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How to buy an SD card / Memory card: Size, Speed, Capacity and Classes of SD card

Memory card or SD card is a most famous electronics item which is used by almost all over the world. To buy a good sd card you need to learn some important thing.

SD in SD card stands for secure digital. It is actually a card having non-volatile memory. It was developed by SDA is known as SD card Association. It is used in portable devices.

Use of SD cards:

The use of memory cards is not limited to tablets, smartphones, music player, and digital cameras rather it is extended to laptops as well. But the thing is that there are different types of memory cards depending upon their capacities, speed classes, and physical sizes. The reason behind this is that different SD cards are used for different devices. You must keep following things in mind while the selection of SD card for any of your device.

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SD card as a problem solver:

With the passage of time, the size of SD card is becoming smaller and smaller. But it is considered now as a full-size variant. It’s commonly used in most modern digital cameras. And now all new laptops will come up with the separate slot of SD card reader. You should equip yourself with at least the basic knowledge of SD cards so that you can make their proper use. Also, some of the old devices are not compatible with the new version of SD cards and hence it can affect your work. How to Find IMEI number of your Mobile

Speed Class of SD card:

In short, not all the SD cards exhibit the same speed. This characteristic matters more for some activities as compared to other activities. For instance, in case you are a professional photographer who takes photos in rapid succession through a DSLR camera. You will need to save all photos in high-resolution RAW format. For this purpose, you will require a fast SD card in order to save pictures as soon as possible. One will need a fast SD card in case if one wants to save a high-resolution video. However, if you are just taking some photos through a typical camera or if you are using it in a routine matter to save some media on your phone, the speed of the SD card doesn’t matter. You can use a low-speed SD card as well.

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Speed Classes of SD cards:

Manufacturers make use of “speed classes” in order to measure the speed of SD card. Four different speed classes are present which are 2, 4, 6 and 10. Among these 2 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest. If we talk about class 2, it is appropriate for the purpose of standard definition video recording, and classes 6 and 4 are appropriate for recording high definition video. Class 10 is best for recording full HD video.
sd card classes

Choice of speed class:

You will be feeling convenient if you are using class 6 or class 4 SD card for your Smartphone, camera or tablet. For high-resolution videos and pictures, you should have class 10 SD cards. If we talk about the speed of Class 2 SD cards, they are a bit slow and people usually avoid them except in case if they are having cheap digital cameras. However, a cheap cell phone has the capacity to record HD video.

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Identification of the speed:

If you want to identify the speed of SD card, you can find that on it. Apart from viewing the speed on it, you can also see that on online listing and packaging of the product while purchasing. In case you don’t find speed class of your SD card, it means that you are having a 0 class SD card. Such cards were produced before this system of speed class rating was introduced. These may be slower even than a class 2 SD card.
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Physical size of the SD cards:

Different sizes of SD cards are used for different devices. For instance, there are Micro SD cards, Mini SD cards and Standard size SD cards.

memory card or sd card size mini micro and standard,

Standard SD cards:

If we talk about the standard SD cards, they are the largest; however, they are still small in size. They are just 2 grams in weight and can measure up to 32x24x2.1 mm. Most digital cameras used by general public still utilize standard SD cards. They are having the cut corner design.
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Mini SD cards:

As compared to standard SD cards, mini SD cards are smaller. They are 0.8 grams in weight and can measure up to 21.5x20x1.4 mm. It is the least common size found today. They were designed for small cell phones. But now we are having a comparatively smaller size as well. How to remove virus from android

Micro SD cards:

The smallest size of SD cards is possessed by micro SD cards. They are 0.25 grams in weight and can measure up to 15x11x1 mm. These cards are commonly used in many smartphones and cell phones that support SD cards. They are also used in tablets. Due to the fact that there are different sizes of SD cards, there are different slots made for them. That’s why an SD card will fit only into its matching slots. A micro SD card will not fit into a slot made for a standard SD card. It will not fit into it. For this reason, you can buy an adapter which will let you plug a smaller SD card into a bigger SD card’s slot and will fit into it.
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The capacity of SD cards:

sd card or memory card capacity,If we talk about the storage capacity of SD cards, then we will come to know that just like hard drives and USB flash drives and other storage media, various SD cards possess different storage capacity. When purchasing an SD card, above things should be kept in mind. Such as you should buy the right slot size, class, speed and capacity of sd card for your device. Make sure to check that what your device supports. Also what you actually need when it comes to speed and capacity. Many of the manufacturers have designed and produced, thousands of devices and memory cards to SD standards. Due to a wide variety of these, one need to understand carefully that which type of memory card is going to serve him best.
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