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How to Remove Virus from Android phone or Tablet | Engineer Hammad

If you think your android mobile or tablet is going slow and you think your device is under virus attack, do not worry i have a good news for you how to remove virus and malware from your android mobile or tablet.

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If you think your android mobile or tablet is going slow and you think your device is under virus attack, do not worry  i have a good news for you how to remove virus and malware from your android mobile or tablet.

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How to find virus:

First thing is why you think your device is under virus attach, If you don't know i tell you.

1. Some time you see an ad wants to convince you so your mobile is infected.
2. You are seeing some apps to be downloaded.
3. Pop ups and your device misbehave 

How to avoid android virus, gunpoder virus and mazar virus:

Mostly android viruses delivered thorough apps that you install in your mobile. So if your android mobile or tablet does not already have virus then better way of avoid is: 
1. Do not install software from any where.
2. Only use Google Play / Play Store / App Store. (Google product).

Gunpoder virus hits the headlines after Palo Alto networks discovered. It could also sneak on your device via Nintendo game emulator intalled outside Google play. It is seen that gunpoder do not affect UK user as of yet.

Mazar Virus is comes in different way like you receive a link via text message that download Tor browser. Now a day it is affecting devices in denmark.

If You install software from google play and then also an app is disturbing you and is not uninstalling then read this post how to uninstall an app from android mobile. 
Anti Virus is not recommended every time. Some time anti virus do not do anything and device goes slow down as you know its a heavy application.

If your device it infected with virus and you are sure then save all of your data and reset your android mobile as factory reset, it will remove all software and will be like a new phone. After reset you will not able to find anything in your mobile, it mean you will lose all of your data.

How to remove virus form Android:

Put your device on safe mode. this prev


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