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Conversion Of Waste Thermal Energy Into Electricity Through Technology

Need of energy:

Energy crisis is one of the biggest problems in the world. The reason behind is that much of the energy that we burn every year gets wasted in the form of heat instead of being utilized on a constructive purpose. If we talk about converting heat into electricity we will find out that there are many ways to convert thermal energy into electricity. * Advantage of solar windows.

For example, in case if a material is cold from one side and hot from the other, heat will flow from hot to the cold side. And this flow can be used in the generation of electricity. However, thermoelectric materials present in the market are not capable of doing this activity. * How to turn scrap materials into batteries?

thermal energy into electricity

Production of Electricity:

For the purpose of generation of electricity, we have to make the flow of heat on the behalf of electrons throughout the material. In most of the materials, the heat makes its flow in a form of wave that makes the vibration of atoms faster. It is not considered a useful phenomenon because it ends up finishing the important hot and cold differential.

In most of the materials, the vibration of atoms in them takes away ninety percent of heat before it can be used. In the creation of electricity through such methods, our aim should be to identify those materials in which the vibration activity of the electrons can be minimized. It is necessary that such materials exist in abundance and are non-toxic in nature.

Progress in Technology:

Many scientists have already worked to transform thermal energy into electricity. They have made this conversion directly without utilizing moving parts of the other machine. In addition to other advantages, this type of machine would be almost silent, low in maintenance costs and vibration free. If we talk about for till now, the efficiency of such machines has been a problem. This is because the amount of electricity they generate from a given amount of thermal energy has been low.

The new machine which is now introduced is more efficient. Such drastic change in the results means we can improve the production in the future as well. The new technology can bring major changes. For instance, the heat which may be lost through the engine exhausts can be recaptured by the new technology and transformed into electricity. As a result of the production of this electricity, the air conditioning system of the vehicle can make use of it.

This technology was a bit difficult to apply when it was applied to exhaust of the car because we observe the temperature change when the engine stop and start. It has been discovered by many researchers that if the heat is constant then we can expect that our thermoelectric materials will work at their best.

So, as the need of the hour which says that we are suffering from the shortage of electricity, we need to put forward our efforts. We should make use of the technologies which can convert thermal energy into electricity. Only by implementing such ways we can say that we are doing it efficiently.

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