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Everything you want to know about Wearable - Smarter Smartphones

The world is no longer the way as it used to be. We are living in a digital world with a social networking spree where we are never alone. In this age, we the human beings are fulfilling the core definition of being a social animal. Read More: World's lightest smart phone.

Because of internet, advanced technology we have mind blowing gadgets that keep us constantly in touch with people all around the globe, even with the people who are on the space mission. As day passes, technology evolves to be more convenient, simple and easy.

wearable smart phones

Era of smartphones:

Our personal phones are no longer just a device to make calls or send texts rather we connect with the world through our smartphones’ screens. These phones are called smartphones because they have internet that means you can have a solution of your problem in just a few clicks. Read More: Nokia 6 registration in open now from august. 

You can google out any information you want within a matter of few seconds from your phone. Super awesome apps are so accurate and intelligently programmed that they can actually calculate your calories or how active were you throughout your day just to keep you healthy. You can have gazillion data on a single search, you can have all the information within seconds. You can plan and book your holiday tickets from your phone. You can pay your utility bills, operate your bank account or earn money through your smartphone. Smartphones are a luxury of modern days. Read More: Are you facing problem in Whats-app push notification?

About Wearable smartphones:

We have become addicted to our smartphones. We rarely spend our time without our phones, we continuously yearn for information, social communication, torrent of information that come our way through it. We want our phone to be super smart, and exceptionally convenient. Read More: How to find a lost mobile IMEI number

Now the dazzling design of wearable smartphones has launched. It fits on the user’s wrist and is flexible to twist and turn. Long battery life, high resolution LED screen with android system, these wearable smartphones are next generation phones. And worry not, wearable smartphones have passed the strength test diligently. Not even hammer, nails can break this thing. The efforts are to make flexible smartphones completely waterproof as well. 

Competitive specifications of wearable phones:

Apart from being waterproof and hard to break there are various amazing specs in these phones that will give it a competitive advantage over other smartphones. These phones have USB dock, external micro SIM slot and highly supersonic feel of 360-degree audio speakers. Blu-ray video quality, more than 10MP camera, LED lights on side for notification, high processing RAM and sufficient ROM space are few of the spec crunches this phone offers. Read More: Android Mobile Tips and Tricks & secret codes.

It can turn around your wrist like a watch or bangle. The size is adjustable according to the wrist size. This flexibility is to ensure that you stay connected with the world of information and advancement all the time without wasting a time to take out the phone and open it.

Step in the world of tomorrow where everything is tech driven and highly competent. Embrace the exceptional future of smartphones today. Read More: How to uninstall an app permanently from your Mobile?


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