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The Future of Engineering in Gulf States

All the individuals having an engineering degree in Gulf side are earning the rewards as this region has started focusing on infrastructure and construction. The demand for brilliant engineers has been increasing in the United Arab Emirates. According to a research, it is revealed that growth in the industry has generated excellent hiring trends and higher budgets. This is because companies are competing with each other to retain the top engineers.

Due to this intense competition among different companies, companies have increased their investment in this industry, which is in return increasing the salary packages for all engineering professionals. As a result of all this, United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the attractive place to work and earn well. The salaries of engineers vary depending upon the abilities and skills of the individual. It can be very high.

Job Market:

If we talk about the job market here, it has been observed on a positive trend from past years. It is causing a number of expats to apply and get a job in these countries. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi, are some of the countries where job opportunities are multiplying. This is the reason why engineering professionals always seek opportunity here.

Let us have a look on different engineering jobs in Gulf Countries.

Future of different engineering Jobs:

Oil and gas engineering jobs in gulf countries:

The center of oil and petroleum requires oil and petroleum engineers from the world to come, work and be a part of this industry here. This industry looks out for professionals who are having a combination of creative mind, exploration, and expansion. The Gulf regions especially the United Arab Emirates depends largely on oil and petroleum industry for growth in the economy. So, professionals having a degree in petroleum engineering can build their career in the Middle East.

Civil engineering jobs in gulf countries:

Due to the fact that world economies are increasing rapidly, the demand for civil engineers and construction professionals have also increased worldwide. The job opportunities for civil engineers are residing in both developed and underdeveloped regions of the world. If we look at the Gulf countries, these are having maximum job opportunities for civil engineers. Especially, civil engineering jobs in the region of Saudi Arabia invites a lot of expats to work and settle here. Same is the case in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Mechanical engineering jobs in gulf countries:

There are heavy industries present in Gulf countries. Mechanical engineers are always required here due to heavy industries. All Mechanical engineers who are working in Gulf countries enjoy high salary packages and are exposed to many growth opportunities. So, there is a bright future for all mechanical engineers.

Electrical engineering jobs in gulf countries:

If we talk about oil and petroleum industry, it has a lot of scope in the area of electrical engineering. Apart from this, electrical engineering professionals have a lot of growth chances in almost every industry here. Most of the times, employers search for site engineers, project engineers and design engineers as electrical engineers. We can say that Electrical engineering jobs are also one of the highest paid jobs in the Gulf countries.

Telecom engineering Jobs in gulf countries:

Follow these links for more information about telecom engineering.
Now a days there is no scope for telecom engineers in gulf countries however if you are already in these countries then try and tell us your problems by comment below that you are facing we will try to answer you questions.

Inspiring Story of Young Microsoft Certified Professionals of Pakistan

Those days are gone when age counts to achieve greatness. In the country of Pakistan, age is just a number and to prove this thing we have a lot of boys and girls as well who have made their mark in the fielding like technology, academic records and in achieving Nobel Prize as well. The young folks have a major role for making Pakistan proud.
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Arfa Karim – Microsoft certified professional:

Arfa was the youngest child who had the honor of receiving Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of just nine years. She inspired many computer whiz children. There were many youngsters who wanted to achieve such success and wanted to become like her. 
Pakistan was represented by Arfa on a number of international forums that include TechEd Developers Conference. Arfa Karim was invited by Bill Gates so that she can visit the headquarters in the United States of America.

Mohammad Hamza Shahzad: The 6-year-old MCP:

Mohammad Hamza Shahzad was just six years old when he was added to the list of prodigies that is produced by the country of Pakistan. 
Muhammad Hamza Shahzad scored 757 out of mandatory marks of 700 in a qualifying test. He has been awarded Microsoft Certified Professional in this young age. The story of Mohammad Hamza Shahzad is no less inspiring than other professionals. He is another star who made our country shine.

