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Microsoft Aims To Boost Internet Connectivity In US Heartland

Microsoft Aims To Boost Internet Connectivity In US Heartland
Like all other places round the world, Microsoft has been focusing on bigger cities when it comes to providing internet connectivity. This has paid off well as they have successfully developed IT hubs and markets in all major cities. But recently they have shifted focus to relatively smaller and neglected areas all over America.

Realization of the issue:

The issue was raised during the elections that rural areas have suffered deprivation when it comes to the distribution of services and facilities. Internet is the basic source now widely used for innumerable day to day tasks. Everyone literally needs it for education, work, health facilities or other daily tasks. Download: Microsoft Office 2013 download free.

Although, the rural areas are not heavily populated like the major cities, yet, the people inhabiting those areas definitely need fast and secure internet connectivity to get things done on a daily basis. Download: Microsoft office 2010 free download.

The rural populace has been infuriated over being disregarded when it comes to sharing of resources and conveniences. They already feel left out of economic growth and the same goes for the technological boost that other key cities witness. Microsoft itself has admitted that it had worked more for projection of fast internet connectivity in far off places in Africa than it had done in America itself.

Announcement of strategy to address the issue:

Microsoft is not only up for filling this gap but also very willing to share it with other companies nationwide, in order to bridge the gap between different regions as soon as possible. To facilitate the residents of smaller states in the US, Microsoft is unveiling a nationwide strategy to fund projects to address the issue of internet connectivity.

Utilizing white space spectrum:

The proposal came forth from a Washington-based IT company, The Redmond. They have suggested the use of unused available frequencies between the broadcasting TV channels which is called white-spaces spectrum. The key is to lower the cost of the project and achieve the desired goals in as less time as possible. The use of air waves is far cheaper than establishing fiber connections, especially in far off regions. The only obstacle is, to manage the existing air space with the broadcasters smoothly. This idea lowers the cost of the potential project significantly as it makes use of the existing resources and also reduces the time frame. Trending post: The world's lightest phone elari nano phone c.

Applause for the decision:

The announcement of the latest strategy has been welcomed warmly, as it is estimated to benefit around two million residents of neglected areas all over the US. The people are going to enjoy better services using fast connectivity. They are going to be exposed to fresh opportunities of work and employment. Trending Post: How Stephen Hawkin has inspired the technology world.

This is overwhelming, as it will connect the people from rural areas to mainstream fractions through reliable and speedy internet. The expansion of internet accessibility will also broaden the horizons for the IT companies. They are going to generate revenue through the increased following and explore new markets and discover raw talent from these areas.


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