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Ten Confessions of An Engineer Working Abroad

Working abroad is too good if you avail a good opportunity from your home country, or if any one is there to support you.

Engineers are said to be movers and shakers of our time. No matter what kind of engineering a person is doing mechanical, civil and electrical etc it has its own scope, need & demand. All kinds of engineering involve construction and invention etc. They play a very vital role in the development of the global economy. As the structure of the global industry is increasing, engineers choose to find out best engineering jobs abroad. So there are some confessions while working in Saudi Arab as an engineer.

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1. Work burden or no work burden:

While working abroad as an engineer for years I have realized this thing that there comes a time in your career when there is a lot of workload, you work like a machine all day. But I have to confess this thing that at times it also happens when there is no workload. You are entirely free. The mid situation is not so much common especially when you are too much habitual of doing work. 8 Reasons why investment in Pakistan technology is feasible.

2. Hate doing household chores:

When you live in your country then you have got no worries about household tasks but as you move abroad countries like Saudi Arab etc. You are responsible for your tasks and their accomplishment.

3. Big projects make me happy:

As I am an engineer, firstly my studies were tough as I entered in my practical life I was mentally and physically prepared for big projects and more hard work. Whenever I am given big projects, I love to do work on them. Big projects give me immense pleasure.

4. Getting your first job is not hard:

In Saudi Arab getting your first job is not a difficult thing. You somehow manage to have your first job. It may not be of your choice but soon you will like it.

5. Got my computer skills polished:

No matter what kind of engineering you are doing, you will always need a computer to work on it. Therefore that is how your computer skills get polished to a great extent.

6. Earning and learning is a good option:

While earning as an engineer over here I have also realized that this country is not so much expensive, when it comes to affordable study options. You can earn and learn at the same time.

7. Do it yourself:

When you are able to be employed as an engineer anywhere, you will get the opportunity of doing many things by yourself. You will enjoy doing different tasks and will never get bored of them.

8. Easy residence with a strong economy:

People prefer to work abroad, especially engineers in Saudi Arab as the cost of living is very affordable. You also get a lot more benefits while living here.

9. Salary that satisfies you:

Being an engineer, the salaries you are being offered are very good. You will enjoy this benefit. At first, you will be given less salary but by the time it will increase.

10. Lifestyle is very good:

The lifestyle of this country is very attractive. It is very flexible. You will feel comfortable living in such a place that is easy to adjust.
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