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Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

Understanding the Difference Between Your Blog Address and Your Domain Name - A blog title is just a name that's used for the blog identification, and a domain name is the address of your blog that will be used in search engines to recognize your site.

Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name
Understand the Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name can be defined in the following two ways.

Web domain

A domain name is the address of your website , page or blog.It is the name that user type in their Search Engine and find your website.

For Example:

Network domain

Some time a domain name denote a IP address or sometime group of IP address.

For Example:

Domain Structure:

A computer may have some local computers which are networked with the same domain name that main computer have, so each and every computer can be seen accessed within the network on any computer with the help of the domain.  

What Is A Blog Title?

A blog title is a name that's is used for the blog spotting in search engine.

For Example: this is our domain name where as "Engineer Rana Hammad" is our Blog Title. Which we write at the time of making blog,

This is our personal blog so we use our name as our identification in search engine.So a user have 2 ways to find this blog.

1. Type direct URL
2.  Type Engineer Rana Hammad in search engine

while concern to trend, user find their queries through the 2nd way.

Note:You can also your domain name as your blog title with our TLD

Like:  is our domain name and so we can also use "EngineerHammad" as our title.

Benefit: Same blog tile with domain name will send a relevance signal same as images to google and a bit more closer at the top of the search engine.

What Is A Top Level Domain (TLD)?

The letters at the end of a website. page or a blog address are called TLD.

Example of some TLD's
.com, . net and . org. are are the top-level domain.

Top 5 TLD's 

According to Godaddy , here are the top 5 most TLD's which are used foremost world widely.
  1. .com 
  2. .net 
  3. .org 
  4. .co 
  5. .us

Do You Need A Unique Domain Name?

Yes because in search engine uniqueness is your identity.

A domain name is something by which users can find and access a website. So firstly, a domain name must be registered and than after resignation you can use it on your blog or website.

Every domain name is unique and every blog or website have a different domain name, no body can use the same domain on two blog or websites.

 Difference Between a Blog Title and Domain Name

We will define this difference in three ways.

#1. Though Blog Setting
#2.Through Google
#3. Though Blog Theme 

Lets start the main thing,

1. Though Blog Setting

Blog Title and Domain name

  • Open your Blogger >> Setting >> Basic
You can see the above page where our blog title and domain name are shown...

Both options are having edit button , you can change your tittle and domain by clicking on edit button.

As you can see that in basic tab there are three sub tabs 
  • Title mean Blog title which will be viable to Google
  • Description mean Blog description which will be viable to Google
  • Privacy mean you want you blog as google listed or not , if it is listed than google will show you in the search engine and if you setup you blog as non listed than google will not visible your blog to their search engine.

2.Through Google
Google Domain and Title

Let compare it with our Blog Setup

As you can see we have write our Blog title as "Engineer Rana Hammad" and you see, we find our blog through 2nd way with our title instead of direct domain name or url.

So "Engineer Rana Hammad" this is our Query

At the top of the page you can see we have our blog where blog title and domain name are mention same as we setup in our blog setting.

Google is showing domain name on the top and than our blog title and than after the title blog description is visible.

So its clear that Domain name and Blog Title both are different in blog setting as well as in Google Search Engine too.

3. Though Blog Theme

Blog Title Optimized
So <data:blog.pageTitle/> this piece of code is used in overall blog theme for showing the blog title while concern to Domain there is no working order within the theme setting .There is only one thing relevant to domain name setting and that is custom domain in under the Basic tab.

Where you can change the name with your new TLD Name.

Why Domain Names Are Important

Becuase is a poor extension which ultimately show poor ranking in Google Search Engine. On the other hand , .com .net etc are TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAME so they have better priority in Google Search Engine and make your blogging as a brand name.
That's it for today 

Understand these things while creating a new blog, surely these things will help you and you will be able to achiever what you want but with this understanding...

Share with your friends and comments below if you have something more interesting to share...

Keep Blogging...


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