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World’s Lightest Phone Elari NanoPhone C Launched

As per the demand in market all the manufacturers are busy in making large screen smartphones of 5.5 inch display screens and even larger then that. But still there are people who prefer using a small phone, a phone that’s really small and handy. This is why the Elari NanoPhone C is launched targeting the niche market. This phone is launched in India and it claims that this phone is the world’s smallest and lightest GSM mobile phone.

This phone has been launched on an e-commerce platform known as This e-commerce website focuses mainly on technological products. Elari NanoPhone C is being called as the anti-smart mobile phone in the market that’s not even bigger than a credit card.

World’s Lightest Phone Elari NanoPhone C Launched

Elari NanoPhone C- a feature phone

Although it’s not a smartphone but it’s a feature phone that comes with the support space for a micro SD card slot with a micro SIM card space. This tiny feature phone measures only 94.4 x 35.8 x 7.6 cm it means that the Elari NanoPhone C is 1.4 inch wide, 0.2 inch thick and 3.71 inches in length and its weighs only thirty grams. And these specifications justifies it for being the world’s lightest phone.

On the other hand NanoPhone C is also directed as a companion device with any smart phone and it can also be paired with any iOS or an android device by using Bluetooth that allows it to make and answer calls. Although it sounds unconvincing to take calls on your feature phone by linking it to your smartphone.

Specifications of Elari NanoPhone C

It is also capable of copying almost up to one thousand contacts and it can be used as a standalone device. This phone features colored TFT display of one inch with the graphical resolution of 128 x 96 pixels. It also possesses a MediaTek MT6261D processor with a RAM of 32GB and another internal storage of 32 MB as well. The Elari NanoPhone C comes with the 480mAh battery with standby mode that provides users with the talk time of more than 4 hours.

It also has a headphone jack for listening music and a small USB port for transferring data and mobile charging. The colors offered for the Elari NanoPhone C are rose gold, black and silver.

The price of this world’s lightest and smallest mobile phone is Rs 3940.

Yes it costs more than worlds cheapest and commonly used phone Nokia 3310 right now. And the phone is already listed as out of stock on the website after its launch. * Mobile Secret codes.

This phone has an aluminum casing that has a silicon keypad on board that’s a must in most of the feature phones. With the 32 GB storage, this phone also has an MP3 player, alarm clock and FM radio. This phone also has a voice recorder that allows you to directly record the phone calls on your SD card. In the feature phone market you really can’t afford to relinquish upon these features because otherwise there would be nothing left to do on the phone.

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