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What to do if Iqama Lost in Saudi Arabia KSA

If you are new in Saudi Arabia and do not know what to do when you lost your iqama, i will explain you what to do when your iqama (Muqeem card) lost. It is not very easy to apply for other iqama immediately however read below simple and easy steps to apply for new. Procedure to apply for first Saudi Arabian iqama.

Do you know?

"if you have lost your iqama then fee will be applicable for this. First time you will pay 1000 SAR. If you lost again the second time fee should be 2000 SAR and the third time 3000 SAR."

Things to do immediately if Iqama Lost:

  1. First you have to check it everywhere and all possible places where you can put you iqama / muqeem card. So if you still unable to find your iqama then report your sponser (kafeel).
  2. An arabic written notes is required in which you will explain where you lost your iqama then go to police station (shurta khana) and report with your company person. 
  3. Your company person (mandoob) or any other, your kafeel or company recommended person will write an arabic notes on company letter head signed by chamber of commerce. 
  4. If your sponsor is an employee in public sector like in saudi air lines, saudi electric company etc. then you can skip chamber of commerce sign.
  5. Pay 650 SAR if your iqama period is for one year.
  6. Your sponsor's person or your sponsor itself will visit Jawazat with following documents.
  • Arabic written application on letter pad.
  • 2 photographs
  • Copy of lost iqama
  • Passport copy
  • Payment proof of fine (1000)
  • Iqama fee (650)
  • Jawazat filled form.
"Always keep your wallet in safe place. Your iqama is the only identity which you can show any where so i will recommend you to write your phone number and put it in your wallet."
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How to Check Iqama Status and Validity on

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To know about your Iqama Status and validity you need to know a little things about Iqama. Iqama is a residence permit and now a day it is also knowing as Muqeem card, kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides it to expatriates with employment visa. Iqama is your most important document while staying in Saudi Arabia. Iqama usually expires in one year but now a days muqeem cards date is extended for 5 year but you have to pay government fee every year. So you have to check your iqama expiry date to keep updated. You can check your iqama validity on ministry of interior website by following these easy steps. 

Iqama Status:

First step:

Take you iqama it is a yellowish card printed with ministry of interior logo, your picture and resident permit printed on it.

Second Step:

Now you have to find your iqama number it is consists on 10 digit numbers. You can see it right on the bottom of your picture showing on your iqama.

Third Step:

Open ministry of interiors website once you identified your iqama number. Open your browsers next tab and visit ministry of interior website

Fourth Step:

On the top of the website an option to change language is showing so change it to english.

Fifth step:

Moi website's menu is showing a tab named "E-services" on the top of menu bar on home page, click on e-services now.

Sixth step:

After clicking on e services look at sub menu named "Passport" from left menu panel and choose "Query iqama Expiry services" at right side.

Finally check your iqama status:

The webpage is showing like below image, now put your iqama number and randomly generated image code (security check)  and click on view to find your iqama status. you will see you iqama status on same page.

Iqama Validity:

You can check Iqama validity by above process but it is also shown on your iqama in hijri date.
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How to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online

Saudi Government has launched most of the services online for expatriates. And now if you want to check any detail about you, you can check it online very easily. In this post follow the below simple steps to check iqama expiry date.


Open Official website of Ministry of interior (MoI):
Now click on above red color link and follow these steps to check iqama expiry date.

1. Now Enter your iqama number.
2. Enter image code.
3. Click on View.
After these easy steps you can check iqama expiry date online as below shown in picture.

You can also check iqama expiry date online by this method:

1. Write in or you  can  click  direct on  red  link.

2. After website open select your language english. (you can choose it from top left corner).

3. Now click on Electronic inquires tab and then click on Passport in sub menu and now find "Query Iqama Expiry Services". 

4. Now write your iqama number as above picture mentioned.

5. Enter Image Code in second box.

6. Click on View and you are done.
Now you can check your iqama expiry date and validity online. This form will be as like so just check above iqama number tab showing like:

Iqama is Valid till: YY/MM/DD (Expiry date will in hijri).

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