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Difference Between OLED, QLED, LED & LCD and Which one Is Better?

oled qled led and lcd difference
Buying a TV had never been a tough job in the old days, but now with so many available technologies used in different brands, it has become one of the complicated things to choose. For many people, the knowledge of OLED, LCD, LED are same, and they don’t know the differences between these. As a result, they end up in wasting money for a thing that they don’t need. Now the ear is of smart TV’s, and almost every TV now is a smart one. The only difference to look for is of picture quality which comes under four different technologies used OLEDQLED, LED and LCD. All the basic of these techs are almost same as 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby vision. But there are major differences which you must know before buying a TV. You must go through this article to get much information about these techs used in TVs nowadays. Top 5 wireless routers for Home use in 2018!

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode):

Abbreviated as organic light emitting diode are in use by most major TV making brands. Seeing the OLED TV will make you wonder that it might be the slimmest as thinnest in the world and provides the crispier and brighter pictures. It emits its light, and you can control images at the pixel level. Once you watch an OLED TV, you don’t even think about going back to your LCD TV. It is only available in three sizes up till now, and that is 55, 65 and 77-inch screen size.

QLED (Quantum Dot LED):

Quantum dot light emitting diode is the newest one to be used in TV’s much different than OLED in that it does not emit its light rather use a LEDs for this purpose. The images are brighter than OLED but the response time is slower than OLED. These are available in the variety of screen size between 49 to 88 inches. Overall these are unable to gain much success but if they are cheaper than OLEDs they can get maximum sales. 


Both of this LCD and LED are in use by almost all the affordable brands for the people who can’t afford to buy OLED or QLED. The LCD and LED TVs are cheaper, and anyone with a lower budget can buy. These are available in the variety of sizes so you can get the size you want. Both these LCD and LED emits light from an external source which makes them a little bulkier than OLED and QLED. The picture quality is also reasonable for the price they offer but cannot be compared to the image quality of OLEDs and QLEDs. Technology Fun Time!


Every brand wants to promote their products, so they start making the TV with the most common and most purchased technology. But there is the limitation in terms that OLED is only manufactured by LG and QLED by Samsung. All other brands use these on license and modify to give the product with more features. But they choice largely depends on your budget. If you can afford, go for OLED for a better experience. Google backup and Sync Desktop App!


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