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Mobily Zain STC International Balance Transfer from Saudi Arab

Mobily Zain STC International Balance Transfer from Saudi Arab
Mobily, Zain and STC prepaid customers can share international balance transferalso in Saudi Arabia. These little things bring happiness between you and your beloved within the country and also with international recharge. Many new people in Saudi Arabia search about mobile balance transfer or international Balance Transfer from Saudi Arabia to their home country like Pakistan, India, Philippine, Bangladesh, Canada and many others or mobile to mobile balance transfer through zain balance transfer, mobily balance transfer, and stc balance transfer. So i decide to write this post as i already wrote many posts for helping people.             * Related Post: Check Remaining balance of Mobily, Zain and STC
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Mobily Balance Transfer:

Mobily balance transfer is very easy and for mobile to mobile balance transfer it is a good choice for international balance transfer. Now follow below steps for how to transfer mobily credit.

Mobily to Mobily Balance Transfer:

There is no more difference between mobily to mobily balance transfer and mobily international balance transfer.

First Method:

  1. First dial *123# 
  2. Press call button and you will be requested to enter mobile number of the recipient and transfer amount that you want to transfer.
  3. Credit receiver will receive a confirmation SMS from 611311 and they must have to enter their ID number to complete the successful transaction.

Second Method:

  1. Dial this code *123*mobile number*Amount#
  2. Press call button.
  3. The credit receiver has to enter their valid ID number within a limited time mostly 24 hours from receiving credit transfer transaction. In other case transaction should be cancel and sender's balance will be reversed back.
  4. A notification will receive when credit transfer successfully complete.
  5. Credit receiver will also receive another confirmation message to inform received amount and sender's mobile number.

Third Method (Mobily International balance transfer):

  1. Write:  TR 92########## and  send SMS to 600900. ### is the mobile number where you want to send balance.
  2. You will get a reply from 600900: now choose the amount how much you want to transfer select number and send again.
  3. 600900 will reply that you are sending (amount) to 92####### and you mobily credit will deduct (amount). Reply with 1 to confirm.
  4. After this 600900 will reply: Your transaction request is received please wait for SMS information about your transaction status.
  5. Now you will receive this message: You have successfully sent RS(amount) to 92####### and thank you for using mobily service.
In the case of failed transaction, you will receive this message from 600900: Transaction RS(amount) to 92###### has failed. The required number is invalid please check again. 
You will not charge in case of failed transaction of mobily balance transfer and no amount will deduct from your account.

Mobily Terms and conditions for mobile credit transfer:

  • Balance sharing service is for prepaid customers only.
  • Credit sender must have enough balance to transfer the balance for mobily to mobily balance transfer or international balance transfer.
  • You have an unlimited amount of transfer per day.
  • You can transfer minimum 5 SAR per transaction.
  • You can transfer maximum 25 SAR per transaction.
  • You are only allowed to transfer in the multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, 25).
  • If credit receiver did not send national ID or sent wrong national ID, then they have three tries for 24 hours.
  • After unsuccessful tries amount will be back to credit sender and both parties will be notified.

Zain Balance Transfer:

With Zain balance transfer service you can send money from zain to zain in Saudi Arabia and your home countries with zain international balance transfer. Zian balance transfer code is very short and simple for zain international balance transfer.

Zain to Zain balance transfer:

Zain to zain balance transfer is a little different from above written mobily to mobily balance transfer. follow below step.

First Method:

  1. Write in message:  bt (space) receiver mobile number (space) amount
  2. example: bt 058####### 20
  3. Receiving party will receive a confirmation sms on transferred amount.
  4. Receiver will send his/her ID number after receiving confirmation sms like this in the message and will send this on 702702.
  5. id (space) receivers 10 digit id number

Second Method (Zain International balance transfer):

The second method zain balance transfer code is very easy and also used for zain international balance transfer. You can send balance by using this code to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Canada and many other countries. 

Zain balance transfer code is: 

*111*receiver mobile number with country code*amount#

Example: *111*0092345#######*20# this is for Pakistan and if you want to send in india then only write your mobile number with your country code and for philippine, Bangladesh and others so on, write only their country codes with receiver's mobile number.

Zain Terms and conditions for mobile balance transfer:

  • You can transfer maximum 50 SAR per transaction and the minimum transaction is 5 SAR.
  • You can not transfer bonus credit.
  • The validity of balance will not increase.
  • You can not transfer your balance of new sim like if you buy a sim and get 25 SAR then you can not transfer until you use that balance.

