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Mobily Short Codes and Commands for Users

Now you can find almost all short codes that are commonly used. These all codes are only for mobily network so do not use for other networks.

Mobily Short codes and commands:

Mobily company is the one of the big telecom company in Saudi Arabia with 20 millions of users all over the kingdom. So as in my previous post I wrote about mobily zain and stc balance check. And Also wrote a detailed article on balance transfer from mobily zain and stc.

Mobily Helpline number: 

1100 is a mobily helpline / customer care number dial it from your mobile and follow the instructions given by the computer.

Mobily balance transfer:

You can transfer balance from mobily to mobily and mobily to other networks and also you can transfer from mobily to international. You can also use this code: *123#Mobile Number*Amout#

Remaining balance check:

If you want to check the remaining balance of your mobily account please dial *1411# and press call button.

Remaining internet data:

For mobily internet data balance check you have to dial *1422# and then press call button so you will see the balance on your screen.

Mobily E-bill Services:

Now you can get your mobily sim bill directly on your email, for this write in message; eblill[space]Your email id and send it to 1100.

Mobily Missed call notification:

Due to this service, if your phone your phone is switched off and someone is calling you so you will receive a message when you turn on your mobile by getting sms from mobily.

How to activate mobily missed call service: Dial *62*143#

How to cancel mobily missed call service: *62#

How to make collect call from mobily:

If you do not have enough credit in your mobily account then you can make a collect call from other. You just have to send sms "Collect(Mobile number)" and send it to 1100.

Mobily Call block service activation:

Mobily call block service is a very good service for you if someone is annoying you or calling you again and again. You have to pay 15 riyals per month for this service.

How to activate mobily call block service: Go to write message and write Rahati and send this message to 1100 your service will activate.

How to block mobile number: After activating call block service go to write message option and write: block058******* and send it to 1100.

How to unblock a mobile number: If you have blocked someone and want to unblock then just in write message option write: unblock058******* and send it to 1100.


  1. Please write zain shot codes and commands instead of mobily. this was also informative i will wait for your next post thanks.


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