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Employment Opportunities In Saudi Arabia For Skilled Labor Of Pakistan

get a job in ksa, hiring procedure in saudi arabia, employment opportunities in ksaAccording to the annual report of World Economic Forum (WEF) titled as “The global competitive report”. This report shows that Saudi Arab ranked at twenty fourth number among one forty four countries. This further makes Saudi Arab as second highest ranked in twenty largest rising market economies. This country strives for achieving modern and latest institutional framework for doing business. Moreover, for reducing administrative burdens Saudi Arab is creating some institutions that will reinforce the system of market’s reliability.

Scope of employment opportunities:

As the market economy of Saudi Arab is emerging and developing so much rapidly, that is why the employment opportunity for people either living in Saudi Arab or coming from other countries, is increasing. Because of the strong economic position and less living cost people prefer to do jobs over here.

Points to be noted:

Before applying for jobs in Saudi Arab, you must keep these points in your mind.
  1. As it has been mentioned that the economy of Saudi Government is thriving that is becoming a source for job opportunities for many people but with the thrust for Saudization, getting work in Saudi Arab can become challenging for the people of Pakistan as well.
  2. Saudization is the new plan of Saudi government that wants to hire the young people of Saudi Arab and train them instead of hiring people from outside.
  3. Favoritism is very common there, so bear this especially when you are in the intention of complaining about your boss to a colleague.

Getting a job is not hard:

As it is discussed above, Saudi Arab is having world class economy therefore you will be able to find plenty of job options. Getting a job in Saudi Arab for Pakistani skilled labour is not that hard. But the condition attached to such criteria is high experience and skillful laborers. A large number of people are getting jobs in the sector of information technology, health care, engineering etc.

Investment in Saudi Arab:

Saudi Arab is also investing in the urban areas and infra structure, food processing and water resource management as well. Hence, people who are interested or are specialists in such particular fields have bright job opportunities. It is being considered that the residence of Saudi Arab is not so much expensive rather it is affordable. That is the reason that most of the people prefer to do jobs in such countries.

Why Saudi Arab?

So the question arises that why people are more interested for doing jobs in Saudi Arab. Well, there are number of reasons that may also include the banking system. Saudi Arab has a very modern banking system which consists of almost 12 commercial banks. These banks provide all the facilities which mainly include investment services, ATM machines, credit cards and what not.

Apply now:

It’s time for you to apply for jobs, especially when you are highly skilled. It is the best country to work because here you will find the diversity of work plus the value of work. There are too many job opportunities for the people who are highly experienced and skilled. * Sample contract of employment

Engineers Are Happily Working In UAE

United Arab Emirates is considered as one of the most powerful economic force of the Middle East. UAE has undergone the magnificent revolution. Even Abu Dhabi has become the first of Emirates for the exportation of the oil. It is not useless to say that the United Arab Emirates developed in no time. United Arab Emirates is a hub of business activities and the ratio of job opportunities here are increasing day by day. * Future of engineering in gulf states

Engineers in UAE:

As it has been mentioned that UAE has become one of the most powerful country in term of development and progressive projects so many construction projects are also taking place over here. For the purpose of construction of buildings that include malls, offices, houses or flats etc you will definitely need the services of an engineer. Eventually, it increases the job opportunities for the engineers, the market demand of engineers are increasing. Engineers are also getting demanded wages. * Future of technology in Pakistan

Emirates engineering facilities:

In the sector of “Emirates Engineering”, numbers of facilities are offered, that include:
  • Workshops that are very comprehensive and comprises of brakes, engines, wheels, safety stuff, non-destructive settings and interior cabin etc.
  • Engineering training institute having dedicated workshops and classrooms as well.
  • All the facilities that are required for the maintenance and repairing are also offered. For example, administration or office building etc.

Basic facilities provided to engineers:

The basic facilities that are provided to engineers in United Arab Emirates are:
  1. No electrical power failure, every type of power supply is being offered.
  2. Provision of air conditioners.
  3. Provision of all the specialized tools and services.
  4. Landscaping.
  5. Production of compressed gas and air as well.

Constructions in Dubai:

A lot of construction projects are taking place in Dubai. By taking a lot of survey, it has been noticed that the buildings of Dubai and their designs are getting much more complicated than before. The structure and architecture is not that much simpler as it was some years ago. Therefore, it has become essential to hire engineers who are skilled in their relevant fields. Structural engineers will be the heart of such kind of projects. Here the core focus of engineers is to design such buildings that will be there for generations. For this purpose not only best methods are adopted but also best engineers.

