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How Stephen Hawking Has Inspired The Technology World?

It is to be noted that Stephen Hawking was the first one who represented that how the quantum fluctuations and inflation also can give rise to the spread of the galaxies.

How Stephen Hawking Has Inspired The Technology World, Stephen Hawking and Technology World, Stephen Hawking
Surely Stephen Hawking is the most famous genius person of this modern age. But the question is for what exactly is Stephen Hawking famous. He is famous for his research in the field of science plus his discoveries. Those discoveries that led a revolution in the technology world.

He contributed in many fields of science including physics theory, Quantum theory, thermodynamics and information theory as well. Hawking’s got his undergraduate degree from the well-known university that is Oxford University. On the other hand, Stephen Hawking got his Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge. Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking has been diagnosed of a disease known as motor neuron which led him almost paralyzed. Trending: How moving electric vehicles can be charged through wireless?

Project of swift key:

In order to enhance the communication system swift key was being introduced, it was used by Professor Stephen Hawking so that he can communicate. According to Hawking it is a more convenient way for him to deliver his message to the people and it requires less effort.
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Discoveries of Hawking:

Certainly, the discoveries of Stephen Hawking are valuable and adds to the world of technology. One of his greatest discovery is named as Hawking area theorem. It was about the area of black hole. According to Stephen Hawking the total area of black hole never gets smaller at least so far as classical physics is related. It was like a puzzle for the physicists. Moreover, Hawking also worked on the no hair theorem of the black holes stated as characterization of black holes can be done by three numbers and their mass, charge and angular momentum as well. On the other hand, no hair was the information that disappears when it falls into that hole. Trending: Production of cheaper hydrogen with the help of new ultra thin material.

Black holes can disappear:

Another discovery made in the world of science was that most of the physicists believed that black holes can never be disappear whereas Hawking proved them wrong by showing that black holes can vanish when they emit heat. He also demonstrated that this process is very slow for the normal black holes it can take ages. On contrary small black holes, can vanish faster and they can evaporate in less time as compared to the normal ones.

Quantum fluctuations:

It is to be noted that Stephen Hawking was the first one who represented that how the quantum fluctuations and inflation also can give rise to the spread of the galaxies. Furthermore, Stephen Hawking developed another theory which is very famous named as the wave function of the universe. This theory enables the scientists to measure the properties of the universe that we all see around us.
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Artificial intelligence:

Hawking talked about the artificial intelligence and said that it is something which is effecting the humanity to a large extent. Yes, Hawking argued that the creation of the artificial intelligence could be a tragedy in the human history. Therefore, it needs to be handled with great preventions and measures otherwise the consequences will be against the expectations.

Stephen Hawking and technology:

Stephen Hawking considered technology as destructive. He said that the rapid advancements can actually harm the humanity.
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