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Biggest Problems With IT Industry Of Pakistan

First of all government is not supporting IT industry and after that here are some

The Information Technology sector of Pakistan has been facing many challenges that need to be understood and these problems should be addressed to be solved immediately by responsible authorities. The Information technology industry of Pakistan has been serving the country in a number of ways. Apart from making the country’s name in the international markets, it’s also a major source of generating employment opportunities.
IT industry has been playing an immense role in boosting the economy. But unfortunately there are some challenges faced by the IT firms, that’s why they are unable to contribute to the economy as they were supposed to. There are a number of problems faced by the IT industry that are the following:

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Single submarine cable:

The biggest challenge faced by the IT industry in Pakistan is the dependence on the only undersea telecommunication cable running undersea at Karachi’s port city on the eastern coast of UAE. This cable provides a high-quality data communication and voice but unfortunately, it’s not completely reliable.
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The last mile reliability issue:

The term “last mile” is referred as the telecommunication connection between the IT facility and the core connecting it to the backbone of telecommunication or to the international high-speed cable. There are last mile issues faced that needs to be fixed. The third party inactivity and the last mile system quality leading from Karachi has generated some diversified results. Last mile links can be subjected to interruptions and fragility.
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Insufficient support of government:

The support of a government in IT sector as compared to other industries is not very hopeful. Whereas states help to support the private sector or at any rate help them in growing and sustaining with the financial support, legal cover, and the organization. The government is not willing to provide incentives to the IT industry as it provides to other sectors. Although the IT board of Punjab is doing a good job in particular areas but still improvements can be made.
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Educational system and human resources:

The education system is supporting the industries by the provision of competent human resource worldwide. Some of the institutions in Pakistan are working beyond anticipations and providing high-quality HR to this industry. But the majority of the educational institutes need to work in providing the required workforce. The most important issue in IT regarding the educational institutes is that the course subjects and the information provided is proven to be outdated and it do not inspire creative thinking which is considered to be the most important in IT.
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Industrial and representative bodies:

Among the biggest issues faced by the IT sector, a very critical issue faced is the unnecessary politics and the lobbying at different levels in the organizations. The representatives in the industry have to get out of their personal benefits and work as a team for the sake of their joint betterment and the development of this industry and the economy of the country.

To address the issues in the IT industry of Pakistan different bodies need to work closely to bargain with the investors, clients and the government to make progress in this industry.
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