Engineer professionals in UAE:

As the region starts focusing on the infra structures, the need and demand of highly engineering professionals are increasing in UAE. According to an article, the development in this sector will lead United Arab Emirates in the upcoming years. Heavy investment in various industries that is coupled with professionals, is directing towards an increase in the salary packages of the engineers. Not only this, now United Arab Emirates is said to be the best place for the engineers so that they can maximize their earnings. * Reason for migration of skilled IT workers to KSA.

Happy engineers of UAE:

As the engineers of UAE are highly paid because of their exceptional skills therefore, for engineers it is the best and preferable place to earn. Engineers in this region are leading a very happy and satisfactory life.

Ten Confessions of An Engineer Working Abroad

Engineers are said to be movers and shakers of our time. No matter what kind of engineering a person is doing mechanical, civil and electrical etc it has its own scope, need & demand. All kinds of engineering involve construction and invention etc. They play a very vital role in the development of the global economy. As the structure of the global industry is increasing, engineers choose to find out best engineering jobs abroad. So there are some confessions while working in Saudi Arab as an engineer.

rana hammad, engineer hammad, life in saudi arabia

1. Work burden or no work burden:

While working abroad as an engineer for years I have realized this thing that there comes a time in your career when there is a lot of workload, you work like a machine all day. But I have to confess this thing that at times it also happens when there is no workload. You are entirely free. The mid situation is not so much common especially when you are too much habitual of doing work. 8 Reasons why investment in Pakistan technology is feasible.

2. Hate doing household chores:

When you live in your country then you have got no worries about household tasks but as you move abroad countries like Saudi Arab etc. You are responsible for your tasks and their accomplishment.

3. Big projects make me happy:

As I am an engineer, firstly my studies were tough as I entered in my practical life I was mentally and physically prepared for big projects and more hard work. Whenever I am given big projects, I love to do work on them. Big projects give me immense pleasure.

4. Getting your first job is not hard:

In Saudi Arab getting your first job is not a difficult thing. You somehow manage to have your first job. It may not be of your choice but soon you will like it.

5. Got my computer skills polished:

No matter what kind of engineering you are doing, you will always need a computer to work on it. Therefore that is how your computer skills get polished to a great extent.

6. Earning and learning is a good option:

While earning as an engineer over here I have also realized that this country is not so much expensive, when it comes to affordable study options. You can earn and learn at the same time.

7. Do it yourself:

When you are able to be employed as an engineer anywhere, you will get the opportunity of doing many things by yourself. You will enjoy doing different tasks and will never get bored of them.

8. Easy residence with a strong economy:

People prefer to work abroad, especially engineers in Saudi Arab as the cost of living is very affordable. You also get a lot more benefits while living here.

9. Salary that satisfies you:

Being an engineer, the salaries you are being offered are very good. You will enjoy this benefit. At first, you will be given less salary but by the time it will increase.

10. Lifestyle is very good:

The lifestyle of this country is very attractive. It is very flexible. You will feel comfortable living in such a place that is easy to adjust.
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How to buy an SD card / Memory card: Size, Speed, Capacity and Classes of SD card

SD in SD card stands for secure digital. It is actually a card having non-volatile memory. It was developed by SDA is known as SD card Association. It is used in portable devices.

Use of SD cards:

The use of memory cards is not limited to tablets, smartphones, music player, and digital cameras rather it is extended to laptops as well. But the thing is that there are different types of memory cards depending upon their capacities, speed classes, and physical sizes. The reason behind this is that different SD cards are used for different devices. You must keep following things in mind while the selection of SD card for any of your device.

size speed capacity and classes of memory card or sd card, 32 gb micro sd, sd card for phone,  micro sd memory card,

SD card as a problem solver:

With the passage of time, the size of SD card is becoming smaller and smaller. But it is considered now as a full-size variant. It’s commonly used in most modern digital cameras. And now all new laptops will come up with the separate slot of SD card reader. You should equip yourself with at least the basic knowledge of SD cards so that you can make their proper use. Also, some of the old devices are not compatible with the new version of SD cards and hence it can affect your work. How to Find IMEI number of your Mobile

Speed Class of SD card:

In short, not all the SD cards exhibit the same speed. This characteristic matters more for some activities as compared to other activities. For instance, in case you are a professional photographer who takes photos in rapid succession through a DSLR camera. You will need to save all photos in high-resolution RAW format. For this purpose, you will require a fast SD card in order to save pictures as soon as possible. One will need a fast SD card in case if one wants to save a high-resolution video. However, if you are just taking some photos through a typical camera or if you are using it in a routine matter to save some media on your phone, the speed of the SD card doesn’t matter. You can use a low-speed SD card as well.

