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How to Find IMEI Number of Lost Mobile | Android / Apple

IMEI number can be found in setting of mobile, There is a little difference in between android and apple phones. In android it can be checked by dialing *#06#.

IMEI number is abbreviation  of International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. It is a unique number and used like identity of a particular device.
God forbid your phone has steel or lost then IMEI number will help you to trace your phone. You can provide Imei number to your country telecom law enforcement agencies where they will work with your telecom providers to find your sim card using in that mobile. How to Uninstall an APP from Android

You can see IMEI number at the back of mobile below battery, In case of fixed battery or iphone you can see it on the back of your phone and for android it will be inside the battery wall. You can also find IMEi number by dialing *#06# on any Phone.

Tips to Find IMEI of Lost Android Devices:

As we know all google store all data on its server, and mostly people complaint and talk about this fact. but now you will thank full for it. Let's start to find IMEI number.....

First of all, go to Google Dashboard and navigate to android setting. A list of Android devices will show that you have used on your Google account.

Now you can see device name, IMEI number and some other important information as shown in below picture.

Tips to Find IMEI of Lost Apple Devices:

Apple does not store your device information data on its server like google, but if you have ever made a local backup of device on iTunes, then its easy to trace your IMEI number.
Open iTunes and go to edit and then preferences. Now open devices tab then you will able to see all devices you have backed up using iTunes. Now move your mouse pointer and hover it on device then you can see IMEI and serial number of that device as shown in below picture.

Note: You can never find IMEI number of iphone if you never create offline back up of your phone. But still you can log into icloud account and select option Find my IPhone. If your device is connected to any internet connection then you can send stress signals and can locate it on map.


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