STC balance Transfer:

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the top mobile communication company in KSA. STC provides the facility of mobile balance transfer, sawa to sawa balance transfer and Sawa international credit transfer in Pakistan and other countries.
It is very simple method if you want to transfer balance from Saudia to Pakistan, india, philippine and other countries. 

STC to STC balance transfer:

For STC to STC balance transfer follow bellow steps.
  1. Write *133*Receiver mobile number*amount# in the message and send it to 1500.
  2. After confirmation message, receiver will send an SMS to 1500 written this: *133*recipients id number#
In other way you can send like this: write in message:
*133*receiver mobile number*amount*receiver id number#

and send this message to 1500.

STC international credit transfer:

For international balance transfer through stc follow these steps.
  1. Write a message: 133*receiver mobile number with country code*1 and send it to 801500.
  2. After some time you will receive this message: you are about to send 100 PRK to (+92#######) You will be charged 5SAR. Reply with Y to confirm.
  3. Just reply with Y and you are done.

STC Terms and conditions for mobile balance transfer:

  • Only prepaid customers can use this service.
  • Credit sender must have sufficient credit to transfer credit to others.
  • 20 riyals must be left in the credit sender balance after transfer.
  • You can send minimum 5 SAR and Maximum 20 SAR.
  • Transations per day are unkimited.
  • Transfring amount should be in multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20).

How to Book Birth Certificate Appointment at (MOI) Saudi Arabia KSA

To get a birth certificate for the newborn baby in Saudi Arabia nowadays, it is mandatory to get an appointment with AL Ahwal AL Madani.
A birth certificate is very important for newborn baby iqama procedure. Hospital, where baby born will give you a birth notification.

Book a New Appointment with Al Ahwal Madani:

This is a very easy process and i explained it step by step for your facility so follow below written steps.

Step 1:

Login you account at ministry of interior (MOI Absher) website and click at Electronic Inquires then Civil Affairs and then click on Book an appointment.

Now enter your Iqama number, Date of Birth and Captcha as shown in below picture and then click on Verify My Details.

Step 2:

So if you give correct information above then a page with this message "Welcome to AL Ahwal Services" will appear with features:
  • Book a new appointment.
  • Update an existing appointment.
  • View / Print an existing appointment.
  • Cancel an existing appointment.

Click On Proceed to Service like shown in below picture.

Step 3:

After proceeding to service a new window will open here again click on Book new appointment.

Step 4:

Now new window will open in some services Arabic language where you have to check

  • First "تسجيل واقعة ميلاد"
  • Select Region.

When you click next website will ask you about the city where you want to go after appointment so click on your desired city as shown in below picture.
Note that major city such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah has a long waiting time. It is better to get your certificate from a smaller city.

Step 5:

Now select time and date which suits you.

Step 6:

Now confirm your appointment by clicking next after selecting date and time. Just print the form and visit Al Ahwal office with required documents written on the form. 

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Knowledge is Much better then Gold ~ Jokes in english

jokes in english, education is better the gold, knowledge is better then gold,
During a Robbery in USA, Bank Robber shouted to everyone in the bank: 

"Don't move. Your life belongs to you and money belongs to government." 

Everyone in the Bank quietly laid down. 

This is called "Mind Changing Concept” Changing the Conventional Way of Thinking.

When a Lady lay on the Table provokingly, the Robber shouted at her: "Please be Civilised! This is a Robbery and not a Rape!" 

This is called "Being Professional”. Only focus on What You are Trained to do! 

When Bank Robbers returned Home, the Younger Robber (MBA Trained) told the older Robber (who has only completed Year 6 in Primary School): "Big Brother, let's count how much we got."

The older Robber rebutted and said: "You are terribly Stupid. There is too much cash it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the television news will tell us how much we Robbed from Bank!" 

This is called "Experience” Nowadays, experience is more Important than Paper Qualifications! 

After the Robbers had left, the Bank Manager ask the Bank supervisor to quickly call the Police. But the Supervisor said to him: "Wait! Let us take out $10 Ten Million from the Bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 Seventy Million that we have previously Embezzled from the Bank”. 

This is called "Swim with the Tide” 
Converting an unfavorable situation to Your Advantage! 

The Supervisor says: "It will be Good if there is a Robbery every month." 

This is called "Changing Priority”
Personal Happiness is more Important than Your Job”. 