memory card for camera, sandisk 16gb memory card price, flash memory card,  cheap memory cards,

Speed Classes of SD cards:

Manufacturers make use of “speed classes” in order to measure the speed of SD card. Four different speed classes are present which are 2, 4, 6 and 10. Among these 2 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest. If we talk about class 2, it is appropriate for the purpose of standard definition video recording, and classes 6 and 4 are appropriate for recording high definition video. Class 10 is best for recording full HD video.
sd card classes

Choice of speed class:

You will be feeling convenient if you are using class 6 or class 4 SD card for your Smartphone, camera or tablet. For high-resolution videos and pictures, you should have class 10 SD cards. If we talk about the speed of Class 2 SD cards, they are a bit slow and people usually avoid them except in case if they are having cheap digital cameras. However, a cheap cell phone has the capacity to record HD video.

how to buy sd card or memory card, memory card for mobile

Identification of the speed:

If you want to identify the speed of SD card, you can find that on it. Apart from viewing the speed on it, you can also see that on online listing and packaging of the product while purchasing. In case you don’t find speed class of your SD card, it means that you are having a 0 class SD card. Such cards were produced before this system of speed class rating was introduced. These may be slower even than a class 2 SD card.
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Physical size of the SD cards:

Different sizes of SD cards are used for different devices. For instance, there are Micro SD cards, Mini SD cards and Standard size SD cards.

memory card or sd card size mini micro and standard,

Standard SD cards:

If we talk about the standard SD cards, they are the largest; however, they are still small in size. They are just 2 grams in weight and can measure up to 32x24x2.1 mm. Most digital cameras used by general public still utilize standard SD cards. They are having the cut corner design.
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Mini SD cards:

As compared to standard SD cards, mini SD cards are smaller. They are 0.8 grams in weight and can measure up to 21.5x20x1.4 mm. It is the least common size found today. They were designed for small cell phones. But now we are having a comparatively smaller size as well. How to remove virus from android

Micro SD cards:

The smallest size of SD cards is possessed by micro SD cards. They are 0.25 grams in weight and can measure up to 15x11x1 mm. These cards are commonly used in many smartphones and cell phones that support SD cards. They are also used in tablets. Due to the fact that there are different sizes of SD cards, there are different slots made for them. That’s why an SD card will fit only into its matching slots. A micro SD card will not fit into a slot made for a standard SD card. It will not fit into it. For this reason, you can buy an adapter which will let you plug a smaller SD card into a bigger SD card’s slot and will fit into it.
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The capacity of SD cards:

sd card or memory card capacity,If we talk about the storage capacity of SD cards, then we will come to know that just like hard drives and USB flash drives and other storage media, various SD cards possess different storage capacity. When purchasing an SD card, above things should be kept in mind. Such as you should buy the right slot size, class, speed and capacity of sd card for your device. Make sure to check that what your device supports. Also what you actually need when it comes to speed and capacity. Many of the manufacturers have designed and produced, thousands of devices and memory cards to SD standards. Due to a wide variety of these, one need to understand carefully that which type of memory card is going to serve him best.
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What to do when your G-Mail / Google drive storage limit exceeds

Sometimes when you open google drive and want to save your documents; a pop-up message from google drive shows like this.

Your message could not be saved because you have exceeded your storage quota

It means you have enough data already as usually google drive gives 15 GB space for free so it means you already have 15 GB data and you can not store another files or documents.

Why G-mail / Google drive storage limit exceeds:

First of all 15 GB storage is a shared storage with G-mail, Google drive and G-plus. So you can say 15 GB is for one google account and you can get more space by purchasing any of google storage package.

So if you are facing issue with your emails then open google drive and delete unnecessary files or folders. 

Now the point is sometimes we did not see any files in google drive or after deleting the file from google drive it still shows that storage limit is exceeded then go to you google drive Trash folder and delete files or folders permanently then your space will be free.

After doing these steps your email problem will also solve.

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8 Reasons Why Investment in Pakistan's Technology Industry is Feasible

In Pakistan, technology industry has enormous potential for growth. This is due to many reasons. On the other hand, Pakistan technology sector is struggling to get on the ground. However, Pakistan can have a new turn by investing in starting new technologies and by providing facilities like spacious office space, financially and much more. These can not only promote entrepreneurship and innovative thinking but it also helps in removing poverty and unemployment. *Read More: Future of technology industry in Pakistan

Pakistan technology industry helps to find out best economic opportunities. Furthermore, the world progressively transforms into the global village. It also helps people and business to integrate with each other and make best connections. For the past few years, e commerce is the one that has a massive growth in the Pakistan technology industry. It has shown expansion which makes it safe for the investment. It plays a role of major economic player and generating revenue. Thus investors feel that it is feasible to invest in technology industry.

