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healthcare softwares
All of us know the present era is of technology implemented in every task of daily life. Talking about the health care, it is the field where implementing healthcare information technology is most important but this field is a bit slower in implementing IT. Many benefits can be counted on by making the health care system to work on technology including healthcare software. More: Download All Kind of Software Here.

You’ll find the big and well-established hospitals having their whole setup over the modern healthcare information technology. But certain smaller hospitals are still lacking this positive aspect of introducing technology into their system. It is the main reason why smaller hospitals are not able to provide good quality healthcare to patients.

We are going to discuss different categories of healthcare information technology software which must be implemented in every healthcare system for better outcomes of patient management.


EMR is one of the popular software which is in use in various healthcare systems. It is very helpful in keeping the records of patients history, medical reports on a digital platform. Doctors and healthcare professionals take the help of stored data of patients and track the improvement or severity of illness by comparing the old and new reports. You can also check which patient has undergone any procedure whether elective or emergency. EMR has revolutionized healthcare by providing better long-term patient care.


Software is somehow similar to the EMR, but it is more detailed storage of patients medical data. It includes the complete patient's history, history, family history, medical lab reports, any allergies, previous and present treatments, medications. So, HER provides a complete medical biodata of patient. Any doctor can get complete information about the patient by going through the whole record. Another benefit of HER is the sharing ability of the stored data with different healthcare professionals. In any case, if the patient moves to another hospital or doctor, he or she can have access to view the patient medical history stored on EHR.


Today most of the patients are well educated and want to know everything about their illness or disease. So, the patient portal is a platform developed in healthcare information technology to allow access to patients to view their medical data stored on EHR or EMR. In this way patient also gets satisfied by knowing about his or her disease and knowing the management is best done by the professional. More: Best NAS devices 2018.


It is a part of the patient portal software which is a type of reminder to the patient and doctor. In today's fast-paced life most patients forget about their next follow up the visit to the doctor. The scheduling healthcare software sends an alert automatically generated to the patients provided the contact number for the upcoming appointment. On the other hand, the doctor is also reminded by the software about the patient's appointment so that he can check the whole record of the patient through EMR or EHR before patients arrival.

All these healthcare software are in use with many healthcare systems and are proving the better promising outcomes regarding disease prognosis. Many healthcare systems are in the process of implementing them, and it is thought that in the near future the whole healthcare system around the world will be running on health care information technology.

Top Free Website Proxy Sites 2018

A web proxy means a server which keeps you anonymous while browsing the internet to keep your data safe and secure. While choosing a web proxy, you must have considerations on various factors like whether it is paid or free, its speed, the type of encryption it offers an activity logging period. If you want to know about the best free web proxy, you have come to the right place. We will tell you the top proxies which are safe and secure to use. More: Top Ten Keyboard Shortcut keys.

VPN Book Web Proxy:

High-speed and free SSL encrypted proxy provider VPN Book is our top pick supporting HTTPS. You have the option to choose proxy servers yourself or let the VPN book to choose itself randomly. It also keeps weblogs so to report any illegal activity timely. But these logs are deleted automatically after a week.

Hide My Ass:

For people intending to browse privately with certain limitations and restrictions for downloading extensions or software. This free web proxy hides your identity and IP address and also supports HTTP connections. It saves your visited sites and pages for 30 days after which all the logs are deleted automatically.

K Proxy:

K proxy offers a faster browsing service with the browser or with extensions in Chrome and Firefox available to be used by students or workers in their schools and offices. The only limitation in the free version of K proxy is that you can use to browse safely via K proxy only for 3 hours or up to 300 MB. After this, you either have to purchase the premium version or have to wait for refilling your limit which is 30 minutes. It also saves logs but didn’t disclose how long they keep the logs.


Privoxy uses your home PC as a remote server to let you browse anonymously when you are away from home and are using public Wi-Fi or public PC. The drawback in comparison with other free web proxies is that you have to leave your home PC on whenever you want to use Privoxy out of your home. Like all other proxies, it also keeps logs of your IP address, visited sites and pages.

Filter Bypass:

The most suitable web proxy for accessing videos online and unblocking video sites if they are blocked in your region. It also keeps logs of your activity to report any illegal issue, but the logs are deleted after a week.

Why Use Web Proxy?

Using a proxy server is an individual’s choice. If anyone wants to keep themselves anonymous to the internet or does not wants to share their data on any site using the proxy server is the only way to keep your data hidden. The proxy serves re also used to unblock sites like in schools or colleges many sites are blocked. Another good reason to use the proxy server is that it enhances the speed of browsing and you can browse faster than without proxy. Tips: How to buy a good laptop?

Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices For 2018

best nas devices (network attached storage)
Have you ever wondered how you could share your large data with a person far away from you easily? The answer is yes you can by using NAS (network attached storage) which can be used to store any information, files or data. NAS is basically shared storage devices which can be accessed by the people connected via your network. Finding the best NAS device is overwhelming because of various manufacturing brands. These are essential for business persons who have to share their data remotely with their partners. Many good NAS devices allow you to control your device remotely if you are away from the device. We have gathered the useful information and reviews about best NAS devices, so you don’t have to research the best ones before buying. Just go through our top picks for 2018 and then choose the one which is suitable for your need. Google Drive storage limit.

1. WD My Cloud Personal:

On the top of the list of best network attached storage is WD my cloud which comes with the storage capacities of 2TB, 3TB or 4TB. It offers a good price and fairly easy to set up the device. The good thing is that it can be connected to any DLNA compliant device and can be accessed remotely via Android or IOS based apps. The stored data can be backed up by an external hard drive being connected to the port on the back of the device. It costs as low as $108.95, but the price depends on the storage capacity you choose.

2. Buffalo Link Station:

The link station LS220D is manufactured by the buffalo available in different storage capacities that is 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB. So, the users have a variety in choosing storage depending on their data and work to be stored. It comes with a price tag as low as $194 for the least storage capacity. The main selling point in favor of buffalo link station is that it has built-in Bit torrent which can download our stuff even if our PC shuts down. Like the WD my cloud it can also be used on mobiles via apps.

3. Seagate Personal Cloud:

It comes with the capacities of 4TB, 6TB or 8TB and with the two hard drives so you can store your files on both drives which can be retrieved if on hard drives data loses accidentally. The Seagate personal cloud also works with the different cloud accounts including Dropbox, google drive, it can also be used remotely via the app to share stored files with others. It is costly than others averaging about $769.15, but this price justifies the provided features. How to buy an SD card or memory card?

4. QNAP TS 125A:

This NAS comes with tons of great features including the HDMI for connecting TV, dual Ethernet ports, the hardware of 1.6 GHz and 4GB RAM. It allows you to install some sharing apps and can be used to run Linux or Ubuntu. However, with this NAS you have to buy hard drives for storage separately. The QNAP costs around $303.03.

5. Synology Disk Station DS1817:

This NAS device features the quad-core processor with the space of loading up to 8 drives. You can manage your storage easily as you have the option to make storage bigger or lower by loading and to unload the drive bays. It is most suitable for the beginners who don’t have experience of using NAS. These are the best of all available network attached devices in the market. If you are thinking to buy NAS, we recommend you to get anyone on our list of best five devices. These will provide the value for your money.

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