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Google Launches Backup And Sync Desktop App For Uploading File

Backup And Sync Desktop App For Uploading File | Google drive desktopAs we all know that Google has promised us about its launch of backup and sync desktop app so the wait is over now. We all can use this amazing app because now it has been launched. The question is how this app can assist us. This app helps its users to back up in a more convenient way, all of their files and photos as well on their computer. The core purpose of launching such type of app is to older versions and outdated apps to bring in new technology. Related Post: What to do if your google drive storage limit exceeds?

All in one | Backup of files and photos:

Certainly, it is a big step in the world of technology. It is an addition to it. Google never fails to surprise us. This app is a whole package and provides you with the number of choices. One of the main feature of this app is that it has combined the older function of google and their functionality into one new and exciting experience. From now onwards you do not have to use two different kinds of software in order to accomplish a single purpose. You can easily backup your files and photos into your personal computer.

How it works?

This new tool is the source of providing you with simple user interface. First of all, you have to sign in your account i.e. Google account. Secondly, you must select all the folders that you want google for backup into the Google drive. Do not worry about your old settings because it will not interrupt them rather it will keep them as they are. This is the easier way of storing your files and photos for a long time and you can get them whenever you want. 

USB connected devices:

Through this app you can not only back up your files and photos from your desktop computer but also from your other USB devices. It means that this amazing app enables you to back up your files from USB devices mainly camera or SD cards as well. When your back up is complete you can easily obtain them through any device from the google drive. Your stored photos will then be available in Google photos. Furthermore, you can access them even through your tablets or phones.  Related Post: How to install windows from USB?

Settings and preferences:

It must be noted that this app helps you to a great extent you can configure your settings and preferences according to your desire. For example, it is up to you either you want the photos in their original quality or just high quality. Its advance settings include file deletions or even changing the upload rates. There is another additional option named check box, this allows you to select all the photos and files to appear on the Google photos.

Upgrade your Google drive:

The last step is the up-gradation of google drive. By using this app, you will be able to transfer all your desktop clutter into the cloud. Undoubtedly, like other features, the USB connected devices adds to the value of it. Read More: Wifi disconnection problems in WIndows 10!


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