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How to Install Windows 7 From USB

If you have mini laptop or notebook laptop then you should be want a boot able USB to instal windows 7 from USB because mini laptops and notebooks dn't have CD or DVD drives.

But you can use external drive to install windows 7.

You can install windows 7 easily from USB too to follow these simple steps written below.

Instal Windows 7 from USB:

To instal windows 7 from USB / flash drive, you need a USB drive that have sufficient space, 8 gb minimum.
If you want to install windows 7 professional then you may need 3 gb space with no other files. You should be format USB to prepare for making it boot able for windows 7.

You also need a computer or laptop that will be configure USB. Open Bios of computer or laptop where you want to install windows 7  and allow booting from USB.

How to Configure USB for Windows 7:

If you have Window 7 DVD version then image of DVD must first be created. A special program is needed for this purpose. You can create ISO image using free tool ImgBurn. Image should be on your computer hard drive.
Once you get ISO image of windows 7, a free tool which is specially for windows 7 files transfer, download it here.
After download install it on your computer and format USB through this and drag windows ISO image file to USB.

Windows 7 Installation Process via USB:

 After configuring USB, Windows 7 boot able USB is ready. Now Plug in to your computer / Laptop and turn it on.

Some time computer / Laptop do not boots from USB then you need to change your bios setting 

Your Bios menu can open when you start computer then press F2 or F12 different for any Computer. 

So when you change your bios setting and Your USB drive will be your on First Boot device then save changes and restart computer to instal windows 7 from usb.

How to Install windows 7 in Urdu:

Frequently Asked Questions:

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    This artical is very informative but we when we download above mentioned software then its so simple to create boot able usb for windows 7.


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