investment in pakistan, pakistan technology industry,

Population and expansion of markets:

As population is the most important issue faced by the world major economies but Pakistan seems to be on the safer side. So Pakistan technology industry is providing numerous facilities so that youth does not face any problem. The workforce is considered as a distinguishing factor in the economic development. With the help of expansion of markets young and talented youth of Pakistan feel comfortable to invest in this industry.
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Fast technological access:

In Pakistan technology industry internet plays a vital role in the progressive growth. This is considered as an important gateway to connect with each other. Furthermore, there are a lot of online services available and the investors found it more feasible to invest in industry. It is a new way to connect with multiple stakeholders.
*Read More: Migration of IT workers to Saudi Arabia

Strategic location has a huge market for technology industry:

Numerous markets are available in Pakistan. So this is one of the major reason, investors are willing to invest in this amazing industry. A lot of markets are doing outsourcing which helps to grow. Furthermore, mobile application development also comes under this industry. And it is also considered as a part of outsourcing.
*Read More: Future of IT industry in Pakistan

Availability of new resources:

In Pakistan technology industry, product companies use all their resources to build an amazing product. And the industry is constantly bringing innovation in technology in order to stay competitive and attract talent.
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Market penetration in Pakistan:

This will create urgency to invest in this industry and take further initiative for progression. Market penetration is very high in Pakistan and this makes Pakistan an extremely lucrative market.
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Coming towards the potential of technology industry in Pakistan, an e-corridor will be established as an addition to the most popular CPEC project. This initiative will help in achieving objective to accelerate digitization and also develops confidence in investors.
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So these are the major reasons behind the investment in Pakistan technology industry. These investments are very successful and they also help to contribute towards the economy. Considering these major reasons many investors are willing to invest so that the Pakistan technology industry will flourish.

The Future of Technology and IT Industry in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Pakistani IT professionals have had some distinctive icons on the world top list of professionals. The list is ever growing with huge capital investment. The industry is growing roughly at a rate of 30% to 40% per year. The opportunities for the professionals are endless.
IT infrastructure is getting more complex with each passing day which creates huge demand of related professionals. The latest report has shown that almost 70% of Saudi IT industry is based on renewal, maintenance, and repairs of the existing systems. The rest 30% is the new projects and innovations in the related fields.

future of technology, pakistan it industry, technology future in saudi arabia

IT as a Business driver:

No matter what kind of business, each organization, each industry has its own IT department. All the flourishing businesses include IT department in their structural development roadmap. They cannot survive in this thriving business world without an updated, professional IT department. This enables them to run smooth operations and keep in line with latest developments in their respective field.
As more and more organizations are connecting to online, global environment, this creates more job opportunities for IT professionals. All the government, private, commercial, educational and all sorts of institutions have ever increasing demand of IT professionals to cater the functions.

IT customer services:

Online customer services are a flourishing business these days. The customers are more satisfied if they have access to helpline and service centers around the clock. That is why all the consumer products and services industries take help from IT experts to support their businesses and expand as much as they can.
These IT centers are extremely responsive and provide fast and reliable services to the customers. The queries of the customers can be catered easily and effectively.

Growing demand of IT professionals:

Saudi Arabia is a booming economy with potential for endless growth. The market dynamics demand IT based services and to provide these services IT industry needs competent, experienced and trained IT professionals. This is a strategic planning that brings recognition to the companies in the long run. They improve their reputation and flourish their businesses.

IT domains:

The IT professional companies provide a number of services to their clients. They provide Network Systems, Data Management and Data Storage and Information systems and Security. The professionals having a degree in software systems operations and data management can easily get a job and enhance their expertise. The companies have enough vacancies for fresh graduates. They can enroll in reputable firms to learn about the market trends and gain experience in the related field.
Working on different ongoing projects can give enough exposure to newcomers to successfully pursue their career and make a decent living out of it. Providing network system, solutions, and services to the end customers through a reputable platform can enable them to launch their own companies and even export their services to the rest of the world.

Reasons For Migration Of Skilled Technology And IT Workers To Saudi Arabia

The new initiative to expand Saudi Arabia’s prosperous economy has created a bunch of job opportunities. There are approximately more than 10 million foreign workers residing in this desert kingdom. Most of the workers are here from the South East Asian side. In the near future this ratio of workers is more likely to incline in the near future.
The Saudi government is investing in the education system and is introducing allowances to adjust the number of colonials in the Saudi industry. Due to the lack of training in the Saudi population, there are employment opportunities for the foreigners in the Saudi Arabia’s skilled technology and IT industry. Following are the reasons why skilled technology and IT workers are moving to Saudi Arabia: *Read More: Future of engineering in gulf states

it workers, life in saudi arabia, it jobs in saudi arabia, migration of skilled workers,

Diversification of manufacturing industry:

Due to the great diversification, the manufacturing industry is significantly benefited. Additionally, there is much more development work going on in the local petroleum industry, telecommunications, and natural gas examination, furthermore, specifically attention has been given to the power generation industry.