Ayan Qureshi- Youngest MCP:

The age of Ayan Qureshi is just five years and seven months. He has become the youngest Microsoft Professional in the year of 2014
The current location of him is in the United Kingdom where he passed the entire required tests. In his home, he has his own lab where he has built his own computer network.
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Babar Iqbal – Another star of Pakistan:

At the young age of five, Babar Iqbal made his mark in the field of technology. He was born in Dera Ismail Khan. He was very talented who initiated a continuous journey of setting records and achievement for the world to appreciate. He has the honor of achieving international records that mainly include Microsoft Certified Professional, Professional Computer Record Holder, CIWA, MSP, CWNA, MCTS, not only this but also the approval of his research by the eighth IEE International conference. Pakistan is proud of his talented children.

Other little MCP holders:

Mehroz yawar:

Mehroz yawar received the title of Microsoft Certified professional. When he passed the exam he was only six years and a half of age. Mehroz’s residency is in Lahore where he passed the standardized procedure of the examination. Mehroz also attempts the exam of Microsoft Certified Solution Associate and did extremely well by achieving amazing scores.
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Aruba Rao:

Another shining star of our country is Aruba Rao. She lives in Sargodha Punjab. At the age of eleven she acquired the title of Microsoft Certified Professional in the month of January 2014.
Aruba is also a web designer and developer, her sites are and Aruba rao's elder brother shahnawaz rao and her sister sara rao are also Microsoft Certified. 
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Young Talented Stars Are The Pride Of Pakistan It is not useless to say that the children of Pakistan have made their country proud on international forums as well. The nation is proud of these little stars. These talented kids are the future of Pakistan.

Types of Engineering Careers for Students | Engineer Hammad

A fine person can make a career out of anything only if he is determined enough. In this age of increasing population, technology advancement and cut throat competition, it has become a painful phase for students to choose the best engineering field. Technology is replacing almost everything a person can do so students must choose wisely what they want to pursue in their future.

As the tree has many branches so does the engineering. Engineering is one of the professional studies that acknowledges every field of basic sciences. From biology to genetic engineering, from physics to civil engineering, from chemistry to chemical and mechanical engineering, it has a wide range of subfields that spark student’s interest.

Here are some types of engineering careers / engineering careers list for students.

types of engineering careers, types of engineering majors, list of engineering careers.

Types of engineering:

1. Civil Engineering 2. Electrical engineering 3. Bio medical engineering 4. Software engineering 5. Aerospace engineering 6. Agricultural engineering 7. Electro-mechanical engineering 8. Mechanical engineering 9. Petroleum engineering 10. Mining and geological engineers.

Civil Engineering as a Career

If you have a knack for arts and design with a tad bit touch of some mathematics, then as a student you should opt for civil engineering. It has striking similarities with architecture but it deals on the different horizon. Civil engineers are earning quite handsomely because the artwork and detailing is a major part of it that makes all the difference.

Electrical Engineers are Successful

Electrical engineering career is among highest paid career option in today’s world. As advancement progresses so does the need of power, electricity, and energy increases. From electrical circuits to computer chips, telecommunication signaling, routing, electronics, control systems and power circuits all related studies are included in electrical engineering. This area welcomes intensive research and development as it helps in the futuristic progress of this world and the human race.

Biomedical Engineering – Smart Career Option

For students who want to explore multiple fields at a time, biomedical engineering is for them. Extensive research and hectic work in lab with handsome earning package are the fruits of pursuing a career as a biomedical engineer. Artificial limbs, fast action drugs and pharmaceuticals, advanced diagnostic equipment and devices has impeccably improved the quality and span of human life. The hard work put into this field is unmatchable and the fruits are sheer bliss for our generation.

Software Engineering – Smart way of Earning

Software engineering is one of the engineering careers that is advancing rapidly. Our daily lives are thankful for this miraculous field of engineering. The money a software engineer can earn is ridiculously amazing. The best part is that as a software engineer, you can work from home. So if you are a tech lover and has good analytical and problem-solving skills then you should pursue software engineering as a career for sure.

Aerospace Engineering – Attractive Salary

A whole new world, milky ways, thousands of galaxies, billion stars and meteors, if you aspire to look beyond your ordinary world then you must study aerospace engineering. Salary of an aerospace engineer is astonishingly remarkable.

Last Lines:

Engineering career is the highest paid profession in today’s world. There are vast opportunities for research and development in this field for better future. Among various types of engineering, choose the most suitable field according to your interest, passion, and aspirations.

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