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Keyboard Shortcut Keys | Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts | Shortcut Keys of Computer

Using shortcut keys of computer can increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and helps to keep you focused.

For example selected text is very easy and faster with keyboard Ctrl + C instead of select with mouse and then press right button, then copy, and then past. So we can say this is the benefit of Keyboard Shortcut Keys to copy and past easy and lots of other Shortcut Keys of Computer.

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Below Shortcut keys are very helpful for beginners.

Ctrl + Insert or Ctrl + C

Ctrl+Insert and Ctrl+C both are used to copy selected text or selected items.

Ctrl + X

This key is used to cut your selected text or item. When you use Ctrl+X then this will remove that file from source.

Shift + Insert or Ctrl + V

Ctrl+V and Shift+Insert is used to past your selected item that you copy from above Shortcut Keys of Computer.

Ctrl + Z

This key is used to undo any change like if you are using paint or select or cut any text and suddenly you want to move back then press Ctrl+Z and Undo.

Ctrl + Y

This is opposite to Ctrl+Z. We use Ctrl+Y when we Undo any where and want to redo the undo.

Ctrl + F

Ctrl+F key is used to find words including browsers, Microsoft office, and much more.

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl+Tab is used to switch between programs that you currently running. For Example: Open My Computer, Browser and any other file now This shortcut keys of computer press then it will switch one program to another.

Alt + Tab

This keys of computer is similar to Ctrl+Tab but it has only one difference, when you press Alt+Tab then this will shows all programs and ask for where you want to switch.

Alt + Shift + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Both keys will use to go back or move to backward that program.

Windows Key + Tab

This shortcut keys of computer will only work with windows Vista or Windows 7 to switch between programs like Ctrl+Tab or Alt+Tab.

Ctrl + Backspace

If you press Ctrl+Backspace it will delete full word instead of a character. For example: word it will delete full word not a word.

Ctrl + Right arrow and Ctrl + Left arrow

When you hold Ctrl Key and then press Left arrow then it will move only one word left. And if you hold Ctrl key and press Right arrow then it will move one word only to right.

Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right arrow

When you press Ctrl+Shift+Left or right arrow key then it highlight one words towards left or right.

Ctrl + S

This is very famous Keyboard Shortcut Keys and mostly use in Microsoft Office to save the data when you creating a file.

Ctrl + End and Ctrl + Home

When you press Ctrl+Home then cursor move it to beginning of the document.
Ctrl+End will move to end of the document or file. Mostly these works with web pages.

Ctrl + P

This Keyboard Shortcut Keys use to preview a document that you want to print. Ctrl + P shows a print preview.

Page up, Page down

Page up and Page down Keyboard Shortcut Keys are used to move page up and down when browsing internet.

Space bar and Shift + Space bar

Space bar keyboard Shortcut Keys is used to move page for one time down And Space bar+shift Shortcut keys of computer is used to move page up for one time.

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