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What to do when your G-Mail / Google drive storage limit exceeds

It will help you to delete unnecessary files from your google account after that you can again work properly on you g-mail, google drive and on google plus.

Sometimes when you open google drive and want to save your documents; a pop-up message from google drive shows like this.

Your message could not be saved because you have exceeded your storage quota

It means you have enough data already as usually google drive gives 15 GB space for free so it means you already have 15 GB data and you can not store another files or documents.

Why G-mail / Google drive storage limit exceeds:

First of all 15 GB storage is a shared storage with G-mail, Google drive and G-plus. So you can say 15 GB is for one google account and you can get more space by purchasing any of google storage package.

So if you are facing issue with your emails then open google drive and delete unnecessary files or folders. 

Now the point is sometimes we did not see any files in google drive or after deleting the file from google drive it still shows that storage limit is exceeded then go to you google drive Trash folder and delete files or folders permanently then your space will be free.

After doing these steps your email problem will also solve.

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