Another project by the government with the investment of 70 billion US dollar has been started for the building of six economic cities. Such projects are introduced hoping for the firms to increase creativity and productivity. And such initiatives require more human resource resulting in creating job opportunities for the skilled workers. Resultantly, the skilled technology workers are moving to Saudi Arabia due to their expansion of the economy.

Vast working opportunities:

With the highest level of working skills and expertise, there are many opportunities for working in Saudi Arabia. With the revolution in the IT industry, Saudi Arabia has increased its investment in such kind of projects leading to the diversification of the economy.

There are many foreigners in Saudi Arabia who have jobs in the engineering, IT, healthcare and medicine, telecommunications and construction sector. These industries have so much to offer to the skilled workers and thus workers prefer to work in such environment gaining more experience and a good amount for their services.

World class economy:

Saudi Arabia holds almost the 18% of the world proved petroleum reserves. The petroleum reserves justify for the 85% of export income, 50% of GDP and the 73% budget revenue. This partially explains how Saudi Arabia is among some of the high-income countries having a powerful industry sector. The previous diversification efforts have reduced the economic reliance at oil exports. The service sector of Saudi Arabia is highly boosted with the generation of 51.8% GDP in 2015. This GDP rate has made this sector an imperative basis of income to the national economy.
Due to the climate of the country; agriculture and landscape do not have chances to play a central role whereas, the government has made some efforts for making the population less reliant at the import of food. Thus the service sector includes a major development in the IT and engineering sector resulting in more opportunities grown for the experts in IT.
Although Saudi Arabia has started to work at providing more employment opportunities to its residents but still there is demand for the experts and skilled workers to train them. This creates an opportunity for the skilled technology and IT workers and the reason for them to migrate to Saudi Arabia and work for their betterment.

Biggest Problems With IT Industry Of Pakistan

The Information Technology sector of Pakistan has been facing many challenges that need to be understood and these problems should be addressed to be solved immediately by responsible authorities. The Information technology industry of Pakistan has been serving the country in a number of ways. Apart from making the country’s name in the international markets, it’s also a major source of generating employment opportunities.
IT industry has been playing an immense role in boosting the economy. But unfortunately there are some challenges faced by the IT firms, that’s why they are unable to contribute to the economy as they were supposed to. There are a number of problems faced by the IT industry that are the following:

it industry in pakistan, submarine cable problems in pakistan, Pakistan industry

Single submarine cable:

The biggest challenge faced by the IT industry in Pakistan is the dependence on the only undersea telecommunication cable running undersea at Karachi’s port city on the eastern coast of UAE. This cable provides a high-quality data communication and voice but unfortunately, it’s not completely reliable.
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The last mile reliability issue:

The term “last mile” is referred as the telecommunication connection between the IT facility and the core connecting it to the backbone of telecommunication or to the international high-speed cable. There are last mile issues faced that needs to be fixed. The third party inactivity and the last mile system quality leading from Karachi has generated some diversified results. Last mile links can be subjected to interruptions and fragility.
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Insufficient support of government:

The support of a government in IT sector as compared to other industries is not very hopeful. Whereas states help to support the private sector or at any rate help them in growing and sustaining with the financial support, legal cover, and the organization. The government is not willing to provide incentives to the IT industry as it provides to other sectors. Although the IT board of Punjab is doing a good job in particular areas but still improvements can be made.
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Educational system and human resources:

The education system is supporting the industries by the provision of competent human resource worldwide. Some of the institutions in Pakistan are working beyond anticipations and providing high-quality HR to this industry. But the majority of the educational institutes need to work in providing the required workforce. The most important issue in IT regarding the educational institutes is that the course subjects and the information provided is proven to be outdated and it do not inspire creative thinking which is considered to be the most important in IT.
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Industrial and representative bodies:

Among the biggest issues faced by the IT sector, a very critical issue faced is the unnecessary politics and the lobbying at different levels in the organizations. The representatives in the industry have to get out of their personal benefits and work as a team for the sake of their joint betterment and the development of this industry and the economy of the country.

To address the issues in the IT industry of Pakistan different bodies need to work closely to bargain with the investors, clients and the government to make progress in this industry.
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