for every kind of client. This type of business is no doubt a good source of earning.

5. Dress designing:

Well, if you are crazy about fashion and designing is your hobby that it is most suitable and reasonable choice for you. It will enhance your skills as well. For this kind of business activities, you do not need heavy capital investment. Creative designs and styles always grab the attention of the customers.

6. Property or real estate:

This is a very convenient way for carrying out small business activities. You don’t need any specific quantity of capital investment; rather you have to be careful and have to keep an eye on the ongoing rates of the property. The rise and fall of property rates, you must have knowledge about the market demand as well. This kind of work can also be done as a part time job.

7. Photography:

This type of work is entirely based on your interest. If doing photography is your passion then you must go for that. It is the appropriate choice for you. For this kind of business, you only need to have a camera of your own. * How to buy a good Memory card for photography

8. Medical stores:

You can also do some investment in the business of medicine. It may require heavy capital but it will definitely going to pay you in long run. Because of the increasing growth of disease and infections the demand of medicine has risen so is the supply. Therefore, it is not useless to say that doing such kind of business is a smart business choice.

9. Catering:

Another good business choice is catering. No doubt you need catering for family functions, office events or other kinds of events. Hence, this type of business is a good source of earning. The capital required to conduct such kind of business activities is not very large. This type of work is enjoyable. One important thing that has to be kept in mind is the effective advertisement. Like other kinds of business, this type of work also needs advertisement. Because advertisement is the sole source of making people know about your business.

10. Guesthouses:

If the residency of your house is near any kind of hill station or near less densely populated areas than you can use your house as a guest house. You can set it that way and give people a place to stay. This is how you can earn well and you do not have to make any big efforts.

11. Driving coach:

To be driving coach is not a bad option. If you are good in driving and you have got all the skills of different techniques than what are you waiting for? You can open your own driving center. Furthermore, you can use your own care for this purpose. In other words, you do not have to be worried about the capital investment as it is not very large. * Online verification of vehicle ownership in Pakistan

12. Restaurants:

Another preferable option is doing the business of restaurants. Pakistan is a country where the inhabitants are food lovers. No doubt there are so many restaurants existing in Pakistan, therefore, you have to create a unique one. It can be unique in its taste or style etc. The demand for the food is never low; people here are fond of eating.

Choose wisely:

No doubt there are several options available for a person who wants to do small scale business. But one has to be careful in choosing the type of business, only that type of business must be chosen in which you are interested and skilled.

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