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What are Backlinks | SEO Best Practices [2020]

If you wonder what is backlinks in 2020, we have a simple answer for you: You'll need a lot of study and practice. But still we describe it in simple and clear manners with their importance.

What are Backlinks | SEO Best Practices [2020]

Today, you're going to learn about

  • What are Backlinks ?
  • Why backlinks are important ?
  • What makes a backlink "High Quality"?
  • How to get more backlinks to your site ?

Let's get started. So 

What are Backlinks

A backlink is a link from one webpage , blog or a website to another Webpage , blog or a website.

All the search engines observe a backlink as a vote for a website or blog page. All the Pages or blogs with a big number of backlinks are obtaining big organic and search engine rankings.

These are frequently called one way links, incoming-links or inbound-links and from the linking side, they're called external, outgoing or outbound links.

Why Backlinks are Important:

Backlinks are important in 3 ways:

  1. Enables all the Search engines which page should rank the highest for a given search or query. 
  2. Linking back to a website can give you referral traffic. 
  3. Help search engines to find blog pages quickly and faster. 

SO Backlinks are working as SEO voting ...

What makes a Backlink "High Quality"

                                                                              All the backlinks are not equally weighted. There are two things that differ a quality backlinks from the normal backlinks. 

 #1. Topical relevance

Backlinks from a Pages or blogs that are topically relevant, are having high impression on a page's or a blog position in search results than those one Which are not related.

Websites that holds similar type of contents are said to have a topical relevance. 

#2. Authority

It refers to the Q&Q (quality and quantity) of backlinks from the other websites and pages and Google locate a score on this process is called Page Rank.

Domain Matrix:

Following elements are important  in Authority.

Domain Rating (Domain Authority)

A Domain Rating which represents the overall strength of a website's link popularity.

URL Rating (Page Authority)

A URL rating which represents the overall strength of a page's link popularity. 

How do you Get Backlinks? 

There are lot of ways ways for getting backlinks from others. Means write a blog post, find the top relvent places and comment on their blog and get backlinks.

While concen to naturally and easyness there are 3 ways.

#1. Create 

Creating backlinks is when you add a link on another website or page that pointing back to your site. There are lot of places where you can create a backlinks for your blog page or website.

  • Blog Forums 
  • Charts
  • Blog Comments

#2. Earn 

Earning links refers to natural organic growth. That works when a user's find your pages using some medium, such as

  • Google Search
  • Social media  
  • Choose a link to your page

#3. Build  

Finally, link building is usually done through strategy (step by step) and is known as link building. 

You can create links by contacting other publishers, editors or webmasters and asking them to link to your site. (Paid Source) 

If you are starting to use SEO, then you want to focus on building links to get a good position on your website.

If you have any questions, leave one below in the comments.
Stay blessed and beloved ...
Keep blogging ... ❣


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