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How to Book Birth Certificate Appointment at (MOI) Saudi Arabia KSA

Mostly people do not know how to book birth certificate appointment online so i explain the procedure in very simple steps i hope you will like and share with friends.

To get a birth certificate for the newborn baby in Saudi Arabia nowadays, it is mandatory to get an appointment with AL Ahwal AL Madani.
A birth certificate is very important for newborn baby iqama procedure. Hospital, where baby born will give you a birth notification.

Book a New Appointment with Al Ahwal Madani:

This is a very easy process and i explained it step by step for your facility so follow below written steps.

Step 1:

Login you account at ministry of interior (MOI Absher) website and click at Electronic Inquires then Civil Affairs and then click on Book an appointment.

Now enter your Iqama number, Date of Birth and Captcha as shown in below picture and then click on Verify My Details.

Step 2:

So if you give correct information above then a page with this message "Welcome to AL Ahwal Services" will appear with features:
  • Book a new appointment.
  • Update an existing appointment.
  • View / Print an existing appointment.
  • Cancel an existing appointment.

Click On Proceed to Service like shown in below picture.

Step 3:

After proceeding to service a new window will open here again click on Book new appointment.

Step 4:

Now new window will open in some services Arabic language where you have to check

  • First "تسجيل واقعة ميلاد"
  • Select Region.

When you click next website will ask you about the city where you want to go after appointment so click on your desired city as shown in below picture.
Note that major city such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah has a long waiting time. It is better to get your certificate from a smaller city.

Step 5:

Now select time and date which suits you.

Step 6:

Now confirm your appointment by clicking next after selecting date and time. Just print the form and visit Al Ahwal office with required documents written on the form. 

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  1. Will other cities Ahwal office process the Birth Certificate? I am from Riyadh and I heard nearest office outside Riyadh like Kharj are refusing to process it if the hospital is not from Kharj itself!

    1. yes. Today I went to Kharj as I could not get an appointment for Riyadh. Dont go. They are not accepting.

  2. is the birth date to be mention for child...?


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