The next day, the Tele Vision  News reported that $100 hundred Million was taken from the Bank. The Robbers Counted and Counted and Counted, but they could only Count $20 Twenty Million. 

The Robbers were very Angry and Complained: "We risked our Lives and only took $20 Twenty Million. The Bank Manager took $80 Eihty Million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be Educated than to be a Thief!

" This is called "Knowledge is worth as much as Gold!"

The Best Construction Companies in Saudi Arabia


Top Construction Companies in Saudi Arabia:

People from different countries came to Saudi Arabia for the job, where civil engineers businessman and small contractors look opportunities in construction work. In this post, I will discuss top construction companies in Saudi Arabia.

The companies name I shall write below are the contracting companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar working on road, railways, construction of new homes and hundreds of new projects based in KSA. The list is dominated by family-run companies like Saudi Oger and Saudi Bin Ladin group.

Now a days Saudi Bin Ladin and Saudi Oger is going very down in the market and since last year not paying to the employees. Sample Contract of Employment.

However, It is also seen since last few years a proliferation of fast growing local firms along with joint ventures between Saudi Arabia contractors and International companies. Email Addresses of Saudi Arabian companies. 

With the dominion of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia solely faltering slightly throughout the slump and within the wake of exciting government investment across sectors, the market is in many ways a lot of ferociously oppose than ever.

Construction Companies in Saudi Arabia:

1. Saudi Bin Ladin Group.
2. Arabtec Construction.
6. Al Harbi trading and contracting co Ltd.
8. Al Fozan trading and construction Co.
9. Almabani General Contractors.
10. Al Shoula Group.
11. EI Seif Engineering.
12. ABV Rock Group.
13. Bytur Contracting and Construction.
14. ICC (Internation Center for Construction Campany).
15. Saudi-Lebanese tarouk Contracting co.
16. A S Alsayed and Partners.
18. Freyssinet Saudi Arabia.
19. Al Arab trading and contracting.
20. Al Latifia Trading and contracting.
21. Al Habtoor Leighton.
22. Fare Constructions.
23. Abdul Rehman Saad Al-Rashid and sons (ARTAR)
24. Azmeel Contracting.
25. Al Rajhi Constructions.
26. TAV Construction 
27. Hanwha Constructions 

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How to Check Status of Changed Iqama Profession

changed iqama profession, iqama status changed, change profession on iqama
You can check your changed iqama profession status only with some clicks. As i write a post before on MOI Absher registration process. Many people do not know about online services and waste the time by going to kafeel and government officials.

Even people still do not know how to change Iqama Profession.To check the status of changed iqama profession follow below simple steps.

Steps to Check Status of Iqama Profession:

1. First, register with MOI Absher Saudi and open your account it's free if you do not know follow this link.

2. Sign In at MOI Website change language to English and click on dashboard.

3. After clicking on the dashboard you will see current profession at left side below picture as shown in the picture below. 

iqama status, profession change, iqama profession status, status of changed iqama

Process to Change Iqama Profession or Visa Profession in Saudi Arabia

change iqama profession, iqama profession, visa profession, how to change iqama profession
Iqama profession is a most important thing for educated people or sometimes for other purposes. So if your iqama profession is different from your actual profession then you can change your iqama profession.
In very short words i"ll tell you some truth, if your iqama profession is labor and you are the engineer and working as an engineer but you will be considered labor in government record and can not avail the facilities of an engineer.

When you request for change iqama profession, only choose a good profession for you which match your work and education so that so can get benefits of inviting family on visit visa or permanent visa.

Requirements for Change of iqama Profession:

1. First of all, attest your latest degree from Saudi Culture and Saudi embassy from your home country.

2. Your degree and iqama profession you are applying for should be in the same discipline.

3. Now go to your HR department and request for your profession change and pay 1000 SAR (Profession change fee) and you are done.

*Some profession can not change like home driver, gardener etc.

4. If you want to change your profession to engineer then you should have to register with Saudi Engineering Council first.

5. Accounts profession people have to register with SOCPA.

Change of profession will reject if:

1. If you have a very poor profession already like labor, helper etc.

2. If Traffic violations against your employee. 

3. If not sufficient funds available for profession change.

4. If you are a home driver, housemaid, helper, labor and on the individual or domestic visa.

5. If your Iqama expired already. ( Check iqama Validity online )

6. If your employee is run away from employee status.

7. If ministry of labor did not approve your request.

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