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Introducing Online Renewal of Passports | Pakistan Embassy


Passport Renewal Procedure:

Every Pakistani knows that in Saudi Arabia and other countries, its a difficult way to renew passport but now its easy and you can get your passport by requesting online.

Steps to get passport:

1. Apply online :
2. Pay online through (Debit/Credit Card)
3. Get it delivered at home (optional)
   (Facility currently available outside Pakistan)
   *Coming soon to Pakistan

For complaints:

Phone Number: (1) +92 800 34 477 (2) +92 51 90 391931/2

How to track Online:

MOI Absher Saudi Registration Process and Benefits


Activate MOI Absher Saudi Registration:

This is a very simple process and it has many benefits, just follow below steps to sign up on ministry of interior website easily.

Click here to check the benefits of MOI Absher Saudi Account.

1. Open MOI (ministry of interior) website and select your language. (english is easy for expats).

2. At the top of your right side click on new user to register new account on MOI.

3. Now write your detail like iqama number, email address, mobile number and preferred language etc.

4. Now check the box of term and conditions and click ok to proceed.

5. Now wait for sms message, that will be receive on your mobile number that you write during sign up. 

6. Now write username and password then click ok.

7. You have done just print the form to activate your account.

8. Now visit your nearest Jawazat office for activating it.

9. If you have bank account, then you can also activate by internet banking.
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Benefits of MOI Absher registration:

To get the benefits of Ministry of interior (MOI) you have to get register first for Absher service from MOI.

1. You can check any type of traffic violation penalties and can generate inquiry.

2. Can check your validity date of your vehicle insurance.

3. Visit visa of your family members can be extend.

4. You can check eligibility for Hajj.

5. You can check medical insurance detail. 

6. Issue and check exit re entry visa for your dependents.

7. You can renew vehicle istimara.

8. Sponsorship change can be check.

9. You can check funds under your iqama.

10. Traffic violation fine and violation number also can check.

11. You can check iqama status and expiry date

Check Remaining Balance of Mobily, Zain and STC


Telecom companies in KSA:

zain mobily stc internet balance check, how to check balance of mobily zain and stc
When we talk about telecom companies in Saudi Arabia or Jobs in telecom companies, everyone will suggest you to use Zain, Mobily and STC network or look job in that companies.
So the major companies in telecom sector are Zain Mobily and STC, but; in other two small operators there are Friendi and Virgin mobile.

How to check (Internet / data) remaining balance:

Mobily internet balance check:

You can check Mobily internet data balance by dialing *1422# 

Zain internet balance check:

You can check Zain internet data balance by dialing *405# from your prepaid sim.
You can also check Zain internet data balance by sending text message, write "BC" and send it to 700212.

STC internet balance check:

You can check STC internet data balance by sending an empty message to 2220 to check remaining balance of internet or call helpline 902.

How to check remaining balance of Main account:

Mobily balance check:

Press *1411# to check remaining balance of Mobily. You can also check balance of mobily by dialing 1100.

Zain balance check:

Press *142# to check remaining balance of Zain or cal 959 from you zain mobile number.

STC balance check:

Press *166# to check remaining balance of STC or call 1500 from your stc mobile number.

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