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WiFi Problems in Windows 10 | Windows 10 WiFi turn off / disconnect Automatically in my Laptop?

In this post we are talking about WiFi problems in windows 10 so the people who were worried about this issue will happy to see this post and easiest method of error fix.

Why Laptop WiFi Turn Off Automatically:

I will tell you about
WiFi Problems in Windows 10 When you upgrade your windows 8 to windows 10 mostly some people face this problem. People said windows 10 is very best instead of windows 8 or 8.1 but the same time in both windows wireless issues are same.
WiFi Problems in Windows 10, wifi turn off automatically, wifi disconnects

In my case! I was downloading a big file may be that's size was above 1 gb and after one or two minutes due to my laptop WiFi Problems in Windows 10 it disconnects. Then i was not able to connect wifi again so I again restart my laptop and downloading also but the same problem.
That day my downloading speed was 6 to 9 MB per second, so I think its speed problem and for this experiment, i reduce my speed up to 2MBb per second by using speed limiter in IDM but the same problem.

WiFi Problems in Windows 10 solution:

Keep in mind WiFi Problems in Windows 10 occurs when you upgrade your windows 8 to 10 then upgrade your wireless driver also. Follow below mention steps.
1. Press windows key + X
2. Click on device manager

WiFi Problems in Windows 10, wifi problem fix in windows 10,
3. Click on Network Adapter
4. Right click on wireless and then update.

WiFi Problems in Windows 10, issue in windows 10 wifi,
5. Now click on search automatic on the internet

After this, you are done restart your laptop and enjoy a better use of your device. 

Note: If you have any issues or question in your mind just comment below, i will try to answer as soon as possible. And If you like my posts then share these on facebook and send links to your friends.

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